Cutting your cannabis tops wet or dry?

cutting cannabis tops
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Harvesting your cannabis plant requires quite a bit. For instance, what is the best method to cut your plant, remove leaves and let your flower tops dry? Read this article and learn all about cutting your cannabis tops wet or dry.

There is a lot of discussion about the marijuana harvesting process. As with many cannabis-related matters, there are always growers with a different opinion about how something can best be done. Regarding trimming, there are generally two camps: that of wet cutting, and that of dry cutting. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. Don’t you yet know all ins and outs about the harvesting process? Then read on quickly and immerse yourself in the question: cutting your cannabis tops wet or dry?

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The differences between cutting your cannabis tops wet or dry

What exactly is the difference between the two methods? Before you can judge which harvesting method is best for you, you need to know what the techniques entail.

With the wet-cutting method, you cut the leaves away from the tops immediately after you have cut off a branch of the main plant. With the dry cutting method the grower waits until the leaves have dried. They then curl up. You can also apply a combination of these two cutting methods. You remove the larger leaves before drying. And you let the little ones dry up and then remove them after the drying process.

Trimming cannabis tops: the wet cutting method

cutting cannabis

The removal of the leaves immediately after you have harvested your plant has a number of advantages, especially for starting growers. This method is also recommended by many other growers. Why? Because it is fairly easy to reach the leaves between the tops. You can also remove the entire leaf stem this way so it works faster. The leaves are still firm and fresh at this stage and are easier to remove. And moreover, everything you take away in this phase, you don’t have to do later.

The advantage of this method is that the chance of mold formation is exploited. The flower tops get more air and space, and as a result they expand and look healthier and nicer.

Trimming cannabis tops: the dry cutting method

The method under the name ‘dry cutting‘ is the least efficient. But many growers consider this method the most caring. By allowing the leaves to stay a little longer, the buds dry less quickly and that makes for a more pleasant and softer smoking experience. Cutting away dry leaves is usually a bit tricky.

Some people love the small sugar leaves. These tiny leaves on the buds contain THC. If you let them dry, they will stay put. On the other hand, there are also many people who do not appreciate these leaves. The smoke from the tops is different when the sugar leaves are still attached.

Find the balance in both methods

What is the best way to combine these two methods? First you remove the large leaves. Then you also prune the somewhat larger sugar leaves. It is best to leave smaller sugar leaves which protrude from the tops. These leaves ensure an even curing process and also protect the trichomes on the tops of the flowers.

Now wait until the twigs break off easily. This is the sign to prune the rest. Don’t just throw away all the bits and pieces you’ve cut of. Save all this plant material and turn it into an edible or hashish!

Happy growing! Do you have additions to this article? Keep the discussion going in the comment section!

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