Holding Your Marijuana Hit

Holding Your Marijuana Hit

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Is it true that your high becomes more intense if you inhale your marijuana smoke for longer? Or is this a myth? Read this article and find out what the effect is of holding a hit of marijuana in your lungs for longer.

What does it mean to hold marijuana smoke in your lungs for longer? Does it provide a stronger high? Are the active substances in the weed better absorbed by the lungs? Many smokers think that keeping cannabis smoke in for longer makes the effect of the high stronger. But nobody really knows if this is true and how it exactly works. So let’s figure it out!

The effect of holding your marijuana hit

There is a good chance that you will keep the smoke in your lungs for a long time after a puff. Is that right? Actually all pot smokers do it. Just pay attention next time you are in a smoke session. First you lit a joint or blunt. Then someone takes a puff and holds the smoke until he or she almost explodes. The blunt is then passed on. And the next person also keeps the smoke in his lungs for as long as possible. Most smokers believe this is the way to make the high more intense. Because if you keep the marijuana smoke in your lungs for longer, your lungs have more time to absorb and process all active substances such as THC, right? Sounds logical, but it is not true. Read on and discover the effect of holding a marijuana hit.

A more intense high, or not?

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Studies show that the body absorbes the substances in the smoke, such as THC, almost immediately. The absorption process takes place within a fraction of a second. The vesicles absobe more than 90% of the substances immediately after inhalation. But how come you feel that your high is stronger if you hold the smoke in your lungs longer? It does have an effect, right? True, but it is not the THC that causes this effect. Keeping the smoke in longer prevents oxygen from going to your brain. It causes a delay in the oxygen supply. And because of this you feel a bit dizzy and you have a light feeling in your head. In addition, the combustion of your joint or blunt causes carbon monoxide. All these elements together give you that floating feeling that you attribute to the stronger high feeling.

Emergency response of the body

Your heart beats faster, the longer you hold your breath. Less oxygen comes in and that is why your heart pumps blood around faster. It is actually a sort of emergency response. The body goes into emergency mode and produces adrenaline. This is what the body does to prepare you for a flight situation. And for your feeling it is a stronger high. Oxygen deficiency also often gives a tingling sensation. Your skin feels weird. Smokers also often think that this is due to the more intensive high.

Holding your marijuana hit in your lungs for a longer time does not make you higher, but it does contribute to a more intense floating feeling.

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