High Quality Cannabis Checklist

High Quality Cannabis Checklist

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When you buy bud, you want to be sure that you put your hands on good quality. But how do you recognize high quality cannabis? Can you see it? Or smell it? In this article we will explain what you should pay attention to. Then you know for sure that you no longer buy shwag. Check all the characteristics of the weed using this checklist and find out what kind of quality you are dealing with.

Recognizing high quality cannabis

You can also rely on your feelings when assessing whether weed is of good quality. Suppose you have a bag of weed in your hands, ask yourself, do you feel like consuming it? Does it look and smell nice and fresh? Would you like to lit and get high on it on the spot? 

Those are all signs that you are dealing with good stuff. Is it shwag? You will notice. By the color, the smell, and the texture. Immediately when you open the bag, the typical weed scent should be there. If you have to put your nose very deep in the bag to catch some of the smell, then you know it’s not right. The aromas must immediately rise from the bag and surprise your nose with their unique scent. 

Awesome, dank weed has that sharp, typical weed smell. Don’t be fooled by all those beautiful pictures of sticky trichomes on Instagram, most of these buds are weeks old, but look like they have just been harvested. All weed strains taste and smell differently, but they all have a familiar smell, which you immediately recognize. So always try to smell your buds well so that you have a reference next time, and so that you can judge whether it is better or worse than last time. You have to develop a sense of it. As a result, a kind of database is stored in your memory containing very good weed strains.

Recognize high quality cannabis by its resin and trichomes

cannabis trichomes

The texture of the flower tops is another element that you should pay attention to when assessing the quality of cannabis. Good weed is very sticky. Suppose you put it in your grinder, a layer of resin should be left behind. That is always very annoying, but it is proof that you are dealing with good quality. This resin is not water or moisture, it is resin that comes off the sticky trichomes. It is not that your buds must be too sticky, you must be able to grind it. Just grinding such a crispy bud should be a pleasure.

Buds covered in crystals

In addition to the resin, the small glands on top of the hairs of the flower tops are also an indication of whether you are dealing with quality. These microscopic white hairs with those small glands determine how powerful your weed is. Are there many crystals on it? Then you know that you will have a lot of fun with these flower tops! The THC is embedded in the crystals.

Suppose you grind the buds in your grinder, a kind of fine weed dust remains. This is a collection of all small crystals together. Very powerful stuff! This is used to make hashish, or concentrates. Do you see brown ones among the white hairs? These are the stampers, which indicate whether your buds are ready to harvest. The pistils can tell you whether the flower tops are ripe for harvesting. If you see many of those brown pistils, that is an indication that the plant has come through well throughout the growing process, and that you are dealing with a grower who knows what he is doing.

Determine the power of weed

It is true that you will never be able to determine the power of weed just by looking at it. So how can you? Well, by consuming it. Light a joint and experience the whole package of scents, tastes and effects. By consuming the weed you are able to make a good assessment. Only the sight of beautiful looking, sticky flower tops does not say everything. Do not stare blindly at only beautiful pictures, but make sure you do an extensive test. If you buy weed from a dealer this is of course not possible, but if you really want to know if you are dealing with dank weed, you will really have to smoke it, or vape, or eat it. 

High quality cannabis checklist

So suppose you can smoke the cannabis as a test, make sure you pay attention to the following. Check whether the tops do not contain too much moisture. You can see this by looking closely at the ash. Is the ash white? Then it will be alright. But is the ash dark, black or gray? Then the weed is probably too moist and then you know you have a headache the next day! Extra annoying is that you pay more (because the tops are heavier because of the moisture) but it does not make you higher. After a few tokes you know if you are dealing with good stuff. Do you feel the effect after a few tokes? Is the effect good and do you feel good about it? Congratulations, you have put your hands on some dank weed. 

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