17 Tips on how to not smell like smoke/weed

17 Tips on how to not smell like smoke/weed

Cannabis smoker
Cannabis smoker
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The smell of Marijuana may be gloriously comforting and tinging to you. You may also be finding it an exciting adventure. To others, the scent may be pungent and a sign of a stoner and offender in their midst. Your smelly clothes, hands, or bathroom could be betraying you. 

All that may or may not be a good thing depending on where you are and your company. To avoid getting others uncomfortable or finger-pointing stances, you need to hide the smell of that weed.  

Weed, popularly known as Marijuana, is a flowering plant that produces terpenes, which are odoriferous chemicals that helps plants attract pollinators. The chemicals scare off predators as well because of their repelling nature. 

Though terpenes are very vital ingredients in gauging the quality of the herb, the smell from fresh and sticky weed can be as intoxicating as the weed itself. The smell is rich and distinct, with arousal effects to any stone user who comes around you. 

Weed chemical odors are offensive and can stick on your garments, hair, hands, and room for a long time. Everyone who comes into contact with you or enters your room will know that you are a stoner even without asking you. 

Unfortunately, the smell can be a dead way especially due to the negative public perception. Even worse is that many states haven’t legalized its use. The federal is still adamant on the issue.

Other than your fellow stoners, nobody else will want to know the reason why you consume weed, whether for medicinal or recreation. For this reason, you may want to be mindful of your community by making sure that you mask the smell of Marijuana as much as possible.

Some states, together with the federal, have not legalized the possession and use of Marijuana for whatever reason. Any suspicion can find you on the wrong side of the law. If your clothes smell weed even after washing, or your hands are still smelly after a night out of hotboxing, then you need to know simple remedies for that. 

Other than some people’s nosiness, you might be pointed out by the sniff cops looking for suspects in possession of the drug in the outlawed region.


What are the most effective tips To Not Smell Like Smoke/Weed?

Masking off weed odor from your clothes, body, bathroom, and even the entire house is easy if you follow these tips:

This is specially needed when you hotboxed a room, because the smell has more chance to get into your clothes.

Burning incese

  1. Burn Incense, Oils, And Candles

Burning incense is associated with religion. You don’t want to believe that; otherwise, you will not get to clear that odor off your room. Various scents are masculine, feminine, neither, or both. These will come in handy, especially after a night out of hotboxing or bong experience. 

Nag Champa is one of those. It is one of the best incense in the market. It is burnt in Ashrams, a term used to refer to spiritual or religious retreats. The incense is usually a combination of seven ingredients, namely, Champa flower, Benzoin, resinoid (Styrax tonkinensis), Henna (Lawsonia inermis), Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), Indian sandalwood (Santalum album), vanilla, and honey.

Nag Champa incense is a classic aroma that has remained welcome for ages. Other than religious use, it is also used in many fields, including yoga, cannabis consumption, and different meditation types. The combination will eliminate pungent smells that still linger in your house, leaving you with a very sweet and classic long-lasting aroma. 

If Nag Champa is out of reach, you can buy scented candles at your nearest store. These are not only neat and charming for your dinner, but they also neutralize weed smoke. Other alternatives include essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, or citrus. All these are great ways of freshening up your room and hide the lingering smell of your weed.

Whichever way you use, remember to air your room for up to two hours before application so that the smell of weed doesn’t mix with the burnt incense. A combination of fresh weed smell and the incense scent can be very irritating. You require an aerated room to get optimal results. 


  1. Get A Smoke Filter

Smoke filters have now flooded the market. A smoke filter is a carbon filter that conceals the smell of Marijuana by sucking all the pungent smell off your room. The filter has a replaceable filter system, so whenever it is clogged, you can always purchase another one and replace it. 

There are many trusted brands that can work for you. The science behind a smoke filter is that it sucks all smoke and purifies the air within a room where weed has been smoked. Some basic filters are cheap, but the best are embedded with activated carbon technology that filters off harmful compounds while sucking odors and smoke. 

Next time you get a smoke filter, checks out whether it has got those carbon filter components. A carbon filter will be the most effective. Alternatively, you can make a sploof at home. A sploof is a container for blowing smoke into to neutralize weed smoke. You can learn more on how to make a sploof online. 

2 Girls smoking weed

  1. Proper Ventilation

If you are smoking weed in an enclosed room that is poorly ventilated, expect your clothes, hair, and all your belongings in the room to have the smell. Hotboxing the night before your parents and in-laws visit you the following morning will be a confirmation that you are stoning. If you do not want to smell Marijuana, avoid such hotboxing sessions.

When smoking weed, do whatever you can to let the smoke out. You can try:

  • Opening all the windows and placing your fan facing it creates a flow of fresh air and vents out all the smoke out of the house.
  • Turn on your ceiling fan to prevent the weed smoke from forming a ring on the ceiling. 
  • If you have vent fans in your bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen, turn them on to allow weed smoke to vent out. 


  1. Vape Pens And Edibles

A vape may not be the right tool to eliminate the smell of Marijuana, but smoking with a vaporizer will reduce any odors associated with smoking. There are various vaping pens with multiple price points, but they fit well into your budget. Get a decent vape pen that is slightly more effective. 

It is better than an air freshener because it is a more permanent solution to weed’s pungent smell that doesn’t go away immediately after smoking.  

The goodness of a vape pen is that it will allow you to smoke without having to fill your room with air fresheners, turn on all the fans in the house, or burn a bag of microwave popcorn to clear off the smell. Edibles like cookies, gummies, tea, and juices have no strong flavor of cannabis. If you do not want to smell like weed, use the edibles to satisfy your desires.    

We also have some recipes on edibles you can make without cooking.

A vape pen is not as simple as a smoking joint, but you can learn how to use it properly to be effective. Check out the battery charge levels and the temperature set up to ensure that it is ready for use. A cannabis oil cartridge for vape pens is more reliable; however, that shouldn’t squeeze your neck out. Get what you can afford.

Washing hands

  1. Wash Your Hands And Brush Your Teeth Thoroughly

Washing your hands is not restricted to disease control measures, neither is brushing your teeth. Your hands smell weed because you haven’t taken enough time to rub them with plenty of water and a bar of scented soap. 

A sweet-scented soap takes care of all the smell that sticks on you days after you had your joint. After washing your hands, apply a nourishing scented lotion. When you stretch your hands to shake with your religious leader, they will not notice the marijuana smell. The same applies to your mouth. Take good care of your oral health by brushing regularly and after smoking your joint. A mint mouthwash and chewing gum will do you a great favor. When you brush your teeth before going to sleep and use a mouth wash, you will not smell like weed when you wake up.


  1. Use Protective Smoking Jacket

Protective smoking jackets have been in use since time immemorial. Older men wore them to protect their clothes from the smell of cigars. Though it’s an old-school style, it is a good idea to keep your clothes protected from the cannabis pungent smell while smoking. When you are done with smoking, rip off your jacket and hang it outside to expose it to fresh air and UV rays.  

Another crafty method is to use a disposable plastic raincoat if you do not have a jacket. Once you are done, dispose of it off as you would do after a heavy downpour. Your clothes underneath will remain fresh and clean. 


  1. Taking A Shower, Colognes, Sprays, And Perfumes Work

Taking a shower after a smoking session will rid you of the smell of weed from your hair and the rest of your body. Apply a quality sweetly scented lotion and deodorize to overpower the odor and change into clean clothes. No one will realize that you have had your stone recently.

Strong scented perfumes, sprays, and colognes work. Investing in long-lasting scents is the trick. Some scents stick on you for a few hours, but there are those stronger ones that can last for 24 hours. You can fragrant your furniture as well. The smell of weed can very persistently remain in your room for days. Make it a norm to vacuum clean your furniture, carpets, and curtains and deodorize to prevent odors. 

When using the deodorizers, you must watch out a few precautions:

  • Be consistent with your cologne, spray, or perfume. Applying only when high will raise an eyebrow that you are doing odd out of the normal.
  • Read the warnings and instructions on the spray can before using it. Some sprays require that you do not use them when smoking because they are extremely flammable. The worst that would happen is incurring severe burns all over your skin and having to explain what happened.
  • Be careful if you have pets around. Some sprays are super toxic to your pets, and they can do you more harm than good.


  1. Air Your Clothes And Stay Outdoors

There is nothing that sucks like damp clothes with weed odor. Air is the best and cheapest freshener. When you wash your clothes, hang them outside to dry naturally. The smell will go away in a few hours. 

Staying outdoors works great for you too. After smoking your joint, relax outside for a few hours before mingling with people. The sun’s UV rays will neutralize any odors on your body in 30-45 minutes. Any weed residue on the clothes will burn off and leave them with a fresh smell. UV rays also kill germs on your clothes and skin.


  1. Cook Cannabis With Spices And Herbs

Spices and herbs overpower the strong taste of some food. Adding curries, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, garlic, oregano, onions, and rosemary, among other herbs, beat the smell of weed in your kitchen. Cook with the lid intact to avoid any vapor from escaping out of your pot. 

You can decide to stick around your kitchen for a longer time baking different pastries like banana cake, lemon, or chocolate cake. A ginger weed cookie will smell more ginger than weed. These tricks will help to overpower the weed edible’s pungent smell.


  1. Store Weed In Smell Proof Container

When you store weed in open containers or woven bags, nothing will prevent your visitors from smelling your ganja—hind your valuables in smell roof storage containers and cupboards. Even the nosiest detective will not suspect you. There are customized inserts with combination locks in the market. Get the right size and stash your ganja and store it in a cool, dry place.


  1. Smoke Out Of Your Window Or Outdoors

It sounds crazy, but it will work amazingly. If your room is small and you don’t want the smell of weed to linger for days, smoke out of your window. Light up the joint and lean outside. Puff until the joint completely burnt. The smoke will disappear into thin air, and your room will be left free of the odor. 

Alternatively, you can sit outdoors and enjoy your roll. Be careful not to be picked by cops for possession of illegal drugs. Check out if your state has legalized weed use. Spending cold nights in a dingy prison cell isn’t fun.

Activated charcoal

  1. Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal absorbs toxins and any unwanted particles out of the air. Physicians advise that if you have a bad tummy, taking a spoonful of the powder with a glass of water will suck off all the toxins from your gut. That is the same with your pesky cannabis smells. It is one of the best DIY tips for eradicating strong odors at home.

You can put the powder in your homemade sploof to aid it in sucking, or you can place it on different corners of our house. Put a generous amount on saucer plates and place it strategically on other areas like on the table, on your TV, and on top of your refrigerator. The powder will suck off all the intense smell; however, this is a slow process. If you want things to work faster because you have just invited your mum for a bonding session, use the other methods. 

Activated charcoal is not the regular charcoal that you use on your grills. It is available in several drug dispensing stores around you at an affordable price.

Wet towel

  1. Place A Wet Towel On Your Door

If you are fond of smoking ganja inside your bathroom, you could try this out. The smell will remain in your bathroom, which will allow you to deal with it using other methods like activated charcoal and burning incense. If you use a towel on your main door, that will be a temporal measure. You will be forced to wait until no one is around to open the door. When you open the door, the odor will escape to your neighbor’s house.


  1. Vinegar

Vinegar is a wonder liquid when it comes to cleaning your house. It is also it’s very useful in eliminating odors. Its vinegar is not pleasant, but it wears off after an hour or so. The trick is that as it wears off, it will take away the marijuana smell with it. Vinegar is cheap and available at your local store. You can use it in many other ways at home or store it for future clean-up of weed smell.

Boil a cup of vinegar in a saucepan until the smell spreads throughout your room and masks the marijuana odor. Within an hour or so, the weed smell will be gone.

Pot of baking soda with spoon and glass of water

  1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a simple kitchen ingredient that works wonders in absorbing smells. It is also safe and will not pose any danger to you even if you overuse it. Use it, place a few teaspoons of baking soda into a shallow plate and leave it in the room for a few days. 

Using baking soda is a slow process, just like activated charcoal, but it will absorb all the odors perfectly. It is an excellent idea to keep baking soda on a plate all through because you never know when the desire to roll a joint strike. Besides absorbing other funny smells in your room, it will save you from the unnecessary inconveniences of having to run for a packet after a smoking session.

Dab rig
Example of a dab rig.
  1. Use Dab Rigs

If you want to stay discrete indoors, dabbing dribs is a fairly good way to smoke ganja discretely as far as the smell is concerned. The smoke from a dab has no fragrance. It emits light and a sweet aroma. 

When you dab, you consume weed concentrates, with the majority of the plant matter removed. That means you’re getting a smoother smoke, and you are avoiding the messy process of weed combustion.

You can use an electric dab rig if you are smoking indoors for safety reasons. If you are using a torch, it’s best to keep your windows open to ensure that you have enough ventilation.

The good thing with Dab rigs is that you can use them and join your friends later without getting worried about smelly hair, clothes, or hands. It is the smartest way to consume cannabis.

How to make your own dab rig.

Egg grid and coffee grounds

  1. Use Coffee Grounds

After enjoying a cup of coffee, do not throw away the grounds. Dry and store them for a rainy day. It is one of the best life hacks that will eliminate weed smell in a few minutes. Coffee is enriched embedded with caffeine, which contains nitrogen. 

The nitrogen elements have the ability like that of carbon to absorb odors, including the strong cannabis smell. Place your dry grounds strategically in different corners of your room. Besides, your room smelling the sweet coffee aroma, the ganja smell will be overpowered and absorbed by the coffee’s nitrogen compounds. 

There are many life hacks that a stoner must know. Some of those should be how to not smell like smoke/weed. Whenever you smoke weed, you don’t have to get worried about someone knowing by the smell on your clothes, hand, or from your bathroom. Consuming cannabis shouldn’t a regretful because it is a lifestyle. It should also not be offensive to the no-smokers. 

Taking your time to master a few of these tips will make your experience enjoyable and thrilling. All you need is to get well prepared before smoking, vaping, hotboxing, or enjoying a bong. 

Everything else will get covered as you do your stuff discreetly without even your closest neighbor, family, or friend suspecting any weed around. You will be very confident to let them into your house and your bathroom without them questioning your lifestyle.

Did you also know that coffee grounds are an amazing fertilizer for cannabis plants?


Clothes smell like weed after washing

This is undeniably the worst thing you will go through as a pothead. Despite the efforts you put in when washing your clothes, still feeling the same odor over and over again sounds not so cool. This could emanate from the fact that excessive weed smell had accumulated on your hands before washing the clothes or you had worn those very clothes when smoking your hit of stash. 

The best way to go about this is not to tire but make use of the washing machine coupled with dry cleaning. (Assuming you had initially gone the handwashing way). After that, you may use Fabreze to cover the scent. 


How to get rid of weed smell on hands

Weed smell may accumulate on your hands when rolling your weed. So, how do you go about doing away with it? 

Most antibacterial soaps with some water will remove weed odor from your hands. Other products you can use comprise hand sanitizers, deodorants, and vodka. 


Will I smell like weed in the morning?

It is an FAQ among most potheads. Smelling like weed in the morning can be seen from different angles. For example, it is quite daunting to wake up in the morning smelling like weed if at the moment of toking your dope, you had no clothes on. However, clothes tend to absorb the odor and to be cautious, you need to avoid wearing that is you are shunning away from smelling like pot in the morning. Also, be sure to rinse your mouth with mouthwash before sleeping.

On the other hand, you will certainly smell like weed if you smoke in the morning before starting running your errands. These tips will come handy: Ensure that you brush your teeth regularly and gaggle your mouth with mouthwash and don’t wear those very clothes you had worn before you go out. 

Lastly, regardless of whether you smoked before you slept or in the morning, prevent weed smell by spraying some cologne. 


How to hide weed smell in bathroom

There are different ways to go about this. Under most circumstances, weed doesn’t linger for long as tobacco does. However, you, or a family member, may be entirely disturbed by this and one of the critical factors to do it is by using natural absorbers. 

For example, you may start by washing any soft fabric from the bathroom such as the bathroom curtains and all the rags, thoroughly clean the bathroom and more so the tiles, and slice an apple into two to absorb the odor. Coffee grounds will work, too. Importantly, ensure that you entirely close the bathroom door before placing that apple or coffee grounds inside the bathroom.

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