The life cycle of marijuana plants

The life cycle of marijuana plants

life cycle marijuana plant
life cycle marijuana plant
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Both for starting gardeners as well as experienced cultivators, growing marijuana can sometimes be confusing. In most cases a plant grows bigger and everything seems to develop perfectly all the way up to the flowering phase. But when you start harvesting, the result appears to be disappointing. How is that possible? Did you do something wrong? Read on and discover everything about the life cycle of marijuana plants.

Every grower desires a good yield, both in terms of quantity (many big and dense buds)  and psychoactive effects (loads of THC). Besides that, the group of growers that focus on other aspects is also increasing. The microcultivation movement, for example, gets more supporters every day.  And what to think of all those growers who aim at medical benefits and cannabinoids like CBD and CBN instead of THC. More and more niches arise that growers focus on and for every type of gardener it is good to know about the life cycle of marijuana plants. 

The first phase in the life cycle of marijuana plants

marijuana plant

If you want to know what kind of yield to expect, you first need to know which growth stages your plant goes through. It is good to know in broad terms what the life cycle of a marijuana plant entails. Only if you are aware of all the different stages, you know how to influence growth conditions and achieve better yields.

Have you already bought your weed seeds? Good job! Hopefully you have made the right choice, because successful gardening starts with high-quality seed. We cannot emphasize enough that the genetics of the seed is determines how your plant will perform. You can be such a talented cultivator with the greenest thumb. But if you start with seed which has poor genetic traits, you’ll never be able to catch up. Then you stay behind from the moment you start your seeds. Read on and discover much more about the different life cycles of marijuana plants.

A marijuana plant goes through a lot during its life cycle

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Growing a cannabis plant is a great experience. You will find that your plant goes through a lot during its life cycle. There are some important moments during the various stages of growth. In addition, growth problems can also occur. If you recognize those signals, you can take action. This way you can take care of your plant and prevent further problems.

Before you start growing, it is therefore good to know what you can expect in the various growth stages. Preparation never hurts, right? If you are well prepared, you can also make decisions with more confidence at times when it really matters. Sometimes there is limited time to decide which treatment is best. So be prepared for every phase of your plant. Read on and learn what the needs and behaviors of your cannabis plant are in all different phases.

The life cycle of marijuana plants – it all starts with seeds

You might have heard it before, but it’s true: it all starts with the seed. The quality of your seed determines the quality of your plant and the quality of your harvest. So do not economize on purchasing seeds – always choose the highest quality. Why take the risk with bad genetics? 

Therefore always buy cannabis seeds from a trusted seed seller. So you know that you lay your hands on the best quality. Amsterdam Marijuana Seed bank has a wide range of the very best genetics in stock and offers guaranteed, fast and discrete shipment. AMSbank is among the oldest and most respected seed banks in the world, located in the cannabis capital Amsterdam. It serves countless satisfied customers from all over the world. 

Whichever strain you are looking for, you can easily find it online. Just browse all marijuana strains and read the brief descriptions. Whether you are looking for feminized seeds, Indica seeds, Sativa seeds, outdoor seeds, indoor seeds or medical seeds, you will certainly find the strain of your desires. All AMSbank seeds have been tested for germination power and are handpicked by growers who have more than 20 years of experience in growing cannabis and everything that comes with it. So don’t hesitate and buy the best of the best.

Do you know how a marijuana plant multiplies? The reproduction of the Marijuana plant is processed through sexual reproduction. This way seeds are produced and spread. Seeds arise from a male plant and a female plant and carries the characteristics of both parents. With regard to hermaphrodites, there is an exception. But we are not dealing with this process here.

A weed seed packs a tiny plant that will be activated by heat and moisture. As long as you keep the seed outside a moist environment, it remains in a kind of static state. It then remains in a postponed growth phase that can last quite a long time. At some point the seed becomes too old and dies.

If water reaches the seed, it germinates. When sprouting, the small plant absorbs a quantity of calories that is already present in the seed itself. This ensures that the small plant has enough energy to push itself out, through the hard shell, and is able to survive the first few weeks on its own. 

It is important to understand the phases that a cannabis plant undergoes throughout its lifecycle and the variations in needs that change at each stage.

Do you want to store your cannabis seeds for a longer period of time? This is possible, under the proper circumstances. Seeds survive as long as they are not subjected to light and moisture, and kept in a cool and dark place. Preferably in a refrigerator (packaged airtight so no moisture can enter), or in a cool cellar. Avoid fluctuations in temperature and extreme conditions. If you store your seeds carefully, you can save them for a very long time, even up to three years. 

Read on and discover more about the lifecycle of marijuana plants.

Germinating Weed seeds

germinating weed seeds

Are you ready to start your seeds? Are you well prepared for what is to come? Then expose your seeds to moisture and light. How? We’ll tell you in a moment. First some more information about what exactly happens when your seeds come in contact with water. Exposure with water activates the hormones present in the seed. And this triggers the growth process. If so, from one side of the seed the root (a single root) drills itself down into the ground. It searches for nutrients and water. A small stem grows from the other side of the small seed. Everything in this phase is still very fragile and delicate. The small, green stalk grows out, developing two cotyledon leaves on its sides. 

From this moment on the growth starts. Most of the actual growing takes place in the meristem cells. Marijuana consists of two meristems. One is at the top, near the crown. The other located at the root. The one at the bottom will form the taproot. And from the top the stalk and leaves will develop. Marijuana plants belong to a group of double seeded plants. Read on and learn more about the life cycle of marijuana plants.

The meristem is a fundamental part of the cannabis plant. Because this is the part of the plant where there is a high concentration of multiplying cells. Although cell division takes place throughout the entire plant, most cell division takes place at the top and at the roots. At some point meristem cells cluster together into a single type of cell, which then only produces a specific part of the plant, such as roots or leaves. Once this has taken place, the cell will continue to do so. This all may seem a bit too botanical and educational, but it is an important aspect when cloning plants.

For how long can you store cannabis seeds? This varies per situation. And per seed type / strain. You can assume that seeds lose their strength and effect after a year. But, if properly preserved, seeds can sprout without problems even 3 years later.

Cannabis seeds and moisture needs

cannabis seed

If you want to preserve cannabis seeds, a number of things are important. One of the most important things to take into account is to properly regulate the moisture level and to keep it very low. After all, you don’t want your seeds to sprout early. You also don’t want mold to get a chance to develop. Mold is definitely a threat to your plants. It is very contagious and is able to destroy your plants and your harvest completely. So if you want to grow your plants into healthy shrubs, stash your seeds in a dark, cool and, above all, moisture-free place.

When you germinate your cannabis seeds, water enters through miniscule, porous openings in your seed. Make sure there’s not too much moisture passing through. Even in the germination phase, mold can develop because of excessive moisture. It is also possible that the porous holes aren’t formed the way they should, or that they are clogged. This stops an optimal germination process. If so, you can wash your seeds or lightly and carefully sand them. A small cut in the shell of a seed that won’t germinate is an unorthodox method some cultivators use to provoke the process. But in general seeds will germinate without problems. Keep in mind you only use a small amount of water. This also applies to the seedling phase that follows. Adding too much water is one of the most common mistakes made by starting growers. 

Please bear in mind that if a seeds refuses to germinate by itself, it will probably not produce a strong and healthy plant. Obviously there is something wrong within its DNA. It would therefore be a shame to invest time and energy in forcing a plant to germinate, while you are likely to experience all sorts of problems during the further growth cycle.

In principle, a healthy seed germinates without problems, without additional help and without administering additives. A small amount of water is really all they need in the first phase of their life cycle. The seed itself already packs enough nutrients to grow and survive the first few weeks of its existence. The tiny baby plant inside the seed absorbs moisture, causing it to burst through the shell. After this, your marijuana plant needs sufficient air, light and water.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to grow marijuana life cycle ?

The life cycle of growing marijuana involves division into the weeks a cannabis plant ought to grow from seed to harvest or the phases it will undergo from seed to reaping the yields. Marijuana life cycle involves:
  • Germination of the seeds: From 1 – 7 days
  • Seedling phase: Up to 3 weeks
  • Vegetative stage: Up to 8 weeks
  • Pre-bloom: 2 weeks
  • Flowering: 6-9 weeks
  • Harvesting the yields

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