How to add more flavor to your cannabis

How to add more flavor to your cannabis

Add flavor to cannabis
Add flavor to cannabis
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Do you think the taste of your weed is a bit boring? Then why not add some extra flavor. It’s very easy and fun to do. You can do it before, during or after harvesting. So read on and discover how you can add more flavor to your cannabis.

Some folks get bit disappointed from strains that promise all kinds of flavors, such as Strawberry Ice, Cappuccino 420 or Blueberry. So why not add some extra flavor yourself? There are 3 ways that it can be done very easily. Don’t expect the world from it either. It is not that your weed suddenly tastes completely like strawberry or chocolate. It remains weed. And it also continues to taste like weed. But if you do it well, you can add an nice and tasty aroma. So check quickly how you can add more flavor to your cannabis.

How to add more flavor to your cannabis before harvest

For this method you have to stop watering a few days before harvest. The soil may dry out completely, but make sure that the plants do not die. Dissolve 20ml of essential oil with the taste of your choice in water. Water your plants with this flavored water from about 3 hours before you harvest. The tops are now waterier than normal. But they also have more taste than normal. Now dry and cure them in the normal way. Because you water before the harvest, the chance of mold growing on your buds is much higher than normally. This should not be a problem if you ventilate the space in which you dry the cannabis. 

Add more flavor to your cannabis during harvest

cannabis flavor

Have you already harvested your plant? Even then it is not too late. Take a branch and place it in a vase or glass with the flavored solution as described above. The stem will absorb water as long as the leaves are still alive. So the flavored water will still be carried up through the branch to the tops. After 3 days remove the branch and dry it as normal. Keep in mind that in this case the buds can also contain more water than normally.

How to add flavor after harvest?

If your cannabis buds are dried and cured, it is still possible to add a little aroma. To do this, dip a cotton ball in the flavored oil and, for example, hang it at the bottom of the lid of the jar in which you store your nugs. Make sure the cotton ball does not touch the buds.

Again, don’t expect your weed to taste completely different now. And also do not immediately process your entire harvest. Just experiment with a small portion of your harvest and discover what adding more flavor to your cannabis does. In the supermarket you can often buy extracts, usually it is included in the baking section. Vanilla extract is very suitable for these methods of adding more taste. Don’t let the cotton ball sit in the jar for too long, because it can cause mold to grow on your weed.

How can you improve the overall taste of your weed?

In the first place you have to dry your buds very slowly. Buds that are dried too quickly often get a ‘green’, sharp smell and taste that is unpleasant and will not go away. We do not mean the smell of dried grass / hay. This fast is normal if you are just going to dry your buds, but that also disappears quickly. After a few days, when the curing process is in progress, the smell changes again.

Taste of your buds also benefit form a constant temperature. Best is to keep an average temperature of  70 ° F during the drying process. In any case, ensure that the temperature does not fluctuate more than outside of 60-75 ° F. A lower temperature prevents the terpenes from burning off. And a slightly higher temperature is good against mold. For these reasons, most growers maintain a drying temperature of 70 ° F.

Regarding the humidity, 50% is the best. Below 40% humidity ensures dry buds. Above 60% humidity probably causes mold and moreover it takes a long time before your buds dry. A humidity level of 50% is therefore a good average. As a result, your buds retain their taste, dry well and quickly, and there is less chance of mold.

Check this video on Youtube to learn more about how to increase the flavor of your weed.

When are the buds dried well enough?

Your buds are well dried if they break. If you grab them, they will not bend, they will break. The tops jump off the stems without leaving any strings behind. If they feel completely dry, you can put them in pots. Always use original preserving jars, which can be sealed airtight, with a rubber ring.

As long as branches can bend, it still contains water. As soon as a branch breaks, you know that it is completely dried out.

Adding taste to weed is increasingly being done. Many growers wonder how they can add flavor to their flower tops. The best taste of pure cannabis is achieved through the correct drying and curing of the plant material. But the flavoring of cannabis is fun to do, they are interesting experiments.

Weed can be combined with many flavors. Such as cherries, vanilla, chocolate, strawberries and citrus. Citrus aroma, in particular, is often used for flavoring cannabis.

Often weed varieties already have a unique package of natural flavors. All kinds of marijuana varieties have been cultivated for a long time, with the aim that they contain a unique bouquet of aromas and scents.

Cannabis strains with a special scent

Which cannabis strains simulate a special aroma? You may have heard of Limoncello Haze, Cappuccino 420, blueberry 420, Mangolicious, Cheese, Caramelicious or Candy Kush.

These strains are specially bred to remind them of what they are named after. But you need a lot to actually achieve this effect. To bring out the very best taste, you will have to create the perfect growing conditions. Moreover, the aroma will only be a subtle hint of the taste that you expect. You really taste and smell it, but don’t expect a predominant fame of caramel with the Caramelicious strain. You will enjoy a subtle, sweet and slightly roasted sugar flavor.

There is also a difference in weed that you bought from a dealer and weed tops that you grow at home. The way a strain grows also largely determines the taste and aroma. Nutrients, the soil mix, fertilizers, and the harvest-methods (drying and curing) all influence the taste, smell and aroma of your plant. There are many variables that determined how the buds will eventually taste and smell when you smoke or vape them. This makes it difficult, but also a lot of fun to delve into it. What could be more awesome than growing your own weed plant, which ultimately has the scent and taste that you wanted so badly? The satisfaction and pride you get from growing weed yourself is huge. The entire process from planting a seed to harvesting and consuming your own plant is a fantastic and incredibly educational experience.

Cannabis strains with tailor made flavors

add aroma to cannabis

Tomorrow’s weed will probably offer a wide range of tailor-made flavors in the near future. A Canadian university has recently identified the marijuana genome that determines the taste of weed. This means that adjustments can be made in the area of taste just like with wine. Just like with the modern wine industry, this kind of breakthroughs have provided a specific emphasis in taste and aroma.

Researchers found more than 25 terpenes in the cannabis genome. From this they produced molecules with scents such as limonene, pinene and myrcene. These fabrics produce earthy, skunky or citrus-like aromas.

Touching the trichomes of your cannabis plant changes the aroma

Cannabis trichomes

If you want to preserve the unique, pure taste of your cannabis. Then make sure you touch your plant – and in particular the buds and the sugar leaves in the flowering period – as little as possible. Touching causes a loss of trichomes. And it is the trichomes that give the plant the aroma. Your fingers will smell nice, but you will cause minor damage to your plant, which will give off less aroma and taste.

If you prune, proceed with caution. Always wear gloves. If you want to cut neatly, you must grab the branches to keep them steady. Then make sure you work in a controlled way. Before you grab hold of a part of the plant, see if it could harm the plant. This also applies to curing and drying the harvest. Always avoid contact with your fingers, if possible. Tricho men are very delicate and vulnerable and can easily break. If that happens, the quality of your harvest will quickly deteriorate. Careful treatment of your plant is really a prerequisite for a high-quality crop with the taste and aroma you expect from it.

Grinding cannabis for a smooth taste

Cannabis grinder

Even after the curing and drying of your flower tops, there are still things that you should pay attention to. Grinding your weed ensures that the taste is optimized. Moreover, finely ground weed smokes very smooth. Grinding releases the scents and aroma from your cannabis tops. Do you crumble the weed with your fingers? Then it probably sticks to your hands.

The aroma of your pot is a fun and interesting subject to delve into. After all, as a smoker (or vaper) you want the tastiest experience. A nice scent and taste contributes to the buzz of your cannabis and is therefore an indispensable element for every grower to take into account.

How do you add more flavor to your cannabis? Share your experiences in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to flavor weed?
Use fruit peels, fragrant flowers in the bow containing weed to flavor it. Also, spirits such as sherry, whiskey, and wine help to flavor grass. In addition, you can use bottled essences such as maple, vanilla, peppermint, spearmint, and menthol to flavor your weed. These man-made flavors can help reduce the strong weed taste especially to suit starters.

Can weed affect your taste?

It is purported that cannabinoids improve taste responsiveness as well as improving sensory appeal of foods. Weed also has a profound effect on hearing sensory perceptions leading to one being alert and able to differentiate salty from bitter tastes, something that may be difficult when not high.

How to flavor weed oil?

Mix the weed oil with edibles, drop some honey under your tongue, use mints, have a snack at hand, and keep a sweet drink nearby to have a better tasting weed oil. You can as well keep chewing candy or a bubblegum as you savor the weed oil. It will definitely have a different impact on the oil.

How to use weed flavor drops?

You can elevate edibles, enhance concentrates, and energize flowers using weed flavor drops. Simply infuse the weed flavor drops to your edibles and enjoy. With exotic flavors of blueberry pie, bubble gum or even the conventional chocolate raspberry, you can enjoy your weed with an enhanced flavor instead of the normal grassy and earthy taste.

What weed has the most flavor?

Lemonder weed, by Seattle’s Private Reserve is known to be the most flavored weed today. The weed was awarded the Best Aroma in Washington State based on the Leafly Cannabis Rating System.

How to flavor homemade gummies?

Use icing sugar and citric acid to cover and flavor homemade gummies. While sugar is a good option, icing sugar goes a long way in flavoring homemade gummies, which leads to improved taste, appearance, and sellability. Although citric acid is the main ingredient here, the ratio of sugar to citric acid should be 3 to 1.

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