Cheese Cannabis Seeds

The Cheese regular cannabis strain got that name from her sharp and sour scent. If you can swear that you are a stone-faced pothead, we would want to see how your face will be like after taking a couple of Cheese weed hits. This is the grass that guarantees that the connoisseur will laugh. They mixed their  beloved and worldwide recognized Master Kush and Super Skunk to come up with the Cheese regular weed. What a perfect beauty for your night time use!

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Even though she is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is relatively short, Cheese Cannabis Seeds needs her space to give optimal yields. Her Indica dominance is at 65%, and 35% Sativa, where her THC amounts are also high and ranging between 20 and 30%.

When grown indoors, the heights go up to 70cm, with the outdoor heights going up to 210cm. The indoor flowering time is also short and ranges between 8 and 10 weeks, while the ideal time for harvesting the outdoor yields is between September and October.

It would be best if you were somewhat patient and give her ample time to flower and grow to her optimum. That way, the THC buds will be more productive, and the weed quality will be the best.

Which effect does this strain give?

The amounts of THC in Cheese are high, really high! She also gives a giggly high that is long-lasting, and thankfully, when taken in medium doses, Cheese doesn’t get the user couch-locked. Social smokers, and especially those who value cannabis hotboxing, find this beauty the real deal. When they get out of there, they report that appetite issues and insomnia get solved.

How hard is it to grow this strain?

Cheese has moderate growing difficulty; thus, ideal for amateurs and veterans. We mostly recommend to absolute beginners to try out the other strains with easy growing difficulty to wet their feet as the massive yielding Cheese isn’t the go-to strain for the typical beginner.

How much weed does this strain give?

When Cheese gets cultivated indoors, she yields up to 700gms per square meter, while in an outdoor growing environment, she yields up to 1100gms per square meter.

Everything about the flavour

Cheese has a cheesy, deep earthy taste and a pungent aroma.