How to hotbox a bathroom (+ 3 preparation tips)

How to hotbox a bathroom (+ 3 preparation tips)

Smoking in bathroom
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Hotboxing is a popular term used in the cannabis industry. What does this term mean? This is an act of smoking cannabis in a minimal ventilated or unventilated space. This can be in a bathroom, a car, a shed, or any other enclosed small space. 

The smoke produced by the cannabis is exhaled and trapped, thus filling the air. Sometimes, it turns out to be a massive cloud of smoke that billows outside the space after some time. 

Many people tend to ask about the reasons behind hotboxing. Are you among those who want to know much about hotboxing? Continue reading this article for more information.

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Reasons For Hotboxing

The reasons as to why cannabis enthusiast’s hotbox varies from one person to another. Sometimes, hotboxing is said to be a matter of convenience. This is whereby the only appropriate place to smoke is in a particular small room, and the smokers want to contain the smoke in the room so that it does not spread to the entire area.

There are times where hotboxing is done for fun, or the participants might be anxious to know how much smoke can build up when they finish a single joint.

However, most of the time, people hotbox do so with the intent to get more high. This seems to be making some sense! The best way of absorbing and inhaling the smoke of cannabis is by sitting in a cloud of smoke.

Some of the reasons discussed above have made many people ask if hotboxing gets cannabis smokers higher. This has led to numerous speculations concerning the fact of the matter.  This leads us to our next discussion, which is meant to end these speculations in the cannabis industry.

Does Hotboxing Make Cannabis Smokers Feel “Higher”?

Researchers from the John Hopkins University conducted a study in 2015 to seek the desired conclusion concerning this matter. How was the research carried out? The researchers took six cannabis smokers and six nonsmokers in a small enclosed and unventilated space. Each smoker was given ten joints which they continued smoking for over one hour.

According to the researchers’ report, the chamber was very smoky, and you could hardly see the wall on the other end. The researchers repeated the experiment but changing one factor. They changed ventilation by ensuring there is a good flow of air in the smoking chamber. 

Do you think hotboxing made the participants in the fast experiment higher? Continue perusing the article.

The researchers compared the cannabis smokers who participated both in the fast and the second experiment. The results revealed that the level of cannabinoid in both participants did not differ regardless the difference in ventilation. What does this research mean? There is no difference in the level of cannabinoids in smokers when they hotbox or when they smoke cannabis in a well-ventilated room.

Typically, there are circumstances where cannabis smokers have to hotbox and not do the same. Do you know some of these circumstances? Keep following the article.

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When To And Not To Hot Box 

As the above research has revealed, hotboxing does not make you higher. However, this does not mean you should stop enjoying doing it. Are you a cannabis smoker? Always remember to be mindful of the people near you and the entire surrounding. It is clear that cannabis has a potent smell that not everyone will like.

Conversely, hotboxing has a distinctive way of making the smoke stick in a specific surrounding (space) for some time. It is not advisable to carry out the activity in rooms or surroundings where the neighboring hates the behavior.  

In addition, during hotboxing, you should remember that oxygen is your friend; this means that you should do it keenly to avoid other complications such as suffocation.

Most people prefer hotboxing in the bathroom. However, researchers have revealed that many cannabis smokers do not know how to hotbox in the bathroom. Do you know how to hotbox in the bathroom? Continue reading the article as we unveil more details.

The Atmosphere

Remember that your safety is crucial than anything else. You should ensure that the bathroom you want to hotbox in is in good condition that cannot affect you in any way. During this time, candles provide the best mood light, although they are wanting fire hazards. Go for the battery tealights that are sold in various online markets or your local stores.

Sitting is the best factor for the ultimate shower comfort. Even if your shower room does not have a sitting bench, it does not mean you have to stand up throughout the session; it is high time that you should furnish your bathroom.

The cannabis smoking experience is felt better when you accompany it with slow-rocking tunes.

It is time that you should look for an affordable shower pair of speakers to make your experience memorable. If you can’t manage to purchase one, throw away the caution and carry your phone into the bathroom. 

Regardless of taking your phone along with you, investing in the shower music is the best solution. Remember, it isn’t very pleasant for you to come out of a warm shower to switch up the track. 

The Placement Technique

This is the most crucial feature that will make your experience memorable. What is the best placement position? You should adjust the stream of water to make it hit your chest directly. This will place you in a comfortable basking zone of the warmth and giving you enough space to maneuver your weed. In addition, it will eliminate the significant threat of water damaging your cannabis.

Have a suction shelf at your disposal away from the water stream where you will fix a towel or washcloth for drying your hands. Ensure that your bowl is well packed before you get under the water. Note that you should not carry weed into the bathroom knowing that you won’t smoke it. 

Remember that it takes a minimal humidity to damage your weed disgustingly. If you have plans to smoke more than one joint of marijuana, pack the other in a sandwich bag and place it on the shelf until you are ready to spark it.

If you are using a smoking bowl, you should pre-grind enough weed and pack it in a prescription pill bottle or a film container where water can’t reach. During hotboxing, there is always time for vaping.

Going for a disposable vape is a better alternative, although it is not the best. Sometimes during hotboxing in the bathroom, the glassware might get slippery and break. 

How do you prevent such circumstances? If you enjoy showering with your bong on, then consider wrapping something with texture around the neck. This will greatly reduce the chances of becoming slippery, thus avoiding possible damage. 

There are those people who like the marijuana cigarette since the paper can sustain minor splashes of water.

What is the best option that can work in the bathroom hotboxing? The blunt wrap is said to be the best option since it does not get wet when water splashes on it. Besides, the humidity in the bathroom can make the glue loose, thus unwrapping the blunt wrap. To prevent this from happening, you should seal the seam with honey after rolling it.

Wash the Bathroom Upon Completion

They are numerous body washes and shampoos. The post-shower cannabis rubs will work best for you. If you want your bathroom to remain fresh after hotboxing, scrub it thoroughly. According to researchers, if you want the best experience during smoking, chill with a facemask or a deep conditioner in your hair.

Even though hotboxing is one of the most exciting experiences for cannabis smokers, there are various risks. The factors discussed below are meant to help you eliminate the dangers of this fantastic activity, making you have fun.

  • Prepare Yourself 

Preparation is the immediate thing you should begin with for you to have a successful hotboxing session. Normally, hotboxing is a prolonged and relaxed weed smoking session; therefore, it can be tedious to locate an excellent place for the activity. Remember that smoking is easy since there are numerous smoking joints available.

You should prepare in advance and locate the best location, time, and supplies together with a group of people you are going to hotbox with. Having the things mentioned above sorted in advance gives you and your friends enough time to enjoy the session.

  • Choose the Best Location 

You can hotbox in any enclosed airtight room, or space but some areas are generally good compared to others. Many people tent to hotbox in cars, small bedrooms, attics, and tents; most of these areas are considered popular choices.  Note that your hotboxing location depends on what you can easily access.

It is advisable to look for a peaceful private location and have seats that will accommodate all of you. Many people have a tendency of hotboxing in cars, not knowing it has serious drawbacks awaiting them. 

When you hotbox in the car, the smell lingers in the fiber, affecting the driver and leading to becoming impaired.

Where do you think is the best place for hotboxing? A couple of places are said to be the best in matters of privacy, experience, and cleanliness. In a 420-friendly house- the upper floor bathroom is the best place for hotboxing.

If there is a window, it will be more comfortable since you will allow the smoke to get outside afterward.

If there is a cool cottage or a cabin that has a small room, then you have your needs sorted. Hotboxing in the indoors is specifically meant to ensure that you have enough privacy and the smoke can pack in the room. Make yourself creative enough to get some of the best places where you can hotbox together with your friends.

  • Collect Your Supplies 

There are people who have tried hotboxing intending to make a limited amount of green that will last for long, but all is in vain. You need more supplies for you to get the entire room filled. Using joints and blunts is the best way of getting the space filled quickly with smoke. 

You can decide to make the hotboxing session more impressive when you ask some of your friends to come along with a variety of different strains for the entire group to try.

Note that you should ensure that the entire room is sealed with smoke for the hotboxing session to be more fun, and you can hardly see the opposite wall. The people in the room should be ready to stay inside for a while to let the smoke take action. Having set with everything you need such as snacks, sweaters, and pillows will make you lose any smoke as your friends open the door every time.

Tips to Remember During Hotboxing

 Hotboxing is a fun way of smoking. Many cannabis smokers take part in this activity more frequently since it does not affect them. On the other side, this is the riskiest way of smoking with your friends since you might be caught. Your location should be your immediate concern. Ensure that you are in a private location where the smell of cannabis and noise does not become a significant hindrance.

Try to avoid places where you think the chances of being caught are high. Remember that what you carry into the session, such as fabric, will come out with a strong smell, and someone can easily detect what you have been doing. Cars have been used in many circumstances but remember hotboxing in the car increases the chances of being caught.

Besides, the chances of your driver becoming intoxicated are incredibly high. Ensure that you do not overdo it. Keep checking on your friends to ensure that everyone is enjoying the session. It is not advisable to venture into hotboxing for the fast time you begin smoking weed. Having all the necessities at your disposal will help in ensuring that everyone enjoys the session without disturbance.

Final Thoughts

Most cannabis smokers prefer hotboxing in the bathroom; this is something worthy to try. This article has discussed various factors that help cannabis smokers take part in hotboxing in places like the bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does hotboxing mean?

Hotboxing simply means smoking cannabis or hashish in a small place usually enclosed without any ventilation with the aim of filling the area with smoke, thus maximizing the effects of marijuana. The Hot Box is a fictional nightclub derived from the musical Guys & Dolls that was an enclosure for beef aging.


How to hotbox in a bathroom without it smelling?

To hotbox a bathroom without leaving it smelly, get inside with two towels; dampen and roll up one of those lengthwise and shove it in the crack under the door, then turn on your shower at full heat and full blast. Close the windows and wait until the room is filled up with hot steam before you start to smoke.


How to hotbox and not smell

While you cannot hide cannabis smell completely from a fellow smoker, you can hotbox and not smell by covering your skin as much as possible, washing your hands and face immediately after hotboxing. Additionally, you can decide to take a shower, use a sanitizer or apply a strong deodorant.


Does hotboxing make you smell?

Without any measures to conceal the smell, hotboxing makes you smell for at least 30 minutes. You can get rid of the smell during and after hotboxing by covering your skin with humid towels, washing hands, face, and taking a shower respectively. The Cannabis smell is likely to disappear after around 30 to 45 minutes of proper aeration.


Can I hotbox my bathroom?

The bathroom is one of the best areas you can hotbox without anyone or many people noticing. To hotbox a bathroom, close the small rear window and use damp towels to seal all the other openings that may be available. After you are done hotboxing, you can take a shower or open the shower at high steam to hide the smell.


What does it mean to hotbox a bathroom?

The basic concept of hotboxing refers to getting into a small area, usually a closed area without much ventilation and closing all the ventilations and lighting up the joint and start to inhale the smoke from the lit cannabis joint. A bathroom is one of the convenient areas where you can enjoy your lit joint.


How long will a room smell after hotboxing?

The maximum amount of time a room will remain smelling after hotboxing is 30 minutes but the smell is likely to disappear after around 40 minutes. For the first 5 minutes, you are likely to stink the entire room but after 30 minutes while the windows are open, the smell starts to shrink with the smell varnishing completely after 40 minutes.

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