What is cannabis hotboxing and what are the best methods?

What is cannabis hotboxing and what are the best methods?

cannabis hotboxing
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There are many ways to get high. But the best way is probably by cannabis hotboxing. Just invite your friends over and settle into a small room together. The powerful effects in a hot box arise because the weed smoke cannot escape. In addition, carbon dioxide accumulates. This combination provides an unforgettable high and awesome experience. But watch out. Hotboxing also entails risks. So have fun and get high. But also be wise and careful. Check this article out for all the ins and outs. What does it take to set up a good hotboxing session? What are good places for hotboxing? Which risks are involved? What are the best weed strains for hotboxing? We will answer all these questions and more. So, read on and dive into the hotbox!

Before we go on and explain what hotboxing is and how it works exactly, we want to emphasize once more that hotboxing can be dangerous. It is important that before you start your hotboxing session, you know how to do it right. Part of the effects are caused by a lack of oxygen, and that is a serious business. It’s awesome to get stoned in a hot box, and experience that wonderful ganja smell all around you. But too much CO₂ is dangerous and involves health risks. So, be careful kiddo’s! 

What is cannabis hotboxing?

Hotboxing means you smoke weed in an enclosed, small room. It is important that there is no ventilation in the room. As a result, weed smoke cannot escape and remains in the room. It fills the room all the way from the bottom to top. Because there is no airflow and no fresh air can get in, a high concentration of carbon dioxide is created. You understand that a high concentration of carbon dioxide is not that healthy. Of all the ways to get that weed buzz, hotboxing is therefore not the safest. Therefore, do not make hotboxing a daily habit. But once in a while, it’s a lot of fun and it usually delivers awesome experiences. It is not the safest way to get high, but for sure one of the most entertaining.

You know Cheech & Chong, right? Well, if you’ve seen some of their movies you know hotboxing is one of their favorite activities. The two stoners often hotbox in the car, after all, that is also a small enclosed room – as long as you keep the car windows closed. But a bathroom, garage or shed is also sufficient. Hotboxing is even possible in the toilet, although that space is very limited. 

Hotboxing on your own, all by yourself, is not that common. It is more of a fun, shared, social activity. This also has a practical reason. To fill the room all the way up to the roof with smoke, you often need several joints/blunts and therefore several people. That is also the best part of hotboxing: everyone gets high and feels awesome.

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Top 5 most used hotbox locations

Be sure to try any of the following hotbox locations. We wrote in-depth guides on the most of these locations, check them out for a full guide on that specific location, and for the best tips.

1. In the car

Cars are probably the most used hotbox location ever. The space in the car is not too big, which makes it ideal to fill it with smoke. Just be sure to stay parked and don’t drive around.

2. In the bathroom

The bathroom is another often used room to hotbox. For it to work the bathroom should not be too big, else you have to create alot of smoke before you can hotbox.

3. The closet

This sounds like a joke, but a closet is perfect for hotboxing. It is such a small space that you won’t need alot of smoke.

4. A blanket

A blanket is nice to hotbox, but it has some drawbacks. I often did this when I was still a student in my younger years, but the some blankets let go of alot of smoke. Often it does the job just fine, but be sure to test some blankets to see which one works the best.

5. In a small shed

Any shed that is small enough will do just fine as a hotbox. Be sure to bring some friends and fill it with smoke in no-time.

Hawaiian hotbox

So besides the normal hotboxing technique, there is also something called Hawaiian hotbox. This basically means smoking marijuana in a bathroom with the shower running (on the hottest setting) which fills the room up with steam. Pair that with the kush smoke to get a euphoric high. Users have reported that this technique usually creates a fog of unprecedented thickness.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this technique amplifies your high because the smoke gets mixed up with the steam. And since your constantly inhaling this mixture of steam and smoke while smoking a euphoric high is created. We do however caution anyone attempting to try this. Know your limits and stop if you don’t feel right.

What causes the strong effects of cannabis hotboxing?

smoking cannabis

Does hotboxing really make you much higher? The answer is yes. You’ll find this question everywhere around the internet. But we can confirm. A hot boxing session makes you fly as high as a kite. So this is not a question anymore. The buzz your get from hotboxing is already great, and the high that follows is just awesome.

It is a common misunderstanding that the powerful high of hot boxing is caused by the fact that you are completely surrounded by cannabis smoke, and the fact you breathe in more smoke as a result. After all, there is also a lot of smoke in the room. But the real reason why the high kicks in so powerful is caused by oxygen deficiency. 

Oxygen deficiency causes the extreme high in a marijuana hot boxing session

The fact that you are completely surrounded by smoke increases your high. That’s right. But the real blow comes from the oxygen deficiency also called hypoxemia that arises in the hot boxing room. It is often assumed that the amount of smoke is the cause, or the amount of THC in the weed, but the fact that the brain receives less oxygen is the real reason that you experience the high so strongly.

The fact that your brain receives less oxygen causes an extra kick. Did we mention that this can be dangerous? Good. We will probably report it a few more times.

Hotboxing is only a success if the space is compact enough. In addition, this compact space must also be airtight. Another tip: make sure you have enough food (snacks!) and drinks ready-steady within the hot boxing room. It is obviously not a good idea to walk to the fridge during smoking session to get something, and open the door. This way the whole effect goes up in smoke!

What is the right way for cannabis hotboxing? (in an enclosed space)

Your hotbox session only becomes a success if you maintain the optimum ratio between oxygen and smoke. It also depends on the number of people and the amount of available space. How many people participate? How much do they usually smoke? First you determine the optimum area based on the number of people.

The ganja smell lingers for a long time

cannabis smoke

Keep in mind that the weed smell will linger in the hotboxing room for a while. So maybe it’s not such a good idea to plan a session in your father’s study. You won’t get the smell out of the room that quickly, not even with an odor neutralizer or AirWick.

This is because the ganja smell is absorbed by materials that are absorbent, such as a carpet or a couch. This is the reason why people organize a hot boxing session in the bathroom. There are almost no odor-absorbing materials, except for the bath sponge. 

We wrote a full guide on hotboxing and preventing as much weed smell as possible.

Weed hotboxing is all about good times and chill vibes

As with all things cannabis, the a cozy atmosphere is very important. Cannabis use is all about good vibes. Therefore, make sure that everyone who participates in the hot boxing session is in a good mood. When everyone feels chill, the hot boxing session also becomes relaxed.

Do you know what is also very cool during a hot box session? Light effects, or from those laser beams. Imagine that the entire room is filled with a thick cloud of marijuana smoke, all the way up to the ceiling. The effects of light rays on that smoke is awesome. This makes the whole experience a bit trippy.

Another atmosphere-enhancing element is music. Make sure you have charged your bluetooth speaker, and your playlist is filled with the music of your choice. Music can really contribute to a cool atmosphere, especially if you are woozy from the cannabis.

It would be really a shame if someone opens the door during the hot boxing session. For instance, because he or she is thirsty and is going to get a drink. All smoke then escapes through the doorway. So always make sure that you have enough drinks and snacks within the room. Suppose someone has to cough or get a dry throat, then you have a drink at hand. And if someone get attacked by the munchies, then a snack can be the savior, and no one has to leave the room. 

Hawaiian hot box

The Hawaiian hotbox (also known as the Jamaican hotbox) is the nickname for a hotbox session in a bathroom filled with steam. To do this, first switch on the hot shower so that a lot of steam comes out. This makes the humidity level very high and that causes a misty experience. This makes the high even more special. Read on, as we will inspire you with some creative and wicked places for marijuana hotboxing. 


cannabis hotboxing in car

Make your own creative cannabis hotboxing place

The nice thing about cannabis hotboxing is that you can do it in the weirdest places. So, use your creativity and dive, for example, into a country house, the toilet or a tent. In principle, a toilet room is the same as a bathroom, only smaller. As long as there is no ventilation or air flow, you can do hot boxing.

Most spaces are obvious. But for example, hot boxing in a tent is very fun to do. Certainly, if you like the outdoors. Then take a hike in nature afterwards. A garage can also serve as a hot box. And what to think about a sauna or wardrobe? Also nice: a small greenhouse. Or build your own tent from blankets and pillows in the middle of your living room.

Hotboxing is more like a social activity, because it is just more fun to do it with multiple friends. It is a crazy experience that you like to share with others. But you can also do hot boxing on your own in a very special way,  with a gas mask bong. Just Google and you will see. With the use of a gas mask you can easily create a mini one-person hotbox – very cool!

Have you ever participated in a cannabis hotboxing session before? If not, be careful and start slow. Also keep a close eye on your fellow smokers and help if someone goes wrong or doesn’t feel well. You are in it together, so look after each other.

Have loads of fun and share with us in the comments how your hot boxing session went!

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