How To Put Out A Joint (And Save It For Another Time)

How To Put Out A Joint (And Save It For Another Time)

Putting out join in an ashtray
Putting out join in an ashtray
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Are you wondering how to put out a joint and save it for later? We got the answers. A joint, commonly referred to as a spliff, is a term used to refer to a rolled cannabis cigarette. 

Spliff means that a joint has tobacco mixed with weed; it is prepared by rolling papers using hands or machines to roll.


Why would you want to put it out?

Putting out a joint correctly and use it later can be a little complicated but worry not since, in this article, you will learn different ways to put it out and use it later.

This is perfect in case you want to take a break from a smoke and start again later.

Read on and learn the correct joint etiquette for putting one out.


The best ways to put out a joint

Oxygen is the crucial factor in losing your joint; it is a fuel needed for oxidation. Oxidation is a process through which the aging process is accelerated since it involves breaking bonds holding different particles together.

The secret to keeping your it fresh and in the correct form is to ensure you store them in an airtight container. However, in a case where you partly smoke your joint, you now want to put it out. Here are the best methods to use:

Burning joint

Through Stubbing

You can choose to stub the joint either on a table or on a wall and store it in either a sealed glass jar, plastic baggie, or in cheap flimsy packaging tubes that come with the pre-rolls. 

However, it is essential to note that plastic bags cannot protect your cannabis from damage; glass jars, on the other hand, are not easily portable, and the packing tubes give your joint an ashy funk when you try to light it later.

However, the method is useful in a case where you do not intend to keep your joint for long before relighting. Alternatively, you can store your joint in an AshTrapThingy device designed for these storage purposes, which is a must-have for all cannabis users.

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The Flick

The flick is another way to put one out. The method works the same as putting out a cigarette; you flick from the end with a filter in it using your thumb. The ash will fall out, and eventually, the joint will go off completely. Please remember to store the remaining joint on the AshTrapThingy storage device or any other airtight container.


The Graze

It works by pressing the joint on any surface; for instance, an ashtray or a table, this way the joint will automatically dry out. Like with the other methods, store the joint in an airtight container to avoid damage and keep it fresh.


The Knock

Just as the word reads, knock the joint on a corner of the ashtray or any other hard surface. Repeat the process several times until it is completely pulled out and then store it appropriately. However, it is vital to be extra careful and gentle since this way is likely to destroy the fragile joints.


Keeping Your Joint Fresh

As mentioned earlier, leaving your pre-roll on a free surface will destroy them since oxidation occurs, speeding up the aging process. 

It stays fresh at moderate temperature, out of sunlight, and in an environment with a relative humidity of 59-63%. Discussed below are the most effective methods of keeping your pre-rolls fresh.


Using Glass Mason Jar

Joint and weed in masonry jar

Although Mason glass jars are useful in storing store dried flower buds, it is possible to repurpose them to hold the joints beautifully. They are ideal for home use or when large pre-rolls needs to be stored; please note that the jars should have an airtight seal to prevent moisture from getting in.

Always buys jars specifically designed to store cannabis, joints, or dried flowers for significant results.


Using A Doob Tube

Joint in doob tube

A Doob tube is a cylindrical container that provides a smell proof and airtight seal; it effectively keeps your partly used joint from accidental damage. The tubes are reusable and easily portable; they are mostly used to store joints put out for later smoking. Due to their different shapes and sizes, they accommodate a wide range of standard styles.


Use Of Ziploc Bags

Weed in ziploc bag

Ziploc bags are cheap and readily available but are not as effective as the other two devices. The gears do not protect your joint from accidental breakage but do well when it comes to locking out moisture. However, they are useful when you intend to keep the joint away from pets and kids.


Safety Precautions When Disposing of A Burning Joint

Remember, a joint is burning, and if poorly disposed of, it may cause a lot of damage. Listed below are the rules to follow when disposing of your already used joint:

  • Ensure the fire it is entirely off before throwing it away
  • Avoid throwing a joint into the bushes- this is to prevent consumption by animals and prevent bush fires.
  • Avoid throwing used joint in a bin- these are often flammable and may cause fires.


Be sure that you do not start a fire!

As previously pointed out, a burning joint still contains fire, and in case it falls on dry grass, it may cause severe bush fires. 

It is advisable to dispose of the joints and blunt responsibly to prevent severe damage that is avoidable, so also watch your friends to be sure they won’t make this mistake.

Man smoking weed

3 ways to put it out without saving it

Now that you know how to keep your joint and have learned the methods to put it out for later use. Here are the tips on merely putting it out whether or not you intend to use it later since the process is almost the same.

  1. Tapping the burning end using your finger until it burns out, after which you blow it a couple of times to ensure it is entirely off.
  2. Place the unfinished joint inside a pre-roll tube and seal it tightly for later use.
  3. Stubbing the joint on your feet

Rolling a joint

8 Tips on rolling a join

A perfectly rolled joint will be easy to put out for later use. Follow these tips to make the best joint

  1. Make a crutch using a piece of paper and roll it to the desired thickness of your joint.
  2. Use a grinder to grind your weed; a half gram is recommended
  3. Place your rolling paper on a flat surface and put the crutch on the end
  4. Fill the rolling paper with the cannabis shake
  5. Shape the joint using fingers
  6. Pinch the paper on both ends and roll it back and forth using your fingers; this is to pack down the cannabis
  7. Tuck the unglued side of the paper on the glued side of the paper and use moisture to activate the glue
  8. Seal your roll by applying pressure to the adhesive from one end to the other.

Smoking a joint

Final Thoughts

Putting out a joint may sound easy, but you won’t get to enjoy it after relighting without the correct methods. 

Remember, the critical component of damage is oxygen, and as a cannabis user, you should aim at using the most effective storage methods.

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