What is the difference between a joint, blunt, and spliff?

What is the difference between a joint, blunt, and spliff?

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As a connoisseur, it wouldn’t hurt if you familiarize yourself with the relevant terms. For instance, vaporizing pot is a buzzword today, and you perhaps know its meaning. Nonetheless, the accessibility, elegance, and dependability of rolling ganja remain a beauty to keep on beholding.

The truth, though, is that some of the weed rolling terms get used interchangeably despite having critical differences. This now brings us to clear the air about three most commonly confused words – a joint, a blunt, and a spliff. 

Joints vs. blunts vs. spliffs: definitions 

These are the three broad categories of cannabis rolls. By definition, the critical factor to explore is the marijuana to tobacco ratio and the rolling material (think of hemp, tobacco, et al.)

What is a joint?

Grass enthusiasts argue that joints are the most sensational method of consuming marijuana. Mostly, they have a small size and are portable, which gives them the convenience to be carried almost everywhere.

These rolls contain cannabis matter that gets wrapped in mostly a thin, white rolling paper. However, the papers can be in nearly all flavours and colours. 

The rolling papers come in all types of variants. For example, they could be small, big, manufactured using paper, hemp, rice, and so forth. 

Primarily, a joint has a filter (crutch) for enhancing stability and helping the user smoke their pot without the worry of getting burnt fingertips. 

What is a blunt? 

This type of roll contains cannabis in a blunt wrap or a cigarette. Blunt wraps necessarily get manufactured using tobacco to add some energy and loads of buzz to a cannabis high. They last longer than joints because of their bigger size. 

In a joint vs. blunt comparison, size and longevity play a critical role.

What is a spliff?

Joint vs. spliff- what’s the difference? Well, a spliff is somewhat similar to a joint. However, it contains a mixture of cannabis and tobacco in the rolling paper used, unlike a joint that doesn’t have any tobacco and cannabis mixture.  

The amounts of tobacco used in a spliff are more than what gets used in a blunt. That said, the energizing and uplifting tobacco effects tend to be more in a spliff than a blunt.  

Just like a joint, a splif has a crutch, too. The users can change the cannabis to tobacco ratio to their most preferred amounts—for example, some little cannabis and more tobacco or vice versa.  

Choosing the ideal paper for joints, blunts, and spliffs 

Having the best rolling paper determines your overall experience using any of the three rolls. The paper determines factors such as the amount of cannabis needed (depends on the size of the chosen paper), burn times (the thicker the paper, the slower the burning time), and the flavour (tobacco papers are arguably sweeter than rice and hemp papers). 

Blunt wraps and papers can get flavoured to the user’s preferences. However, some users find it daunting to flavour theirs since there could be a general change in cannabis tastes and aromas. 

Also, rolling papers can be chosen with an emphasis on functionality and ease of rolling. Of course, ideal rolling papers should seamlessly seal, burn uniformly, shouldn’t tear apart, and should be well handled between the fingers.

Joints, blunts, and spliffs: how do the preferences compare globally?

Primarily, it is all dependent on the cannabis culture of a specific region. For example, some European smokers see spliffs as wasteful. However, this isn’t a permanent trend as the accessibility and prevalence of cannabis in a specific region is dynamic. 

In the USA, joints are more common than spliffs typically because most wouldn’t wish to battle with the side effects of tobacco. 

Joints vs. blunts vs. spliffs: Why does the difference matter?

All these are typical cannabis rolls, yes, but there is a demerit with the mix-up. For example, you may not be interested in taking tobacco at all. This means that blunts and spliffs are out, and you get joint rolls as the only option. 

Also, if you would like to benefit from the uplifting and energetic amounts of tobacco and a cannabis high, it would mean that a spliff would be ideal for you.  

Necessarily, the difference matters in the sense that you will be getting a cannabis roll that best fits your expectations and preferences. Share this write-up with a fellow pot connoisseur and have them get enlightened about joints vs. blunts vs. spliffs.

What type do you prefer to enjoy your own product?

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