How to Wake and Bake for Beginners

How to Wake and Bake for Beginners

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If you are a cannabis enthusiast, you must have come across several rituals such as 420 and wake and bake. The latter is becoming more popular if the stats are anything to go by. But what is the wake and bake culture, and how can one hack the steps? Without further ado, let’s investigate the wake and process!

What is wake and bake?

Wake ‘n bake refers to a routine whereby, after waking up, you first take weed, listen to some music and meditate. The ‘wake and bake’ adherents believe that this routine activates their mind and makes them focused the whole day. A survey carried out the Global Drug Survey in 2017 found that 21.9% of cannabis users wake and bake. 

Are you anxious about the ‘wake and bake’ but are not sure how to go about it? Don’t worry; we have 10 golden tips for you.

10 tips to wake and bake like a pro

  1. Go for the right strain

In learning how to wake and bake, you first need to understand the primary cannabis types. Sativa and Indica are the main cannabis strains, and each one of them gives unique effects. Sativa strains help you to remain focused and more productive throughout the day. The synergy effects of Sativa are vital in keeping you strong all day long.

On the other hand, indica-dominant strains are famous for bringing lethargy. Smoking a joint of these strains leaves you lazying around the house, the mind disoriented. If you’re are a morning person, stick to a strain with a high CBD level than THC. The CBD neuters the THC, suppressing the risk of getting knocked out. You can limit the THC effects while sticking to the ‘wake and bake’ routine by making edibles. 

  1. Plan for breakfast in time

You can opt to take breakfast after, or, or before the ‘wake and bake’ session. If you have a poor appetite, it is advisable to take marijuana first to boost it. On the other hand, you can eat before having your session to experience the full-swing effects of the weed. 

It is advisable to prepare breakfast beforehand to avoid the uncontrollable pangs of hunger that follow a wake & bake session.

  1. Check the schedule beforehand

If you have a crucial schedule, you might consider canceling it to avoid trouble. Do you have an appointment with the company’s board members? Don’t ‘wake and bake.’ Driving on the freeway after the session? Don’t do it.  

The main reason why it is advisable to check the schedule in time is to maintain sobriety. Unless the day’s events involve staying indoors or partying, you should stay clear of the ‘wake and bake’ session. 

  1. Smoke, then get a shower later

Smoking weed leaves you with a pungent smell. If your day would involve interacting with other people, it is advisable to take a shower before smoking your joint. Taking a shower after a ‘wake and bake’ ritual also helps you to remain fresh all day.  

  1. Respect your neighbors’ personal space

The wake and bake effects affect cannabis culture such as the promotion of tolerance, peace, and focus. It will, therefore, be an abuse of the same ideals if you decide to share with them a dose of smoke against their wish.  If you live in an apartment, you should shut the windows and door to prevent the smoke from escaping to other houses. 

  1. Eat simple meals

One of the major missteps that people make is preparing a three-course meal before getting into a session. Once the munchies kick in, they end up eating all the meals, which creates discomfort later. To avoid this scenario, you should prepare a simple meal that will serve you at that particular moment without overeating. 

  1. Hydrate 

One of the main wake and bake effects is dehydration. The THC compound in marijuana prevents the mouth from producing enough saliva, leading to a dry mouth. To prevent dehydration, you should take enough water before, during, and after the session. Hydration ensures that you enjoy the moment to the fullest. 

  1. Keep tabs on the time

At some point, you might lose yourself in the moment. If you have laid-down plans for the day, it is advisable to set the alarm to remind you when the time to leave comes. You can set several alarms or tell another person to alert you. Regardless of the kite-high moment, you should also pay attention to your other activities. The perfect time to set alarms or alert a person should be before your wake and bake session. 

  1. Put on comfortable clothes

The choice of clothing affects your wake and bake experience. If you like to feel free during the session, it is advisable to go for loose clothes since it allows free air circulation. On the other hand, if you love heat and discomfort, it would be a good choice to go for fitting clothes.

But don´t forget the smell: You should never put back the clothes you use during the session after taking a shower. The aim is to remain ´undetectable´ even after a session of wake and bake.

  1. Take your time

Remember, waking and baking is to achieve an innate purpose. The challenge could be to meditate, focus, and improve your mental health. The last thing you would want to try is showing off your prowess in blowing smoke to the skies or for approval. To achieve your personal reason to start the practice of wake and bake, you should take small amounts of marijuana for a specific duration. 

From the ten tips above, you can now understand the benefits of awake and bake routine. When preparing the joint, you should ensure that the schedule for your day is pretty relaxed and set. Also, note that the aim of awake and bake routine is not to promote laziness but to calm the brain. 

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