How to hotbox without smelling too much like weed

How to hotbox without smelling too much like weed

Smoking a joint
Smoking a joint
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Sometimes all we need in life is to enjoy and have fun to the fullest. When it comes to smoking weed, hotboxing is the way to go. This is whereby you get yourself into a small and unventilated space or room, where you smoke weed and allow the smoke to pile. In this scenario, you hotbox in a closet where you decide to shut the door behind you, light up, and enjoy smoking.

Hotboxing requires a cool environment that has premium privacy. Choose a place that is best scheduled from the outside world where you can have fun freely. Go to that hidden oasis that is located on the behind part of your bedroom. Remember, there are bad ideas, best ways, and good ideas of smoking weed.

At this point, we are discussing the process of smoking ganja while hotboxing in a closet. Do you know how it is done? Let’s get started! 

The Method of Smoking

As discussed above, smoking weed through hotboxing is where you get a small space, seal it off, and smoke weed until space is filled with smoke. Note that due to enclosed space, the chances of maximizing the effects of weed are extremely high.

Imagine filling an enclosed space with intoxicated fumes; the place won’t take long before it turns out to be an immersed haze. How do you do it? Simple! Get into your closet and close the door. What next? Stuff a wet towel underneath the door to ensure that every part of the closet is completely covered to prevent the smoke from getting out.

Hotboxing goes hand in hand with nice music with a background volume. Turn on your music, prepare your cannabis and spark it!  Note that since you are smoking in a small and enclosed space, the chances of the space getting cramped are high. 

In addition, when you get outside the closet, all your clothes will be smelling weed.

This is a clear indication that someone may easily detect what you have been up to. It is advisable to remove all your clothes after hotboxing due to the potent smell. Besides, you can choose to put off your clothes before you go to the hotboxing session to eliminate the need for changing them after the activity.

According to weed enthusiasts, the best way of lighting your closet is by adding another isolation layer. To have the best experience during the hotboxing session in a closet, cuddle up under a thick blanket or a duvet; this will greatly enhance your hotboxing experience.

By doing this, you increase the intensity of the smoke intake and serve as an additional security layer. If you don’t want anyone to note your intention, a duvet serves better than anything else. It will also help to prevent your cloth inside the closet from the potent smell of marijuana. You should ensure that the flames are not exposed anywhere closer to the fabric.

Be sure to also check out our full guide on Hotboxing.

Smoking in bathroom

The Hotboxing Material 

Note that you should only take part in hotboxing if you have already mastered the art of how things are done. Hotboxing is extremely meant for experts who understand how to smoke weed and not for newbies. You should try and avoid using joints when hotboxing in a closet.

This will greatly help you to eliminate fire hazards and making the activity extraordinary. Also, a joint is not a good way to smoke cannabis, especially if you are a beginner. What do you use for smoking instead of joints? You can opt to go for a glass-smoking pipe.

This will help you to cover the bowl portion, thus controlling the produced amount of smoke being easy. Hotboxing is meant for fun; you can smoke slowly at your pace to ensure that you get your intended feeling and experience. Do you know the hotboxing at a slow rate is an added advantage? 

Do you know hotboxing in a closet can result in a fire outbreak?  Using a glass smoking pipe will help to personalize the smoking experience and prevent the risks of fire outbreaks. Waterfall bongs use air pressure and draw smoke from marijuana; this can greatly work for you if you are hotboxing in a closet.

If you feel this not being comfortable for you, you can research the gas mask bong. The mask is made in a manner that only hotboxes your face. Sometimes, there might be a lot of smoke in the closet, making you uncomfortable; if you do not have a proper means of protecting yourself, it might turn out to be a medical complication.

If you do not have enough pipes or bongs, you can make some for yourself. An apple pipe and a bottle bong are easy to make. This will prevent you from getting the negative effects of hotboxing.

Most marijuana smokers take part in hotboxing. But do you know that there are other different places where you can hotbox and enjoy? However, some places are better at hotboxing than others. Let’s shed light on different places where you can hotbox apart from the closet.

A Small Room or Bathroom

Many cannabis smokers consider going in a small room similar to the size of a bathroom and hotbox. When you take the required precaution steps and have enough people or smoke, you will have one of the best experiences when hotboxing in a small room.

Normally, the whole empty room is not easy to fill with smoke, more so when it’s not well-ventilated. The chances of your hotboxing session being successful are minimal. This means that there are various steps for someone to follow before hotboxing in a small room. Are you a cannabis enthusiast and would like to hotbox in a small room? Follow the steps below.

  • Ensure that all the windows and doors are entirely closed
  • Close all the electric heaters and vents 
  • Cover the space below the door and any other opening with a towel.
  • Spark your weed! 

Joints are the best to use when hotboxing in a small room or the bathroom since they produce a lot of smoke that can easily fill the room’s air. If you comply with all the guidelines above, you will have the best experience in hotboxing in a small room or bathroom.

Woman smoking weed

A Well-Parked Vehicle 

Before we dive into any further discussion about hotboxing in a vehicle, always remember that you should never operate or drive any vehicle that contains intoxicated fumes such as those produced by cannabis. In addition, you should only hotbox in a vehicle that has been totally turned off.

Ensure that the car keys are not in the ignition and the vehicle is parked at home or any other private place. Due to normal reasons, a vehicle can be one of the best places where you can hotbox with your friends. Most ganja enthusiasts firmly believe that a car is a better place to hotbox considering its design.

Following the natural appearance and the design it has been built, this might be the truth of the matter. A car portrays an extremely good environment only if the necessary precautions are taken. There are numerous smoking devices that have been designed for smoking.

The only thing you have to do is to acquire a quality smoking device. Park your car in a better private place and smoke your weed.

Garden House or a Tool Shed 

These are some of the most accessible places where almost every cannabis enthusiast hotbox. The places are mainly found in the backyard, a private and a cool place where you can hotbox. The shed should be empty or enough for you to fit in it.

Before you begin smoking, you should ensure that you have covered all the openings in the shed as much as you can to ensure that the smoke does not get outside. However, due to the structure and condition of typical sheds, this might not be possible.

Despite this factor, the shed is good enough to allow smoke to pack inside. It will also allow the circulation of fresh air from outside, thus eliminating the risk of suffocation. Remember that even though the shed allows some smoke to get outside, it gives you the experience of a hotbox. A glass pipe or joint is the best smoking alternative in such settings.

A Tent

This is a fun option that may turn out luxurious, depending on your taste. Remember that tents differ; you can get a smaller one that accommodates only one person and a large one that can accommodate the entire family.

Most tents are closed from the outside; when the entire flaps are closed, this becomes one of the best places for hotboxing. It is more advantageous since you can take it near to nature and also the best option for hotboxing as a group.

A tent also has a bonus since you can purchase one in the local store at a favorable price. Also, any smoking devices developed in the cannabis industry can be used to smoke in a tent. It allows you to design its interior part in any way you want, making it luxurious.

Even though many cannabis stoners like hotboxing, they believe that this activity makes them feel higher. This belief has continued growing among many cannabis lovers and the entire industry in general. However, is this the truth? Let’s clear the doubts with our next discussion!

Does Hotboxing Get You Extra High?

Researchers from the Johns Hopkins University wanted to come up with the truth concerning this matter. They contacted two researchers to come up with the conclusion. The fast setup placed six smokers and six non-smokers in a small, packed, stuffy room.

The cannabis smokers were given ten blunts of cannabis and proceeded. They carried out another researcher where they took six smokers and six non-smokers and placed them in a well-ventilated room. The ganja smokers were given ten blunts and proceeded to smoke.

The results revealed that all six non-smokers were exposed to passive smoke in the unventilated room; there were samples of cannabinoids in their bloodstream and urine. In the ventilated room, no non-smoker had samples of cannabinoids in the blood or urine.

What about cannabis smokers? According to researchers, the level of cannabinoids in the smokers’ bloodstream and urine was almost the same. This has led to numerous questions concerning the best way of consuming cannabis.

There are various methods of consuming marijuana, but the best mode of consumption depends on you. Let’s discuss various means of ganja consumption.


This is said to be one of the best ways of consuming marijuana since you do not create smoke or ingest sugar and calories into your body. The vaporization process leads to the production of a pure form of consumable marijuana. Most people say that vaporization does not make them high compared to other consumption methods.

Vaping becomes the best option when you want to control the impact of marijuana on your body but still want to enjoy its effects.


This is the most common and preferred means of ganja consumption. It is also the fastest way of getting the cannabinoids into your bloodstream. Note that the cannabinoids only take few seconds to get deep into your brain; this means that you will feel the impact after a few minutes.

Even though smoking is the most preferred way, it lacks purity compared to other methods of consumption. During smoking, you inhale some undesirable substances that are not preferred.  However, whatever system you prefer to use will automatically affect your normal body functioning.


This is an effective, economical means of consuming weed. All the marijuana concentrates are potent in nature and have high levels of cannabinoids and THC. The concentrates of cannabis have become rampant among many cannabis consumers in the world.

Consumers have now changed to only taking in dabs since the cannabis market has become extremely competitive. This gives them a high feeling although they consume it economically.

Final Thoughts

Hotboxing has been proved to be the most fun way of smoking cannabis. However, you should begin with training in the necessary precautions. Remember, there is no difference in getting high whether you hotbox or smoke ganja in a typical way.

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