Peppermint to Your Marijuana Grow

Peppermint to Your Marijuana Grow

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If you’re new to gardening or the cannabis world you may not know about a neat little growing technique called companion planting. Companion planting is simply the act of growing different kinds of plants near each other, and it comes with a whole load of benefits. One of the most beneficial plant species to grow next to marijuana is peppermint – which is what I’ll be talking about in the following article.

What is peppermint?


Peppermint is a herb that is commonly used in both cooking and medicine, making it very hard to see why a cannabis grower wouldn’t want this in their garden. in fact, the plant can be used for tea, as an ingredient in a nice, home-cooked meal, or even to produce essential oils. Peppermint has even been known to treat the itching associated with some skin conditions, as well as certain respiratory problems.

Why grow weed and peppermint together?

Companion planting is incredibly useful as it is a cheap, organic method of pest control, as well as a way to increase watering efficiency and overall soil quality. Peppermint, in particular, is fantastic at attracting good kinds of bugs, such as ladybugs, as well as controlling the population of and repelling ants, aphids and fleas.

Any concerns?

While it is safe to grow peppermint next to your cannabis it is important to note that it can grow pretty high, and so you may want to trim it regularly to stop it getting in between your weed and the sun. Other than that, happy growing!

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