Blueberry 420 autoflower Seeds

Jack and Mariska are the rainbow warrior allies who introduced this Blueberry flavoured hybrid to them. The Blueberry autoflower seeds find their genetics from the indispensable old school berry. After enquiring from Jack and Mariska, they told us that they got the strain from an aged pot enthusiast from Goa, India. 

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However, they didn’t just start right away with breeding these seeds. It took a whopping three years to identify the strains that would go hand-in-hand to give an even more improved Blueberry 420 autoflower Cannabis Seeds.

Potent selection

After taking our ample time and trialing with various strains, they opted to settle for their renowned Light of Jah strain. This way, they ensured that the obtained auto-flowering version of the Blueberry 420 feminized was highly potent and more delicious. 

They successfully tweaked the flowering period to reduce by two weeks. Also, being an auto strain, you can rest assured that you don’t have to worry about the hassle excessively met during the controlling of the lighting schedule, especially during the flowering stage.

A beautiful strain that really is

Is blue, your favourite colour? Then the Blueberry autoflower gives bluey buds that have a touch of shiny, violet buds that tend to be crispy. Necessarily, you cannot fail to notice the Blueberry autoflower strain, thanks to her fantastic and colourful nature. 

About the flavour, it is a unique, tutti, sweet, and fruity one. 

An award-winning strain

Blueberry won the High Times Cup in 2000 for being the best Indica. It is mostly Indica (40%) and 40% Sativa. This makes the genetics in the Blueberry autoflower ideal for making it both nighttime and daytime strain.  

The fresh and sweet taste is, therefore, responsible for causing feelings of happiness to the user. Also, it induces feelings of deep relaxation and euphoria; thus, great for alleviating stress and pain. 

Easy to grow and heavily yielding 

The growing difficulty of the Blueberry autoflower strain is medium. This makes it a walk in the park for an experienced grower and also great for that beginner in growing grass. The yields could go as high as 500gms per square meter in an indoor setting and 650gms in an outdoor environment. 

We can confidently tell you that these auto-flowering seeds cannot disappoint you, ever.