AK 47 xtrm ®

The AK 47 XTRM marijuana seeds from the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds are 75% Sativa and 25% Indica. These beans get popularly known for their high yielding capabilities and their towering outdoor height. From a distance, you can genuinely fathom that you have seen a commendable marijuana strain since, besides the height, the leaves are also dark green and massive for that matter. The same case applies to the buds – bumper in a feasible way to suggest that the strain will shoot away your conditions with satisfaction the way the AK 47 gun would do its role! You undeniably won’t regret if you take this beauty as your critical source for clones. 

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What makes this strain so special?

The term extreme isn’t here by mistake. It is, in fact, a contributor towards explaining why this is a special strain. The AMS AK 47 XTRM Marijuana seeds is extreme in terms of yields, appearance, and potency. She has a 20-30% THC range, which falls under the strains that we categorize under high THC.

In a recap, we consider 0-9% THC strains as low THC, 10-19% as medium THC, and 20-30% THC strains as high THC, which explains where the AMS AK 47 XTRM regular strain falls. 

The indoor flowering time can also get described as short as it happens within 8 weeks. This is also a choosy strain for outdoor growers as it does well before the onset of the spring season, with the best harvesting months between September and October. 

The buds are mostly crystallized, and this is some commendable characteristic, especially for that pothead who often receives visitors to their pot farm. Hopefully, you get that pride that comes with the praises received in the case of having flourishing cannabis plants with enormous yields. 

Which effect does this strain give?

As AK 47 XTRM weed is a Sativa, the effects are mostly Sativa-like, and this means that it is more of a daytime strain as compared to the nighttime. The exact effects are euphoric, artistic and profoundly relaxing. 

What is the difficulty of growing this strain? 

The AK 47 extreme strain has a moderate growing difficulty, and this means only amateurs and veterans can genuinely, and best grow the plant. Understandably, this is a spoiler alert, but then we had no choice but be brutally honest with you. If you are a beginner, then our site has strains with an easy growing difficulty, and you will mostly need to use the search button and type the word “easy.” The highest chances are that the strains that come therein will be those with easy growing difficulty.

Tips for growing this strain  

As this AK 47 XTRM is a regular cannabis plant, you may want to get clones from her or even continue with your breeding ordeal with this moderately growing plant. There are a couple of tips to follow if you are to succeed with these monstrous plants entirely.

Nutrients, nutrients, and more nutrients if you are to succeed with this pot plant. You may opt to go for inorganic marijuana fertilizers coupled with organic nutrients such as worm castings and coffee grounds.

Secondly, you may require a couple of insecticides and pesticides as weed growing nuisances such as caterpillars may have an adverse effect on the yielding of your gun-like weed and even the overall quality of dry weed.

Lastly, lights, and especially when it comes to the indoor cultivation, are inevitable. Be sure that your plants don’t lack sufficient lighting schedules. Preferably 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. 

How much yield can I expect from this seed?

When grown indoors, the AK 47 extreme strain produces up to 700gms per square meter. In the case of outdoor cultivation, the yielding capability is up to 900gms per square meter.

Nonetheless, such yields will come after a few of your efforts. You will need to do some lollipopping and behold; you are into enjoying what best mother nature has to offer. 

Everything about the Flavour/Scent 

The AK 47 XTRM weed strain has a sweet flavour and scent. In fact, the first time I tasted it, it was on a 420 weed holiday. And boy, since then this is my favourite kind of strain. The taste is fantastic, the yields are super, and the potency is on point. While at that, let me treat my taste buds. They are salivating. 

FAQs about the AMS AK 47 Extreme grass 

What kinds of strains do I expect from these seeds?

AK 47 XTRM, being a regular strain means you will expect both males and female ganja plants. It is a perfect strain for that pothead looking forward to being a breeder. If you, on the other hand, looking forward to garnering only-females, then the AK 47 XTRM feminized and AK 47 XTRM auto-fem are your best options.

What is this strain’s lineage? 

AK 47 XTRM extreme grass strain has been bred and improved in Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Company. They came up with the beauty by crossing the regular AK 47 and their White Widow XTRM. Today, here we are talking about the AMS AK 47 extreme regular seeds.