AK 47 xtrm ® feminized Marijuana Seeds

Have you ever imagined that your feminized grass can flower in 47 days only? If no, then the AK47 XTRM feminized strain from Amsterdammarijuanaseeds.com guarantees just that. You don’t need to have garnered loads of experience over the years so that you can have this strain on your ganja farm.

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In-depth information about this strain

To come up with the AK 47 xtrm ® feminized Marijuana Seeds, they initially had the AK47 regular seeds. However, something had given them several sleepless nights – our customers had the time and again asked for these seeds’ feminized counterparts.

We were left with no option but to grant their wish. It wasn’t easy, though. Being the team of hard workers we are, we wouldn’t take any other word but request our top-rated breeders do their thing. They asked for time, and we listened.

They started by saying that they had to do their magic on our already existing AK47 regular seeds as the yields and seed quality didn’t meet their par. After taking their considerate time, they crossed our regular AK47 seeds with the Feminized White Widow XTRM to come up with these feminized ganja seeds.

Steady growth

It doesn’t matter that you are a wannabe or an experienced weed grower. There literally won’t be any visible differences between an expertly and beginner grown AK47 feminized seeds, especially when one familiarizes themselves with our growers’ guide category.

The strains are mostly resistant to pests and grow indignant from the get-go. Should you also be on the lookout for its ultimate substitutes, then we also have the improved AK47 XTRM and AK47 XTRM auto-fem.

Prepare for a bumper harvest with the AMSB feminized seeds

You could be worried that 47 days are too few to have heavily yielding weed buds start flowering. See, this is an improved formula to shorten the flowering time.

About the yields, the tops of the plants are compact and full of crystals, with heavy yields. In an outdoor setting, the yields reach as high as 1000g per square metre, while in an indoor environment, the yields go as high as 700g per square metre.

Also, note that the tops of these strains produce a strong and delicious smell, which may be not ideal near social amenities.

Benefit from the effects of Sativa

The AK47 XTRM feminized strain is sativa-dominant (75%). The THC levels range anywhere between 20 and 30%. This makes it ideal for starting your day to keep you focused and creative all day long.

The CBD effects of sativa are also many; thus, meaning you will be benefitting from the different effects of both CBD and THC.