Bianca feminized

If you love a unique feminized hybrid, then the Bianca feminized strain is your go-to-option. Having the White Widow, Afghan, and White Queen strains as the parental figures, you should know by now that this is a sturdy, highly potent, and heavily yielding strain that can do well in indoor and outdoor planting setups.

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Beauty at its best

The Bianca Feminized Cannabis Seeds strain is a sturdy plant, where, the characteristics can best get attributed to her parents. With the award-winning White Widow strain being among the genetics, strong characteristics naturally manifest themselves.

As far as Afghan gets concerned, it is a strain that does well in harsh climatic conditions such as mountains. This means that it can endure skyrocketed amounts of coldness and heat in an equal measure. 

Lastly, the beautiful white grass plant – White Queen, is also used in breeding the Bianca feminized strain.

The combination of these three stellar strains gives rise to a beautiful, healthy, and pest-resistant plant. What’s even more thrilling is that you will get the strain at the most affordable price regardless of its superb characteristics.

The colour of this strain is mostly white, thanks to the white, thick, Tetrahydrocannabinol crystals. The taste is floral, and some hashish to give it a great flavour combo. 

Strains with manageable heights

Thanks to the present Afghan strain, Bianca feminized mostly gives rise to somewhat short plants. This means that for anyone who is economizing on space, these strains could be perfect for those who prefer indoor environments. It is the same case as outdoors, too. 

Fast flowering times

These feminized seeds are among the fastest-flowering seeds as they only need 7 weeks indoors to see your efforts. To the greatest extent, this is entirely dependent on the adorable characteristics of her parental figures.

If you opt to go the outdoors way, you will need to harvest your pot plants between September and October, depending on the conditioning and the climatic condition of your area.

Potent highs 

The buds are mostly vast and fat due to the plethora of phytocannabinoids. After combining the different effects of the parental figures, Bianca fem gives highly potent highs that get characterized by uplifting and long-lasting effects.