Big Bubble Feminized

If potent Indica-dominant strains best describe your taste when it comes to pot consumption, then there is literally no better strain than the Big Bubble feminized. With Bubblegum and Mass being the parental figures, the THC amounts are also top-notch, which means you need some experience before settling for this delicious grass. 

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It’s all in the name 

As the name suggests, the Big Bubble Feminized Cannabis Seeds feminized strain gives a bubbling experience shortly after its hit reaches your taste buds. And no, it is not the ordinary bubble you could be used to after taking any other cannabis strain. The Amsterdam Marijuana Seedbank gives truly Big Bubbles. 

Newbie marijuana growers are welcome

The Big Bubble feminized seeds from have an easy growing difficulty. This means that if you are just starting out, you can use this beautiful strain to keep your feet wet. However, the easy-to-grow nature doesn’t replicate to the consumption experience. 

If you also plan to grow your weed indoors or outdoors, there is no cause for worry as this queen is favourable to get grown on every environment. The chances of sprouting are high, and finding a failed sprout would be somewhat impossible, especially if you have read this ultimate growers guide to the entirety.  

Intensely uplifting effects 

When it comes to the scent, it is flowery, earthy, and sweet, which makes it ideal also to be infused in your supper munchies. As it is Indica-dominant, you will need to take this beauty during the night hours for uplifting effects that solve everyday stressors and up one’s calmness.

Importantly, note that your body will have some sedation sensations. Nonetheless, your body will undoubtedly produce its juices of creativity to go along with the produced euphoric effects and happiness.

What strain best suits you?

By now, you could have made your decision to buy the Big Bubble feminized grass seeds. Fortunately, the process is straightforward, and no-hassle will be met from the ordering process until the seeds are delivered to you.

Could it also be that you would like to order these seeds alongside others? Then you can freely do so by exploring our more than 100 strains, reading their descriptions, and making the best-ever choice at the comfort of your room.