What does feminized seeds mean?

What does feminized seeds mean?

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Most novices enjoy marijuana, yes, but they under most circumstances don’t know where exactly the source of the enjoyment is. The female species of the cannabis plant are attributable to the potency and quality of cannabis-derivatives that come after that.

Put, the female cannabis plants bear the cannabinoid-bearing flowers. That being said, the effects, tastes, and flavors got at the end start from the seeds used in growing the plants.

So what exactly are feminized seeds? Well, feminized seeds are seeds of the cannabis plant that carry female cannabis genetics and can only produce female cannabis plants.

The Amsterdam Seed Company incorporates creativity and tech to ensure that there is only female genetics in cannabis seeds. The growth rate under most circumstances is also 100% successful.

How to feminize cannabis seeds

feminize cannabis seeds

Having sufficiently potent marijuana plants is the goal of every grower. However, it can only happen when some practices get factored.

The process starts with identifying pure female cannabis plants. The identification is relatively easy since the female plants don’t in any way show hermaphrodite character traits.

Feminization uses the conditional force. By that, it means that the female cannabis plants get forced to acquire male pollen. The male pollen then aids in seed production. 

Some of the ways that can be used in coming up with entirely feminized seeds comprise:

  1. Interrupting a female plant’s light during the flowering period: This method works following an individual principle – the female plant gets stressed out.
  2. The usage of chemical sprays: Unlike the first method, this is more functional. What typically happens is that the cultivator sprays silver thiosulphate or colloidal silver solutions. These solutions aid in sex control while maintaining plant genetics. 

What sets apart male and female cannabis plants?

Ancient cannabis breeding techniques or the natural pollination of these plants give a mixture of both male and female seeds. This brings us to yet another popular name – regular cannabis seeds.

Regular seeds in most varieties split in unison between both female and male. With such evenness, it gets more complicated to the seed companies and cannabis cultivators to acquire female plants only.

That being said, the probability of getting either male or female cannabis plants is 50%.  The difficulty in growing cannabis from regular seeds starts from the confusion created by the sexes of the seeds.

Reportedly, most regular seeds cultivators spend substantial time while trying to separate the male plants from the female.

Over the recent past, cultivators used the game of numbers. For example, they used to plant twice their desired number of cannabis plants. When the plants grew entirely, they would then eliminate the male plants and remain with the female counterparts.

With the deployment of modern technology, companies like Amsterdam Seeds know the sexes of the plants to be grown from the get-go. Thankfully, feminization necessitates the entire process.   

Benefits of feminized seeds

1.    Saving on space

Well, unlike the usage of the regular cannabis seeds, feminized seeds save on space. The grower doesn’t have to use the trial and error method so that they may eliminate the unwanted plants later.

Feminized seeds help in enhancing cannabis cultivation by enabling the grower to focus on what can help them. That way, they can use a small space to plant the highest number of cannabis plants possible.

Let’s take an example of a cultivator who has a small piece of farm…When they plant cannabis for their consumption, they expect to reap the most without gambling with their resources. Feminized seeds offer nothing shorter of that.

2.    Economizing on cash and time

It takes substantial amounts of money to have fully grown ganja. When other costs get calculated, it even goes worse.

Buying a mixture of both male and female seeds as is the case with regular seeds wastes cash. At the end of it all, the planter ends up uprooting the male plants. The resources like water, fertilizer, and lighting equipment needed to grow the plants use money as well.

It is also time-consuming to grow plants which at the end of it all are useless. By the time the sexes are clear, and the grower distinguishes the male from the female plants, the waiting time is not worth it at all.

3.    High chances of growth success

Feminized seeds from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds produce viable female plants. The probability of having super growth is high as the feminization techniques assist in coming up with disease-resistant seeds.

The marijuana plants gotten are strong and resistant to growth inhibitors like molds and bacteria. The grown plants are free from male characters. That being said, there are no occurrences like male plants fertilizing the female counterparts.

Where to buy quality feminized marijuana seeds

Settling for the best pot takes a long way. In fact, studies show that marijuana seeds play a crucial role in determining the end product – weed.

If you like being associated with nothing but the best, then Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Company should be ringing into your mind as of now. You don’t have to worry about how the seeds reach you. That gets painstakingly handled simply for you.  

Do you also have some tight budget such that you wonder how you can buy seeds from Amsterdam? That shouldn’t be any cause for alarm. Our prices are pocket-friendly, and we ship our products worldwide, provided the legislations favor the importation of marijuana seeds.

Some of the feminized strains from the company comprise:

Your preferences are taken care, as well. If you opt to plant marijuana in indoor or outdoor settings, these seeds grow perfectly on the two environments.

Cappuccino 420 feminized

The Cappuccino 420 strain, offered by Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS), is characterized by its distinctive coffee-like aroma with a hint of cream. When consumed, the flavor mirrors that of freshly roasted coffee beans, accompanied by a hashy overtone that lingers both on the palate and in the mind. This strain has an Indica to Sativa ratio of 85% to 15%, making it particularly suitable for evening use, helping users unwind after a long day. The buds of the Cappuccino strain are notably large, densely covered in trichomes, and the resulting plants from its feminized seeds are renowned for their aromatic potency.


Closing thoughts

As of now, you can comfortably explain more about feminized seeds. You have the benefits in your fingertips and know where to purchase the most potent cannabis seeds ever. Get in touch with us, and we’ll necessitate your journey to planting the most potent ganja seeds.

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