Cup Winner Feminized Combo Pack Marijuana Seeds

This combination package consists of the seeds that have once won a cup. Notably, these seeds are all feminized, from three different strains, and 10 in number. All of them are ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivation and have high THC levels (between 20 and 30%). 

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$ 150,00

Do you consider yourself a winner? Then the Cup Winner Feminized Combo Pack Marijuana Seeds bouquet undoubtedly fits you. Behold what’s in the package, and believe us you will be utterly amazed.

4 Borderline XTRM feminized seeds

The feminized Borderline XTRM strain is among the most potent and most suitable for experienced smokers since 2013. So, we have a spoiler alert for beginner smokers – this strain will knock you out! As it is mostly Indica-dominant (60% Indica), you literally wouldn’t accept any other strain for its substitution.

However, please note that these seeds are rare to find if you decide to buy them in their entire package. Nonetheless, you can buy them along with its perfect combo in this Cup Winner feminized combination package. 

3 feminized AK47 XTRM seeds 

Shoot your medical conditions away with this AK47 sort of a feminized strain. This delicious and highly yielding grass has a steady growth when its needful conditions get met and produce more skyrocketed levels of THC as compared to her sibling – the regular AK47 strain.

Being an Indica-dominant strain, it is ideal for those who prefer a perfect touch of both recreational and medicinal ganja. 

3 feminized Northern Lights XTRM seeds 

If you adore taking cannabis oil for addressing any medical point, then we can’t guarantee any better strain than the Northern Lights XTRM feminized strain. The same case applies to those who would like to use the strain for making a few crossings.

Her adaptability makes her ideal for either indoor or outdoor growing environments, without forgetting hydroponics, too. Necessarily, she is an all-purpose Indica-dominant strain. 

A package of the utterly best

As seen on the three strains, both have a higher Indica to Sativa ratio. This means that the seeds are ideal for consumption at any time of the day and mostly get characterized by the potential to address different maladies. Also, you can modify any of the three to get the crossings of your choice and meet your dreams.

Order this cup winner feminized combo pack from the Amsterdam Marijuana Seedbank today, and we will be happy to see three different award-winning strains in your pot farm.