Girl Scout Cookies XTRM ® feminized

The feminized Girl Scout Cookies XTRM is the ultimate result obtained after crossing the F3 White Widow XTRM and the regular Girl Scout Cookies strain. This regular strain used to be the talk of the town in its original place – California, and at they had to roll their sleeves and improve it further to be Girl Scout Cookies XTRM Fem. Today, she gets praised for her plentitude of euphoric effects 

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In-depth information about this strain

If looks are anything to go by, then the Girl Scout Cookies XTRM ® feminized marijuana seed strain will give you the perfect definition of standing out beauty. These strains have green calyxes, which have fiery orange-like hairs, with the leaves being more purple, when subjected to the perfect lighting schedules – 18 hours of light, and 6 hours of darkness.

One critical thing with Girl Scout Cookies feminized strain is that she is undeniably extremely potent. Here, we are talking about a THC range of between 20 and 30%, whereas, the average is 24%.

This tasty cookie stash isn’t what we can recommend for the absolute beginner or even the budding amateur. See, this is 80% typical Indica ganja, and there have been instances of the potheads feeling couch-locked. We are trying to picture out if a beginner overdoses the Girl Scout Cookies XTRM weed and we cannot in all due honesty fathom how it’ll make them feel. Boy and Girl, care is needed here. Consider yourself warned.

This nighttime strain is the best for unwinding after a tiresome day and bidding goodbye to a plentitude of medical conditions such as insomnia, PTSD, menstrual cramps, and loads more. To the fun side of it, we have received a plentitude of customer praises that this strain acts as an appetizer in “badminton” matters. Hopefully, you are willing to explore what this piece of dope has to offer.

Californian origin, bred in Amsterdam

Yes, the Girl Scout Cookies seeds strain traces its origin to California. However, it is at that these seeds got subjected to the stellar breeding processes to come up with the feminized version, which is in this case getting referred to as the Girl Scout Cookies XTRM feminized seeds.

Being a White Widow XTRM X Girl Scout Cookies breeding, the Girl Scout Cookies XTRM seeds feminized and maintain some of the typical characteristics of White Widow XTRM such as the moderate growing difficulty. This is to let you know that even though this is an F3 strain, they have maintained the typical characteristics of the parental figure to give you a promising, yet a deliverer.

How hard is it to grow this strain?

Now, germinating Girl Scout Cookies feminized strain isn’t a complicated process, but as is the case with the plants with moderate growing difficulty, you will need to muster the art behind her successful germination.

That said, explore different cannabis germination methods, especially if you are not a veteran. We would recommend that you use a cannabis germination station if your funds allow it. If not, the paper towel method, overnight soaking, seedling plugs, or direct germination will also work, provided you provide the needful factors aiding germination.

Also, there is no debate about watering, lighting, and nutrients. All these need to be on point. If your growing medium is arable enough, then we would recommend that you use coffee grounds as the source of organic nutrients, and you will have nailed the nutrients part.

Another critical factor to observe is that these plants need ample spacing between a single Girl Scout Cookies XTRM strain and the other. All this is in the quest to ensure that there is an adequate penetration of light and the prevention of cannabis nuisances from spreading from one single plant to the other.

Big is better

This is a functional ingenious way to save as you order your Girl Scout Cookies XTRM cannabis seeds. Well, the highest chances are that you will find these beans in packets of 5 and 10, and also 20 across some other stash seeds. By simple Mathematics, you will realize that the price reduces as you go for a higher packet.

For example, if the Girl Scout XTRM Cookies fem seeds 5-seed packet goes for $55, then it’d mean that a single seed goes for $11. However, the chances are that you may save 10% if you go for the 10-seed packet. Going by the original price, you would have gotten it for $110 but if you go bigger, then you may end up getting such a packet for $100 or less.