Coffee Grounds As Fertilizer For Cannabis

Coffee Grounds As Fertilizer For Cannabis

coffee grounds
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Have you ever thought of coffee grounds as fertilizer for your cannabis plant? Many people don’t think about it, but coffee grounds is a fantastic fertilizer that is also 100% natural. And there is another big advantage, at least if you’re a coffee drinker yourself: it’s free! Read on and discover what coffee can do for your cannabis!

Coffee grounds is a cheap nutrient that you otherwise would simply throw away. You can use it when growing weed indoors, but you can also use it when growing weed outdoors. It’s effective, it’s free, and you don’t even have to go to the store for it, because coffee grounds is your leftover after every espresso, cafe americana or whatever coffee speciality you like brewing. Another advantage of coffee grounds as fertilizer for marijuana: it protects your plants against all kinds of invaders and it masks unpleasant smells. Read on, and discover all the benefits that coffee has to offer to your beautiful cannabis plants.

Coffee grounds is an organic fertilizer

coffee grounds

The use of coffee grounds as fertilizer is also interesting from an environmental point of view. It is namely 100% organic and even vegan. More and more consumers consider the cultivation process of their cannabis plant important in terms of biological approach. They prefer that no chemical pesticides are used. And also in the field of fertilizers there is still much to be gained, since most fertilizers and nutrient packs contain chemical substances. This can also be harmful to those who consume the plant material or smoke the buds. So if you care about an organic garden that does not contain pesticides, then coffee grounds is very interesting. Read on and discover all kinds of reasons why coffee grounds is a good and nutrient-rich addition to your cannabis garden. So read on!

Acidity degree

A proper pH value is very important for marijuana plants, you already knew that. You probably also know that weed plants like it when the soil they grow in is slightly acidic. Coffee grounds ensures that your soil becomes more acidic. So it’s a good idea to mix your coffee grounds through your compost and thus enrich the soil of your cannabis garden. Weed plants maintain a pH level around 6.5. If the pH value is too high or too low, it can be harmful to your plants. You can use coffee grounds as a product that lowers the pH value. It is also biodegradable, so it is not harmful to the natural environment.

Using coffee grounds in compost

Every time you brew yourself a nice cup of coffee, you save up. It is therefore a simple way to make your compost heap bigger quickly and for free. Coffee grounds contain many nutrients that your plants need. Simply save it in a lockable container and mix it with your compos, or spread it directly over the soil. It keeps your plants healthy. You can also mix it with wood ash and straw, in this way you produce a high-quality compost, just like you could buy from a garden center. By mixing coffee grounds through existing compost you increase the compost mixture with nitrogen. Nitrogen is a mineral that is very important for weed plants. It helps in the process of photosynthesis and ensures a healthy growth cycle of your plant.

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Use coffee grounds as fertilizer and grow a strong and healthy Californian Skunk.

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