Jackberry Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Jackberry feminized strain comes as a result of crossing our famous Jack Herer and Blueberry strains. She is an Indica-dominant strain that is legendary and sturdy against molds, pests and diseases, and adverse weather conditions, at the same time. Most of the users report that Jackberry fem weed is ideal for solving their different medical conditions such as stress, depression, and anxiety.

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Characteristics of Jackberry Fem

She is a colorful strain, and watching her is utter fun. When well stoned, you could actually take her for the rainbow! Being a typical Indica, she is also bushy and short, thus doesn’t occupy a vast growing space. Her Indica dominance is at a whopping 80%, while the Sativa levels are at 20%.

Thanks to the desirable qualities of her parental figures, she is fast-growing and blooming. In an indoor setting, she flowers between 8 and 9 weeks, with outdoor growers being happy to realize that they could reap their yields in October.

Her indoor height mostly gets capped at 90cm, while the outdoor heights go up to 190cm. And perhaps we are where you will get your critical amounts of joy – her Tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD levels. She has skyrocketed quantities of THC, ranging between 20 and 30%, while the CBD levels are normal. What a perfect cannabinoid profile to whip medical maladies from your beloved body!

A good strain to relieve stress

The Jackberry feminized weed mostly brings about profoundly relaxing effects. This way, the user experiences enhanced moods, general happiness, and uplifting effects, thanks to the presence of trace sativa.

How hard is it to grow this strain?

Jackberry fem has easy growing difficulty, and thus, suits even the unestablished beginner. Amateurs and veterans find growing this beauty a breeze, and she does well indoors as well as outdoors.

This is how much yield you can expect

When Jackberry feminized gets cultivated indoors, she yields up to 450gms per square meter. In the case of an outdoor growing, you can expect to reap up to 750gms per square meter.

This strain has an excellent flavour

Jackberry Fem maintains a perfect mix of her parents’ flavor and aroma. She has a delicious Blueberry taste, while the scent is sweet candied blueberry when inhaled, and earthy, piny when exhaled.