Northern lights xtrm ® feminized marijuana seeds

We, at Amsterdam Marijuana Seedbank, believe that when it comes to finding a strain that accords you perfect balance, the answer is Northern Lights Xtrm Feminized. Why do we say so? Please continue reading to see some of the reasons why Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds indeed did their absolute best to make this beauty the right marijuana strain for experienced smokers and novice weed users.

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What Makes  This Strain So Special?

One of the points that come to mind when you see Northern Lights Xtrm Feminized Marijuana Seeds is its genetics. The strain is composed of over 11 genetics. These 11 small and big components make Northern Lights Xtrm Feminized. 

The strain was first spotted on the West Coast of the United States of America. 

CBD content, THC level, and the Indica-Sativa ratio are some of the reasons this strain stands out. For instance, the strain features a THC level that runs between 20% and 30%. It is Indica-dominant with some 70%, whereas the strain’s Sativa percentage remains at 30%.

Perhaps, and most importantly, it is the strain’s CBD level. Our study into Northern Lights Xtrm Feminized shows the strain has a high level of CBD. For this reason, Northern Lights Xtrm Feminized has substantial medicinal value. 

Practically, a therapeutic value is expected in plants with higher CBD levels.

Although we will tackle this later on in a different section, it is imperative to mention that taking Northern Lights Xtrm Feminized will leave you with a lasting impression, thus one of the best strains for regular and heavy marijuana users.

Which Effect Does This Strain Give?

Taking Northern Lights Xtrm Feminized is not like any other weed. The strain will leave you with impeccable memories, leaving behind an impression of a high thinker. The feeling is also high. Capitalizing on its higher Indica percentage, the strain will leave your moods elevated.

Northern Lights Xtrm Feminized will definitely take a toll on you if you are taking it fast and in large amounts. Nonetheless, if you know exactly when and how to take it, this seemingly sweet monster will give you all you need in terms of satisfaction.

 Thanks to the strain’s deep Western heritage, expect to have a long-lasting mental relaxation upon taking even a small amount of Northern Lights Xtrm Feminized. Those who have used this strain for a long time say that, in general, Northern Lights Xtrm Feminized leaves you with a relaxing effect. 

In addition, you will feel stoned without necessarily being planted as is the case with other famous strains. Apart from its high medicinal value, growers find Northern Lights Xtrm Feminized to be one of the best for recreational use; thus, you can try it.

What Is The Difficulty Of Growing This Strain?

Northern Lights Xtrm Feminized is exceptionally bushy. The leaves and the branches are too bushy. With good soil and growing conditions, the strain will grow huge and spreads fast. 

For this reason, you need to beware of its profound Western nature, thus creating enough space when transplanting your seedlings from the seedbed. Before the completion of the flowering period, which evidently comes in the 9th to the 11th week, you’ll expect a very hairy stalk. 

During this time, you must ensure the ground is clean and without any weeds before the start of the flowering period. When the plant starts to put on flowers, they grow fast, making it difficult for you to weed inside the crops.

You might encounter another problem especially when you grow the strain outdoors. According to our expert growers, outdoor plants grow to attain up to 210 centimeters. With this height, the chances of the plants falling down or bending in the event of winds are inevitable. 

Nonetheless, Northern Lights Xtrm Feminized’s growing difficulty is rated moderate with indoor cultivation requiring more attention compared to outdoor cultivation.

What Is Needed To Grow This Stain

When and if you settle for Northern Lights Xtrm Feminized, you may need to ensure the following things are ready:

Ready and clean ground – Yes, you need to ensure the ground, which you want to grow your Northern Lights Xtrm Feminized is appropriately prepared. Although Northern Lights Xtrm Feminized is a popular marijuana strain, it is vulnerable to weeds. To ensure you start off right, ensure you prepare the ground early, and clean it.

Enough lighting – Northern Lights Xtrm Feminized grows to form bushy stalks that are covered by thick leaves and long branches. It doesn’t matter where you decide to cultivate your weed. The most important thing is you will need to ensure the plants get enough lighting.

Because of its bushy nature, you wouldn’t want parts of your Northern Lights Xtrm Feminized to miss sufficient light essential for the growth of the strain.

Manure/fertilizer – Northern Lights Xtrm Feminized needs enough and the right fertilizer. You need to supplement artificial fertilizer and homemade manure. You should also know the right time to provide what kind of nutrients. 

The strain starts to flower in the ninth week. However, some plants start to flower a little later in the eleventh week. Because of the discrepancy, you need to know when it is the right time to add what fertilizer.

Pruning – Do you remember that Northern Lights Xtrm Feminized is bushy? If you do and want the plants to produce other fresh leaves from underneath, you may need to prune longer and older leaves and branches.

Pruning also makes it easier for air to pass through the remaining leaves as the sun also penetrates to hit the soil, which in turn helps in the plants’ proper nutrient-absorption. 

How Much Yield Can I Expect From This Seed?

If you grow Northern Lights Xtrm Feminized indoors, you are likely to harvest approximately 19.4 ounces per square meter. This amount is equivalent to 550 grams. Outdoor cultivation will give you a higher yield of approximately 24 oz or 675 grams from an area with a one-meter square.

Everything About The Flavour/Scent

Northern Lights Xtrm Feminized is sweet whether you are vaping it or smoking. There is also a tropical sensation that will remain in your mouth for many minutes after using the strain.