White widow xtrm ® Cannabis Seeds

White Widow XTRM is a fairly good-yielding marijuana strain you can try. It isn’t hard to cultivate because you only need to give it normal attention. The strain is 60% indica and 40% sativa with a THC level ranging from 20% to 30%.

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What Is So Special About This Strain?

White widow xtrm ® Cannabis Seeds is perhaps the most famous marijuana strain you can ever come across. One of the things that make this strain famous is the fact that it is the only marijuana strain that has won many cups.

You visit any coffee shop in Amsterdam or any other European city for that matter; you will not miss to see a cup of White Widow XTRM. Besides, although the seeds are small, this strain grows to form one of the strongest stalks in the market that do not require any supporting.

The other critical thing you need to know about White Widow XTRM seeds is that they can grow on any type of medium. Yes, apart from winning many cups, this strain can thrive on any ground. The only thing you need to ensure is enough marijuana fertilizer and water. 

If you need to make your order of White Widow XTRM seeds, then you must know the strain has variations such as feminized, auto-flowering, and of course, regular. Thanks to the varieties, even the inexperienced growers can successfully cultivate this strain and attain good yields.

Which Effect Does This Strain Give?

With the strain’s physical strength, come power, energy, and stoning. Taking even a small portion of mature White Widow XTRM seeds will deliver immeasurable results. The strain will give an extreme high in an instant. 

The taste is also divine. Whether a touch of it or continued use of the strain, you will remain high for a long time. White Widow XTRM gives extended mood elevation, relaxations, and an energetic feeling.

During the day, a user may feel so powerful and elevated but at night, the user is likely to feel drowsy but contented. The daytime strength may also lead to sweats, which translate to tiredness at the end of the day.

Nonetheless, it is a good strain worthy trying for instant energy, a feeling of immense illusions, which end in a peaceful and calm slumber at night.

What Is The Difficulty In Growing This Strain?

White Widow XTRM seeds have the unique ability of growing and doing better on any growing medium as long as there are basic requirements. However, our own marijuana-growing expert warns that you may need plenty of water. 

White Widow XTRM does not grow too tall. In fact, the stalks are seemingly shorter than those of most strains featured on our website/. As mentioned earlier, White Widow XTRM turns out to be a powerful and strong strain. 

To attain its required strength and power, these plants need water. It will be difficult to manage and maintain this strain if you do not have enough water. However, if you can find piped water, you don’t have any reason to worry.

What Is Needed To Grow This Strain?

Before White Widow XTRM grows fully, ensure the following things are in place:

Ideal germination method – Earlier, we stated that it is easy to grow White Widow XTRM seeds. It is true. The strain will not give you problems when growing. In fact, when categorizing strain cultivation difficulty, White Widow XTRM is among the easy-moderate strains. 

Nonetheless, you need to ensure you find the correct seed germination method. It is by figuring the right seed-germination method that all your White Widow XTRM seeds can germinate in readiness for transferring to the ideal growing medium.

Proper space planning – White Widow XTRM seeds don’t grow too tall. In fact, the highest White Widow XTRM stalk can ever go is 180 centimeters or 71 inches when grown outdoors. Indoor height is barely 20 inches or 50 centimeters. 

However, it doesn’t mean that you can do proper spacing when transferring seedlings. Even if you plant White Widow XTRM seeds directly, ensure there is ample space between individual seedlings. The space between lines should also be sufficient to give room for branches and leaves as the plants sprout and eventually grow.

Crop training – Yes, not many marijuana crops need training. Those that do require you check on them on a regular basis to ensure they all grow in the right direction. Training too, involves the chopping of excess and lower leaves and branches that don’t seem to produce good results.

If you see branches with holes or leaves with spots, the best crop training technique for this is to chop off the affected parts. This will leave healthy branches and leaves to thrive. 

Watering – We can’t emphasize enough on this. Like any other marijuana seeds featured on our site, White Widow XTRM needs water. From the day you decide to put White Widow XTRM seeds in the seedbed, ensure you sprinkle enough water.

The right time to water your White Widow XTRM seeds and plants is in the evening when the sun has set or when the temperatures are low.  During this time, the growing medium will be ready to absorb the water, which in turn is taken up by the roots.

Of course, other things you need to grow White Widow XTRM include application of the right nutrients in time such as potassium, calcium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. We will be pleased to give you a complete guide of the right nutrients and when to apply them upon your request.

How Much Yield Can I Expect From This Seed?

When cultivated indoors, White Widow XTRM seeds will give you up to 21.2 ounces from every square meter. This amount is equivalent to 600 grams. Outdoor cultivation will give a slightly high yield of up to 26 ounces or 725 grams from a square meter of well-prepared growing medium.

Everything About Flavour/Scent

White Widow XTRM has a deep rich scent that is covered by a sweet and nose-inviting aroma. Crushed buds are the most aromatic parts of a mature White Widow XTRM stalk.