OG Mass Feminized Marijuana Seeds

OG Mass Fem is a feminized Indica hybrid that works fantastically for recreating after the daily stressors. Necessarily, it makes the user have enhanced moods and remain lively before the clocking of sleeping hours.  

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What can I expect – OG Mass Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

Being an OG Kush and Mass crossing, it has skyrocketed levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The CBD levels are mostly normal and the flowering times are short (mostly between 7 and 9 weeks). 

The THC amounts range anywhere between 20 and 30%, while the Indica dominance is 70%, and with a 30% Sativa. 

The height is manageable both indoors and outdoors and ranges anywhere between 30 and 78 inches indoors. In outdoor environments, the strain grows relatively longer. 

Which effect does this strain give?

After taking a couple of OG Mass Feminized hits, you will feel deeply relaxed, and happy, and have elevated moods. 

You don’t have to worry about any couch-locking effects as feminized OG Mass is moderately lethargic. 

Can I grow this strain indoors?

Being an Indica beauty, OG Mass is mostly short and bushy. This makes her ideal for indoor cultivation. Nevertheless, she also does well outdoors but requires some attention. 

For example, you will need to trim her broad leaves’ tops to allow for the penetration of sunlight and air and enhance proper photosynthesis. 

The growing difficulty is mostly moderate, which makes her ideal for getting cultivated by the intermediately and expertly experienced pot growers. 

What is the average yield?

Feminized OG Mass gives heavy adorable yields in both indoor and outdoor environments and could be as much as 3-6oz/f2. 

In an outdoor growing environment, the best time for harvesting the yields is between September and October. 

Taste and Scent

The feminized OG Mass has a delicious earthy taste and scent. This makes it fantastic for potheads to get an elevated mood.

What about shipping times?

Is the cultivation of dope legal in your state? Amsterdammarijuanaseeds.com is always committed to delivering any shipment stealthily and worldwide, provided the final destination allows the growing of grass. Borders have never been a big deal, at least with us.