White queen feminized Cannabis Seeds

AMS’ White Queen Feminized seeds are distinctive. The strain carries much of its components on the Indica side with over 65%, while the remaining percentage of 35% goes for Sativa. White Queen Feminized has a THC level that stretches between 20% and 30%. However, you will be happier to know some of the things that make this marijuana strain so special from other marijuana strains featured on our site.

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What Makes This Strain So Special?

White queen feminized Cannabis Seeds are among the high-yielding marijuana strains mentioned on Amsterdam Marijuana Seedbank. Perhaps, the first remarkable thing about this strain is its high yield. The other thing you will learn about this strain is its height, primarily when grown outdoors.

White Queen Feminized mature plants can grow up to 220 centimeters when grown outdoors but only 70 centimeters when cultivated indoors.

The other fanciable thing that stands out about this strain is what it needs for it to grow to maturity. According to our expert growers, White Queen Feminized seeds need fertilizer and other essential nutrients to become stable plants.

However, it is fascinating to note that White Queen Feminized seeds need sufficient lighting. Besides, experts warn that this strain requires plenty of water during its germination stage. Watering is also required during the plants’ tender age.

Which Effect Does This Strain Give?

When they are fully grown, White Queen Feminized seeds produce a spectacular and sophisticated narcotic feel. Thanks to this strong explosion, you will definitely fall for this strain’s charms. 

If you try to crush the buds of mature White Queen Feminized seeds, you will realize you’ve been missing something substantial if you have not tried it. The improved version comes with a stronger yet balanced taste that leaves the user with a relaxed feeling.

For beginners, White Queen Feminized strain is absolutely one of the strongest pieces of dope to try. The strain will not leave anything unturned because a small portion makes one creative instantly. 

White Queen Feminized strain is a mood enhancer. You will never feel bored because the strain offers immeasurable ecstasy, something that enables you to remain focused mentally. If you love late-night clouds, profound relaxation, and feeling contentment, then consider White Queen Feminized the right strain for you.

In addition, mature White Queen Feminized seeds make users a bit hyper. The stoning effect is another thing that has been associated with White Queen Feminized strain. Many of those that have used White Queen Feminized for a long time agree that the strain can make one hyperactive, energetic, and stoned while at the same time giving a relaxed and happy feeling.

What Is The Difficulty Of Growing This Strain?

White Queen Feminized seeds are rated moderate in terms of growth. However, there are a few things growers might find challenging. We spoke about the two things earlier in this marijuana review.

One of the things growers need to beware of about this strain is the demand for water. 

Right from seed germination, White Queen Feminized seeds need plenty of water. While some strains mentioned on our seed bank catalog require a little water during germination, White Queen Feminized seeds need a lot. 

Things do not change much, even with the passage of time when the plants continue to grow to become mature plants. During the flowering period, the plants need even more water. If you have been used to growing marijuana strains that do not require a lot of water, you will find White Queen Feminized seeds to be a quite demanding species.

What Is Needed To Grow This Strain?

From the look of things, you may need a number of things for you to garner some 500 grams of pure marijuana or so from this strain. Let’s try to break down some of the things you need to think of specifically for this strain to grow to maturity.

Enough air – You’d say that every plant needs proper aeration. That is right. However, White Queen Feminized tends to require more. For instance, research indicates that when there is minimal air circulation, the strain’s leaves tend to change color. They might even start to wither.

Proper nutrients – The other thing that you must ensure if you want to get a good yield is giving White Queen Feminized seeds proper and sufficient nutrients. Potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, and botanical hydroponic nutrients are among the recommended nutrients you can feed your plants. 

You can also try some residue from other plants, such as coffee husks and leaves.

Properly regulated temperature – Just as plants need air, White Queen Feminized seeds need good temperature as well. Cold temperatures will retard seed germination and subsequent growth, while extremely hot temperatures will make the plants wither or even dry up.

You need to regulate the amount of heat coming to your plants. While it is possible to regulate indoor temperature, outdoor cultivation may be a challenge, but you can try to erect shades if you feel the sun is hitting your crops hard.

Ideal growing medium – Yes, you must ensure a conducive growing medium for your White Queen Feminized seeds. Otherwise, if the soil is not fertile enough, you will not reap any commendable yield. Besides, the crops will take a longer time to flower and develop buds, leaves, and even strong branches. In the end, a poor growing medium will be a waste of time and resources. 

How Much Yield Can I Expect From This Seed?

With proper preparation and everything in place, fully-grown White Queen Feminized seeds will give you 18 ounces of pure weed from a well-cultivated one-meter square indoors. This yield is equivalent to 500 grams. 

Outdoor cultivation on the same piece of land is likely to give you a whopping 28 ounces or 800 grams, which is an additional 10 ounces. 

Everything About The Flavour/Scent

White Queen Feminized features a never-ending and strong tropical taste. The scent lingers around for a while longer with a pronounced fragrance. The fantastic look, strong potency, and endless citrus cum tropical flavor ensure you lack nothing but keep unwinding all day and night long.