White widow xtrm ® autoflower Marijuana Seeds

White Widow XTRM autoflower feminized seeds; worldwide recognized autoflowers praised for their potency against matters growth inhabitants repelling and high THC amounts. Just like White Widow is the most famous regular white cannabis strain, White Widow extreme autoflower is the most popular autoflower white cannabis strain. 

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While at it, it would be best if you note that ready weed from any of the White Widow XTRM ® autoflower marijuana seeds strains doesn’t come cheap. Endeavour to grow your own strains from today and enjoy the ROI that comes with it. 

Another clarification to make is that the strains that will emerge from the White Widow XTRM autoflower seeds will be feminized in nature. Should you be looking forward to getting clones, then endeavor to go for the regular White Widow extreme. Learn more about the differences between autoflowers and regular seeds in this blog post. 

What makes this strain so special?

Time and again, the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Company has said that the White Widow is “the most famous name in the business.” This is to tell you that this autoflower cannot in any way get equated to ordinary cannabis plants. 

We took ample time to trial with my colleagues and look into whether this strain is a deliverer as claimed or just a fad, and lo! Did we fall in love? As a typical autoflower with a 60% Indica and 40% Sativa, it’s merry that even though she is more inclined to the Indica side, the Sativa effect is also felt nearly the same way as the Indica side does. We will look into the exact effect of our following sub-title. 

For an autoflower, it is also surprising and interesting that the White Widow autoflower has a 90cm indoor height and up to 110cm outdoor height. To the greatest extent, this is a guarantee that the heights are manageable either indoors or outdoors, which is rare for hybrids with more than 35% Sativa to have such short heights.

Lastly, the 9-week indoor flowering time can be considered exceptional. For an autoflower with such standing out characteristics like her, then it’s a fantastic gesture to expect your indoor yields in 2 months or so. 

Which effect does this strain give?

The White Widow XTRM autoflower strain, just like the other versions of the regular White Widow, gives a psychedelic effect. The THC levels range between 20 and 30%, with the average being mostly capped at 24%. 

Well, there is no doubt that the White Widow Extreme autoflower will keep you going with her smooth after-dinner high. 

What is the difficulty of growing this strain?

The White Widow XTRM autoflower seeds strain has easy growing difficulty. Beginners who feel kept away by the White Widow Extreme feminized strain can then go for this strain, and the growth should be hassle-free. Be sure to implement our tips, and hey, don’t thank us later. We are indebted to share our nuggets of wisdom with you. 

What is needed to grow this strain?

We get it; you are curious and would like to start growing the White Widow extreme autoflower right away but wait. As a beginner, the germination phase should be on point so that you may not face issues with withering seedlings later. The paper towel method should come in handy for you. If for whatever reason, you feel like this is a pipedream for you and you have the budget, then a seedling plug should come in handy for you. If you are an amateur or a veteran, the best that works best for you is your best option. 

Other critical factors needed to realize a successful growing ordeals are sufficient water and nutrients. Just that these are autoflowers and light subjection isn’t so necessary as is the case with the photoperiod strains. 

You can find much more relevant information about the AMS White Widow XTRM autoflower in our grower’s guide category. 

How much yield can I expect from this seed?

The White Widow extreme autoflower strain will surely not give you the same enormous yields as her typical feminized counterpart, but rest assured that you will get compensated for the exact benefits of autoflowers. The yields are up to 400gms per square meter indoors and up to 600gms per square meter outdoors. 

A point of clarification, though, is that whenever we talk about “up to,” that is the optimum figure. For instance, when we say if the yield is up to 400gms per square meter indoors, we mean that after thorough testing with the factors of germination and growing getting wholly considered, that is the BEST yielding capability of that strain. The yields could be so if you do the best as advised but there is little to no chance of having the yields surpassing that mark. 

Everything about the flavour/scent 

The White Widow XTRM autoflower cannabis strain has a divine taste and scent. Hopefully, you will treat your taste buds with this AMS creation today and always. It is worth it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to grow white widow autoflower

To grow White Widow autoflower cannabis, fill an indoor grow area with plenty of starts and start to develop a healthy canopy before you prune beneath the screen to get rid off any unwanted vegetation a into the first or second week of flowering but do not continue too long because you will stress the plants.


How many weeks to harvest autoflower

Most autoflowers are known to take typically 8-10 weeks from seeds to harvesting. However, some autoflowers strains are said to take up to 12 weeks before they are fully mature, a time you can start to harvest.


How to get big yield from autoflower

To maximize your autoflower cannabis yield, you need to prepare the growing area ahead of schedule, do not risk transplanting, choose the right containers that drain water well, keep an eye on the soil/growing medium pH, regulate nutrient strength, monitor the light/dark schedule, and employ the proper autoflower plant training techniques.


How to tell when your autoflower is flowering

The pistils show the first sign of the flowering of the autoflowering cannabis plants. A pair of white pistils that appear close to each node is a clear indicator that the autoflower is ready or old enough to start flowering and the bloom is starting soon.


How long after pistils, do buds form autoflower?

Between 15-35 days (2-5 weeks) after germination, your autoflower cannabis plants will still have multiple white pistils showing up healthily from the first flowers. However, 7 days or so later, the buds will start to swell up with some calyx and a sparkling white resin.


Is white widow autoflower easy to grow?

White Widow is one of the easy marijuana strains to grow, especially outdoors. They usually take 85-90 days from seed to harvesting and they usually don’t grow so tall. Generally, White Widows grow up to 3.5 feet (1 meter) high when fully mature.


How to grow white widow autoflower indoors

Growing White Widow autoflower indoors is an exciting and rewarding endeavor. Here are some essential steps to help you achieve successful cultivation:

  1. Germination: Start by germinating your White Widow autoflower seeds. You can use methods like soaking, paper towel, or directly planting them in a seedling starter mix.
  2. Set up your indoor space: Create an optimal environment for your plants. Ensure proper ventilation, temperature control (around 70-85°F or 20-29°C), and humidity levels (40-60%).
  3. Lighting: Provide sufficient light during the vegetative and flowering stages. LED grow lights are popular for their efficiency and ability to provide the necessary light spectrum.
  4. Nutrients and water: Use a balanced nutrient formula specifically designed for cannabis. Start with a light feeding schedule and gradually increase as the plant grows. Water your plants when the top inch of soil feels dry, ensuring proper drainage.
  5. Training and pruning: Apply low-stress training techniques to shape the plant and maximize light penetration. Prune any unwanted vegetation during the early flowering stage to promote better airflow and focus energy on bud production.
  6. Flowering stage: White Widow autoflower usually transitions into the flowering stage after 3-4 weeks. Maintain a consistent light schedule of 18-24 hours of light per day to encourage bud development.
  7. Harvesting: As the buds mature, monitor trichome development using a magnifying tool. Harvest when trichomes are mostly milky white with some amber for a balanced effect.

Remember to research and adapt your approach based on your specific setup and environmental conditions. With proper care and attention, you can enjoy a bountiful harvest of White Widow autoflower in the comfort of your indoor space.

Can I harvest when the pistils are white?

No, If the pistils are still white, you should not harvest your cannabis because it is not yet ready. It is the same situation if the trichomes are still clear and if you try to harvest while the trichomes are clear and the pistils are white, you are likely to get low yields and decreased potency. When growing patience is required, the plant has it is own will 😉


Is white widow autoflower good?

White Widow is perhaps one of the best autoflower marijuana strains ever created. The strain is especially good for starters because it is easy to grow and does not require a large growing area. If properly planted and monitored, White Widow autoflower can give high yields.


How long does white widow autoflower take to grow?

When grown indoors, White Widow autoflowers usually take 7-9 weeks to grow. To check whether WW autoflower strain is ready for harvest, use the Pistil Method and ensure that at least 70% of the pistils have turned amber before you harvest.