Regular versus autoflowering seeds

regular versus autoflowering seeds
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Every gardener who just starts growing weed faces the choice of what kind of seed he or she will buy. The kind of seed makes a huge difference to the end result. Moreover, the type of seed determines the entire growth process, because every strain is different and offers different and unique growth characteristics. If you have a small grow room at your disposal, then choose a plant that stays small. Are you going to grow outside? Certain strains are more suitable for outdoor weather conditions. And you also have a choice in regular seeds or self-flowering seeds. As a newbie bean popper, autoflowering seeds are a good choice. Read on and discover everything about regular versus autoflowering seeds.

Regular versus autoflowering seeds. What is the difference?

autoflowering seeds

If you have a lot of growing experience, regular cannabis seeds is the most logical choice. But if you still need to master the cultivation of plants, then Autoflowering is the best choice. Autoflowering plants are easier to raise because they switch to the flowering period completely automatically. They do not depend on a change in light scheme. The transition to flowering is ingrained in their DNA. It is a bit like flying on autopilot. But despite that, autoflowering plants still need care and attention to be able to grow and thrive optimally.

The yield of regular, photoperiod plants is still better than the harvest of autoflowering plants. This is despite the fact that autoflowers have made considerable progress in terms of quality and positive growth characteristics in the past years. You will have to be twice as patient with regular beans, compared to autoflowers. And besides that you  also have to remove the male plants from the female plants.

The name autoflowering comes from the fact that autoflowering strains will automatically change into their flowering period. A change in light cycle does not affect autoflowers. This means that with regular seeds you will have more control. Autoflowers go into the flowering phase,  whether you are ready or not!

If you really want to learn how to grow cannabis, you have to start with regular seeds. Only then will you go through all aspects of the growth process. Do you want to make it easy for yourself and still get a substantial harvest in about 8 weeks? Then choose an autoflowering strain.

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