Smoke weed without marijuana rolling papers (14 best alternatives)

Smoke weed without marijuana rolling papers (14 best alternatives)

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One of the essential things that you should have if you intend to smoke a rolled joint is marijuana rolling papers. It can be disappointing if you cannot access that. You may be having tissue paper at your disposal, but it is not a good alternative to rolling paper. If you use tissue paper, your roll will end up messy and spill over your stone. Tissue paper burns out super fast. That will leave your stone scorched and sometimes half burnt.

There are many other alternatives that you can use instead of tissue paper if you do not have a rolling paper. Below is a comprehensive list of 14 alternatives that are either readily available in your home or can be purchased from your nearest head shop.

Toilet paper roll

Toilet paper rolls

A toilet paper roll is a cardboard in the middle of your toilet paper. This is available at your home or in all public toilets. It is easy to fix a roll with one. Remove the tissue paper from the roll using a pair of scissors or a sharp-pointed knife. Make circle holes of about one-inch diameter on the sides. These should be half-inch away from each other. Check if your finger can cover the hole. 

Cut a piece of foil and cover the first hole. Make a small bowl out of the foil and stick it inside one hole of the roll. Using a toothpick, poke holes on the foil to allow the smoke from the weed to escape through it when smoking. You can now enjoy your weed without having to worry about the rolling paper.

Corn husk

Corn husk

Cornhusk is a good replacement for a rolling paper. If you dry the outer layer of sweet corn, you will comfortably use it as rolling paper. It is natural and eco-friendly. It does not cause any harm to you. The husk is soft, fibrous, and flexible when wet. When it is dried, it still maintains these qualities. 

This simple alternative is readily available and accessible, especially in countries that produce corn. When the corn is in season, you can sun-dry the husks for later use. It is a very cheap alternative to rolling papers and can last for a long time without getting spoilt. Before rolling, just soak it in clean water to maximize its flexibility.

From online shops or from the local dealers of cannabis products. With the recent legalization of cannabis use in many states, most retailers like supermarkets are now stocking retailing corn husks for ease of accessibility by weed smokers.

amsterdam marijuana seeds

Bamboo membranes


This is another eco-friendly product that is healthy for you. Bamboo products are free from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers as they do not require these to grow. Besides the many uses of a bamboo plant, its inner membrane is used as a substitute for rolling paper. The membrane is papery and has a sweet flavor, just like fiber from several other plants. It is light and flexible and will burn your weed slowly without scorching it or leaving it semi-burnt. The product can be accessed through ordering online or purchasing from a local cannabis product and head shop.

Paper lung technique

Another approach to solving the problem of missing rolling papers is using a lung. A lung is made up of tape attached to a plastic bag. These are attached to the end of a cut plastic bottle (about 2-liter) and scrunching the plastic bag up the inside of the bottle. This way, you are creating a chamber. You will need a tin foil shaped to fit the neck of the bottle. Pierce it with a toothpick so that it can allow air to get in and out easily.

Place the weed on the pierced tin foil loosely at the bottle mouth. Burn the weed and pull the bag out of the bottle. That creates a vacuum in the bottle. The vacuum causes the smoke to get out of the chamber. Inhale the smoke from the bottle once the bag is fully extended and you have removed the foil from the bottle. The lung is a smart and cheap alternative to a rolling paper and a bong. 

Bucket technique

You will require a big bucket filled with water (2/3 full) and a bottle for this technique. Your soft drink or water bottle can do an excellent job. A foil will also be required. Cut the bottle into two, about 1/3 above the bottle. Place the bottle into the bucket and hold it down to prevent it from floating up. 

Put the foil on the mouth of the bottle and place your weed on it. Light it up. When the bottle is raised slightly, it causes a vacuum inside the bottle and fills it with smoke and hair.

Hookah pipes

Water pipe

A hookah pipe comes in handy if you do not have a rolling paper for your joint. You may have heard that smoking weed from a hookah pipe is complicated, but it isn’t. A hookah is an Urdu word, “Huqqa,” which means pipe. The smoking devices originated from the Indian subcontinent and spread across other empires, including the Ottoman Empire. 

You will find gadgets in every part of the world, including America and Europe. Hookah pipes are a popular method of smoking tobacco. If you do not have the rolling papers within your reach, this special pipe can be an alternative. Just convert it from tobacco use to weed use.

To enjoy your joint, you will need a hookah pipe, water, aluminum foil, tongs, and coals. If you desire, you can get shisha or tobacco to mix. Note that if you decide to mix your weed with tobacco or shisha, remember to place it on the bottom and the weed on top. That provides moisture to the weed to prevent it from dry out during the smoking process. 

When using the coal, do that with care to avoid tugging the mouthpiece. You can buy hookah pipes in many shops across the states. These include online shops such as the Hookah shop and the Amazon.

Soda can

Soda cans

Using a soda can to smoke marijuana may sound juvenile. It is a Do-It-Yourself alternative to a rolling paper. A soda can is easy to convert to a smoking device by bending it in half and poking a few holes on the crease. You can then poke a carb hole on the side. Place your weed inside the crease. After lighting it, smoke will rise inside the can through the mouthpiece. You can now enjoy inhaling through the mouthpiece.

One big concern you may have with a soda can is the health impacts it may have on your body when exposed to heat. The can is made of aluminum and ink that may not be safe for you—these two release harmful chemicals when heated. The method works, but it should be used once in a while when there are no other alternatives.

Rose blunts

Bowl of rose blunts

Do not dispose of those withered roses that you received as a gift from your friend. These will come to your rescue when there is no rolling paper for your joint. Dry rose petals are a cheap and quick alternative to roll your weed. Rose blunts are not commonly used, but they are effective just like any other method of consuming cannabis. To prepare a rose blunt, you will require three rose petals and an oven.

Preheat your oven to broil. When the oven is hot enough, place the baking tray in the preheated oven for about 10 seconds. Take the tray out lick the dry rose petals over. Stick them together to create a blunt wrap. Place them back on the baking tray and into the oven for ten more seconds. 

Do not let them get too dry. That can make them crispy and cause trouble when rolling. Simply the tray out of the oven and let the petals cool down for few seconds. Roll yourself an eco-friendly rose blunt.

Dab rigs

Dab rigs are special water pipes that are used to smoke weed. They allow you to consume extremely powerful marijuana extracts, including budder, shatter, and honeycomb. Dab rigs use a flash vaporization method to process the cannabis concentrates. To achieve vaporization, you cannot use a lighter as you do with other methods. The recommended way to light your dab rigs is by using a blowtorch. The greatest advantage of using dab rigs that they can get you really high.  

Dabbing does not involve combustion. For that reason, it is believed to be a healthier method of consuming weed than smoking. The vapor is purer than regular cannabis smoke. Dab rigs are sold in most online shops like Glass City and Bad Ass Glass. They come with a manual on how to use them. Always be sure to keep your dab rig clean.

Apple pipes

Red apple

An apple may be your favorite fruit, but when it comes to alternatives to a rolling paper, it is among the list. It is an excellent and simple way to roll your joint other than missing out simply because there are no papers around. Apples are popular and accessible in almost all corners of the world. A smoking pipe made of apple is a fun way to smoke weed. 

To make a smoking device from the fruit, you just need the fruit, a pen, and aluminum foil. The apple must be fresh to create a compact smoking device. You can follow these easy steps to make yourself an apple pipe;

  1. Drill a tunnel in the apple by jamming the pen inside from the bottom to the top of the fruit.  
  2. Jam in pen across to create another tunnel on the side. The tunnel should cross over the first one in the middle.
  3. Line the molding that came from the apple with aluminum foil. This will act as a bowl.
  4. Using a toothpick, poke the aluminum foil to let the air in and out.
  5. Place the weed on the aluminum foil and light it. Pull through the side holes. And enjoy your joint.
  6. You can use other fruits at your disposal, including strawberries and oranges.

Hot knives technique

A butter knife can look like a desperate measure to roll your joint, but it works. You will need a stove and two knives. Place the knives on a hot stove until it is hot. Place the weed on the tip of one knife and sandwich the weed using the other knife. The hot knives burn your weed, which produces smoke ready for you to inhale. You can use a straw to get the smoke into your mouth.

Green leaf

Broadleaf is the perfect way to roll your weed. It is simple, but it works like magic. To quell your thirst, pluck one from your backyard. You must be careful to pick those that are safe. Some trees are poisonous, and so are their leaves. Make a cone shape out of the leave and sprinkle weed inside. Light it up and smoke like a pipe.

Empty cigarette wrappers

This is ideal if you do not have rolling papers around. You can empty a cigarette and stuff the wrapper with weed. You must remove the filter part of the cigarette because the carbon filter can completely damage your weed.

Gum wrappers 

Gum with wrapping paper

Most gum wrappers are made up of a thin piece of paper and a layer of foil. Peel the foil gently so that you do not tear off the thin paper. Remove the foil until there are no traces of foil on it. Use the clean paper wrapper to roll your weed. 

Nothing will prevent you from taking in your favorite smoke from marijuana now that you have a variety of alternatives to a rolling paper. You do not have to use tissue paper either. 

Besides the traditional rolling paper, you can try out these methods to find out the best that works for you. You can spice things up things by experimenting with different methods to get you equipped for a rainy day in the future. What may work for another person may not work for you, especially when there is an emergency and the thirst has gone to another level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use tissue paper to roll a joint?

Yes, you can use tissue paper to roll a joint. However, it is vital to ensure that you are using an uncolored piece. It’s also important to note that since a tissue paper is lighter than the regular rolling paper, it will burn out faster than most of the other rolling paper alternatives.

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