How to grow marijuana with big buds

How to grow marijuana with big buds

marijuana with big buds
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Every marijuana grower wants a healthy plant with large buds that are covered with a nice sticky layer of resin. There are a number of things you can do to grow large buds. Which, you read in this article. So, move on quickly, and read all about how to grow marijuana with big buds.

The marijuana plant is very strong and has an incredible urge to survive. Marijuana will grow even under very harsh weather conditions. However, its will not automatically be of good quality. As a grower, you have to invest a lot of time and energy. If you want to grow marijuana with thick buds then you need to ensure the ideal growing conditions for your plants. Which factors are important? Read on and find out. 

The quality and size of the buds is directly influenced by lighting and nutrition. If your lighting is poor and your nutrition is not balanced, then you will notice it immediately in the overall condition of the plant and the flower tops. The third factor is the climate. If your plant grows up in extreme (hot or cold) weather conditions, it directly affects the quality of the buds. Do you want to know how to grow marijuana with big buds? Then read on.

How to grow marijuana with big buds: lighting

Regarding light, 2 things are important if you want to grow a healthy plant with a similar crop. The first is the intensity of the light. And the second is the light color.

The more light the buds catch, the larger they grow. Install your plants in a way that the entire foliage is illuminated evenly. Make sure your lamps are not too close to the plants, otherwise fire spots can occur. But again, too far away has a negative influence on the intensity, so make sure you have a middle ground. You can test the intensity of the light with your hand. Just feel if the light is too warm for you by keeping your hand at the same height as the leaves. If it feels too hot, then it is also too hot for the plant.

Light consists of a number of light frequencies. Marijuana is sensitive to certain frequencies during a certain growth period. The red frequency of the light is most effective in the flowering period. Ideally you use a lamp with 660nm in that phase. Marijuana is able to use red most effectively, but keep in mind that cannabis uses the entire light spectrum, not just red.

How to grow marijuana with big buds: temperature

A marijuana plant grows best at a constant temperature. They don’t like fluctuations. Keep the temperature within the correct levels. Not above 30°C during the day, because too much heat damages the tops. A temperature between 17 and 26 °C is ideal for cannabis. If your plants start flowering early outdoors this can cause problems in the hot months of July and August. Keep them cool by spraying water. Or use a sunscreen to create shade.

Which type of marijuana produces large buds?

marijuana with big buds

All healthy, mature plants generally produce large flower tops. But one strain stands out, and it is named after his abilities: Big Bud. Buy your Big Bud seeds online at Amsterdam Marijuana Seedbank, your trusted seed bank from Amsterdam. This way you are assured of the very best quality.

Other factors

Other factors to take into account if you want to grow marijuana with large buds, are nutrition and humidity. The humidity is strongly related to the temperature. Use a hygrometer to stay within the ideal values. To know which nutrition your plant needs in which growth phase, you will learn as you gain more growing experience. Your plant needs nitrogen in the vegetative phase and more potassium in the flowering period. Always follow a feeding schedule.

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