Smoking pot and studying

Smoking pot and studying

smoking pot and studying
smoking pot and studying
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Are you a student and do you smoke pot while studying? Have you ever wondered if that influences your study results? Let’s dive in, because it’s an interesting topic. Read on and check all the facts about smoking pot and studying. 

Sure, you now hope that we will say that weed use is positive, right? That you will get awesome study results out of it. Well, that’s not the case, but some of it is kind of true. Moderate use of pot could have a positive influence on study results. But that’s just the tricky part. Because moderate is relative. What is a good dose for one student may be too much for another. And vice versa. But first, let’s see why smoking pot and studying go well together in some cases. So read on and study this article carefully!

First, let’s start by stating clearly that you should not smoke pot if you are still a minor. It has been researched and proven that cannabis is harmful to brain development if you are under 10 years old. Weed or marijuana or skunk or cannabis or pot or whatever you want to call it has adverse effects on teenagers. Are you still a teenager? Then go and read a comic book or play outside! And come back when you are old enough to delve into the use of cannabis.

Is smoking pot and studying a good idea? 

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If you are in high school you may have come in contact with weed. The general opinion is that smoking pot has a bad influence on productivity and motivation. But what about all those students who claim the opposite? Which indicate that they can actually work more effectively? Let us look at this subject from different angles and weigh the pros and cons about smoking pot and studying. 

Benefits of smoking pot when studying

Suppose you have achieved good results after a period of intensive studying, then a cannabis high is a nice reward. But  the question of whether you also benefit from smoking pot while you are studying is difficult to answer. Scientifically, there is only evidence for the use of weed on medical indication with epilepsy patients and people with autism. Patients with these conditions report being more relaxed, focusing better and sleeping better. Research shows that it is mainly the cannabinoid CBD that is responsible for this. So in such cases the use of marijuana can have a positive influence. Marijuana is often part of the treatment plan for these disorders.

But what about students who don’t have these diseases? Do they also benefit from smoking pot while studying? The evidence is not immediately there. But let’s take a step back and look at it differently. If you study, you also need enough sleep, right? As good advise you often get to hear that you should go to bed on time, so that you can return to your studies well-rested and fit the next day. Then an Indica strain can help. Indicas are known for their soothing effects that bring more focus. Moreover, the cerebral intoxication may give you creative thinking power. This also fuels your enthusiasm about studying. Smoking pot has no direct influence on positive study results. But indirectly you could benefit as a student. 

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