Stereotypes about pot smokers

Stereotypes about pot smokers

pot smoker stereotypes
pot smoker stereotypes
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We all know that there are many stereotypical ideas about stoners going around. How did these stereotypes come about? And, perhaps more importantly, how can you get rid of them again? It must be said that the stereotype image of the stoner is changing, in particular due to legalization. Let’s take a closer look at how things are going with stereotypes about pot smokers and how it has changed over time. 

Stereotype: pot smokers have no job

This stereotype idea about pot smokers is very much rubbed in by our parents. Didn’t your parents tell you the same? You must have heard it a couple of times when they caught you smoking a spliff. And has this warning come true? Probably not. Hey, there are lazy pot smokers who hang out on the couch all day, they do certainly exist. But on this point the opposite is certainly true, because there are countless success stories that support it. Many successful business people who are at the top of multinationals also regularly smoke a joint. But people who have a normal job also perform well if they use cannabis every now and then. It is not black and white, as many people tend to say and think about it. You can have a good job and occasionally smoke weed. Really, you can! It is not that you have to choose one or the other. As long as you handle it responsibly and use common sense, these two can coexist well. It is very simple, if you think the use of weed makes you less productive, then it is time to use less. Simple as that. You know where to draw the line, so be strict with yourself! Read on and learn more about stereotypes about pot smokers.

Stereotype: pot smokers have little motivation

pot smoker stereotype

We all know the stereotype that pot smokers are lazy. How would you describe the stereotype smoker yourself? Exactly, as a lazy fuck who is hanging in front of the tube all day, eating Doritos, and ordering Pizza’s. Actually, this doesn’t sound that bad at all, does it? But people who smoke pot really do more than this. Yes, they also hang on the couch and yes, they also eat Doritos when the munchies kick in, and yes they also like to watch stupid TV shows. But don’t we all, sometimes? But in addition to these stereotypical images, they still have a life that is not just about doing nothing and smoking pot. Many stoners have good professional carriers. Some, but certainly not all, work in the cannabis industry. They are committed to polishing the image of the typical stoner. The cannabis industry has become a million dollar business. Did you think you could run a profitable company with several employees successfully by lying on the couch all day with a bag of chips? I do not think so. Yes, there will be stoners that don’t do much with their lives, but the majority has a good job, and probably works harder than most people who only criticize.

How can you counter stereotype ideas about pot smokers?

Nowadays you can also use pot in many more ways than just smoking it. So the stereotypical image of a lazy guy surrounded by a cloud of weed smoke also disappears slowly. Because more and more cool vapes and other lifestyle products are being used, and that also contributes to the different image. Also, weed users are becoming more open and honest about their use. This is because the use of cannabis is becoming legal in more and more places. 

Use your potential

More and more well-known and successful people come up with the fact that they sometimes smoke pot. This makes makes it a kind of confirmation that being successful and the use of weed can go well together. So, how can you change stereotype ideas about pot smokers? By using your potential and enjoying life with cannabis. Just do both. Work hard, get your career on the move, and occasionally blow off some steam with your favorite strain.  

Ensure a healthy lifestyle

Another way to counter stereotypes about pot smokers: ensure a healthy lifestyle. It is very tempting to get a burger or pizza after smoking pot, but make sure you don’t do it 4 times a week. Working out regularly is also a good idea. You notice the effect of a healthy lifestyle very quickly. These two can also go well together. Occasionally smoking a joint fits well into a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you have a healthy routine and you will see that it will get noticed and you will get compliments about how good you look. To be a stoner that has a healthy lifestyle and looks great, doesn’t everyone want that?

There is less stigma nowadays around stoners, but maybe it never disappears completely. Of course you do not change an image that has been built up in almost 100 years from one day to the next. But these changes do start with you and everyone in the cannabis community. Just like everyone else, you are part of society. So make sure that using cannabis can never be the reason for things in your life that don’t go well. Hey, nobody is perfect, not even a stoner! So keep using cannabis, as long as it doesn’t get in your way of doing things. 

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