Stoned Or High?

Stoned Or High?

stoned or high
stoned or high
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The terms stoned or high are often used interchangeably. For many smokers they mean the same thing. Or is there really a difference? And which cannabis strains will make you stoned or high? Read on and discover the differences and similarities.

The difference between stoned or high

If you smoke weed, or eat, or drink, or vape weed, or whatever consumption method you choose, it can evoke very different experiences. But how do you know if you get stoned or high? It already starts with the consumption method. The way you use cannabis influences the effect. And different cannabis strains also have different effects. How can you call up a certain effect? How do you know if you are getting stoned or high? And how big is the difference between the two? Read on and discover everything.

Feeling stoned or high or buzzed

As you know, the use of weed is increasingly being accepted. The terms high and stoned indicate the psychoactive effects that arise from the THC. And these psychoactive effects are either relaxed or stimulating. Read on and learn the differences between having a buzz, feeling high, and feeling stoned.

The feeling of being high

feeling high

When you consume cannabis, you first feel a buzz. This buzz comes before the high, it is actually a kind of pre-stage. A high provides an uplifting effect, you get a happy feeling and you feel inspired. It also makes you relaxed, you feel chilled out. How the high develops and how strong it is depends, among other things, on the marijuana strain, how much experience you have, and how you consume it. For example, smoking cannabis gives a different experience than consuming edibles or dabbing a cannabis concentrate.

A high can sometimes take up to 3 hours. If the intoxication of the buzz turns into the high, then the experience depends on the person. It is different for everyone. Many smokers also start giggling in the buzz phase.

The feeling of being stoned

A stone feels cuddly, distressed, relaxed and heavy. It is therefore very different from a high, which is much more energetic. A high is exciting and fast. A stone is languid and peaceful.

What do you prefer, being stoned or high? Tell us in the comments!

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