Which vaporizer to choose?

Which vaporizer to choose?

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Vaping cannabis has become very popular lately. But which vaporizer should you choose? There are so many different vaporizers for sale that it is quite difficult to purchase a vape and make the right choice. Read on, because in this article we tell you everything about vaping and the differences between all those vapes on the market.

Choose the best vaporizer


Many pot smokers switch to vaping. Do you also think about making that choice? Remember that vaping involves fewer health risks because you vaporize the cannabis and do not burn it. So switching from smoking to vaping is a good idea in terms of health. The vapor that occurs during vaping does not contain any harmful substances that do occur during combustion. Another big advantage of vaping is that it is easier in public places. The smell of vaping is much less noticeable and therefore vaping is much more discreet compared to smoking.

What should you look for when choosing a vape?

There is a lot to choose from in the vape area. Maybe there is too much choice. Cannabis lovers who want to vape their beloved herb can choose from a very large selection of different vapes. So which vaporizer to choose? Within the vapes section there are a number of differences in which you first have to make a choice. Read further, because we show what these differences mean. Then you know what to look for when you buy a vaporizer.

First consider what you are going to do with your vape

Before you buy a vape, you must know what you will do with it. Because many vaporizers can only vaporize dried buds. That is fine if that is your goal. But if you also want to evaporate cannabis concentrates, you have to buy a different type of vape. In addition, there are vapes for sale that can handle both, evaporate herbs as well as concentrates. So, which vaporizer to choose? First consider what you will do with your vaporizer.

Take your budget into account

Vaporizers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. And the more functionalities there are on the vape, the more expensive it is. Suppose you want to vape concentrates and buds, you will have to buy an extensive vape, which often also has extra heating chambers. It is always a better idea to invest in a vape that you can use for a longer time. In addition it is nice if you are not limited in what kind of materials your vape can handle. That costs some more, but you also enjoy it more.

What kind of vape do you use?

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