Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

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If you want to buy cannabis seeds online, the quantity offered can cause a lot of doubt and confusion. Certainly if you are going to purchase weed seeds for the first time, the choice is overwhelming. There are so many different marijuana strains that you just don’t know what to choose. Are you going for a weed strain with a high THC content, or for a plant that produces buds with a lot of CBD? Do you choose a feminized strain or an autoflowering strain? And what about a Cannabis Cup winner? So before you can buy your cannabis seeds online, let’s take a closer look at all these different cannabis strains and options.

Cannabis strains and their differences

So what do you have to pay attention to when you scour the internet for cannabis seeds? Where to start when you want to buy weed seeds online? All strains have their own unique properties in terms of effects, but also in terms of growth characteristics. Imagine that you are going to grow indoors, then there are certain weed strains that you should not choose. For example, strains that grow very large. In an indoor growing room you probably have no room for a very tall plant, which may easy reach 3.5 meters in height. Inside, you benefit more from a marijuana strain that produces small, broad, bushy plants. So think carefully about the space and circumstances in which you grow before you purchase your cannabis seeds.

Cannabis strains and their different effects


You can also base your choice on the effect of a particular marijuana strain. THC is the most active substance in cannabis, but many people now opt for a strain in which THC and CBD are more balanced. More and more is known about the benefits of CBD, and the future of this cannabinoid is very promising. If you want to take advantage of the health-promoting properties of CBD, you could opt for a high CBD strain that contains very little (sometimes only 0.2%) THC. The other way around is also possible. If you want a powerful, euphoric feeling, then you can opt for a weed strain that is packed with THC.


Which strain to choose when buying cannabis seeds online? 

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There are two clear camps within the entire marijuana field. On the one hand you have the cannabis sativa, on the other hand you have cannabis indica. They both come from completely different parts of the world, and they both have their own unique characteristics. Sativas grow into tall, slender plants, compared to cannabis indica that grow smaller and wider. The flowering time of a sativa is also longer than that of an indica. Another difference is the leaf of the plant. Indicas have smaller leaves, and they are wider. Indicas are a little easier to grow than sativas.

The difference in effect is that a sativa provides a high feeling, and an indica rather a stoned feeling. Keep in mind when you buy cannabis seeds that 100% indica or 100% sativa is almost non-existent. Most strains are hybrid strains and have something of both types of cannabis and one of them is dominant. The aroma and taste can also be a decisive reason for choosing a certain cannabis strain. Some strains have a pronounced sweet or fruity taste and aroma.

Enjoy buying your cannabis seeds online

When buying a weed strain, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. The purchasing process is a lot of fun, but also very important. Certainly if you do not have much experience with growing, it is an advantage if you choose a cannabis strain that has easy grow characteristics and that also fits well with your personal growing skills and conditions. Have fun picking out your seeds and: happy growing!

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Green Crack auto-fem is the perfect cannabis strain for beginning growers.

The Cappuccino 420, a cultivar from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS), presents a terpene profile that’s reminiscent of a barista-grade coffee with subtle creamy undertones. On the inhale, one can discern notes of freshly roasted coffee beans, complemented by a lingering hashy finish that’s quite pronounced on the exhale. With a genetic makeup leaning heavily towards Indica at 85%, with the remaining 15% Sativa, this strain is best reserved for evening sessions, ideal for connoisseurs looking to decompress post-daily grind. The Cappucino strain bud structure is impressive, exhibiting large colas generously frosted with trichomes, indicative of its potency and aromatic richness. This is a strain that any cannabis aficionado would appreciate for its nuanced flavor profile and robust effects.

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