How to hotbox your blanket? (including 4 tips)

How to hotbox your blanket? (including 4 tips)

Girl smoking weed
Girl smoking weed
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Hotboxing weed means smoking your weed in a small, unventilated space. That could be done under a blanket, in your bathroom, in a closet, at the basement, igloo, under a shed, or in your car. The weed smoke or vape becomes trapped as it is exhaled, fills the air, and often creates giant clouds of smoke that billow in the space provided. 

When the smoke enters the lungs, the overall experience is enhanced, something stoners value in their smoking career. Though hotboxing was an act of rebellion where smokers hid to light up their joints, it is now becoming an acceptable cannabis culture and a primary activity that has been practiced by almost every stoner. 

There are many methods of consuming weed, including edibles, smoking openly, or vaping using bongs, but the reason why they consider hotboxing varies. For some, it may be for convenience purposes, or it could be the only appropriate place to smoke at the time. 

Some would want to try to contain the smoke in one space so that its smell doesn’t spread up the rest of an area. Apart from these reasons, it could be just for fun and adventure of seeing how much smoke will build up in the confined space by the time a roll is wholly burnt.

Most of the time, however, people hotbox to get high. It makes some sense to sit in a cloud of cannabis and enjoy the vape, get the most of the cannabinoids out of your joint as well as getting high without much inconveniences of buying expensive bongs and other accessories. 

Recent research done at the John Hopkins University on contact highs, specifically the effects of hotboxing, found out that hotboxing weed works. Non-smokers can get high if left with smokers in an enclosed room full of vapes. 

Although the researchers also found out that there was no difference in cannabinoid levels in smokers who hotboxed and those who smoked in well-ventilated rooms. The study also revealed that non-smokers who are left in smoky rooms or are exposed to cannabis smoke would test high cannabinoid levels. 

When the THC levels were tested, the results showed equivalent levels with those of the same room smokers. That tells you that your favorite smoke exposes your community to dangers associated with smoking weed. That proves hotboxing works great.

There are many fantasies associated with hotboxing, especially the exciting moments of trying to get high in a smoky environment with pals. Not everyone finds weed smoke fun. When you hotbox, it is a way of being respectful to your friends and neighbors who may not see the scent as irritating. That makes hotboxing a community-friendly event.

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Hotboxing With A Blanket

Doing it with a blanket is one of the most exciting ways of hotboxing. Besides getting you high in minutes, it is a discreet way to enjoy your joint without your neighbors poking their noses at your activity. Hotboxing ensures that all of the THC gets in your lungs within seconds.

The blanket method requires pillows and a large-sized blanket to fit well and invite your pals to enjoy the vape as well. You will find it more comfortable and enjoyable to vape on your bed than anywhere else. Some people prefer down on the carpet or lying or sitting on the couch. 

If you are hotboxing on the bed or carpet, do the same way you played childhood games with your pillows. I’m sure you created dummy tents using your blankets and drapers those days. Those are the same skills you will require to make a blanket room for hotboxing. 

Place the pillows along the edges of your bed or carpet and place the blanket on the pillows to create a room. If you choose to sit or lie on your couch, there is enough support for your blanket, meaning that you will require a few pillows, if any. 

Light sufficiently rolled buds to build in enough smoke and ensure that the smoke doesn’t escape your “blanket” room. Be careful not to burn your blanket or couch. That can turn the session into chaos, especially if you have to attend to burns or put off fire outbursts. With these few items and precautions at your disposal, you are ready to start. You can invite your fellow stoners for a thrilling experience.

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Tips On Hotboxing A Blanket

Sessions with a friend or two are more enjoyable than being alone. Friends will help to get many blunts for maximum smoke in the blanket. Doing it alone will require that you set up the hotbox independently, which is more involving and less enjoyable. Here are a few tips to make your session thrilling:

  • Use a rolled smoked joint method as it produces more smoke than any other method. You want your blanket room to be smoky until you can see through. Any other process may not produce enough smoke for hotboxing in a blanket. Though smoking inside a blanket may be dangerous, it is safer than the other methods when done carefully. You don’t want to stop the session in the middle because of fire outbursts and severe burns on your skin.


  • One joint is not enough. Get several joints to hotbox your blanket fully. Multiple joints are best in rotation. You can assign everyone in the blanket a bud to smoke. Getting enough joints will save you time by maximizing smoke in the room in a short duration. Keep watch on your pals as a slight mistake can lead to severe burns. Disintegrated joints can burn light up the fire, and before you realize, you have suffered enough burns to continue. 


  • Before you start your session, get fully loaded with enough snacks and drinks. Letting your fellow hotboxers out of the blanket or room to go and get a snack or a drink will allow your precious THC-laden air out of the hotbox. That will force you to start the process all over again. It wastes time and money to begin by setting up the pillows and getting new buds, and rolling them afresh. Keep a bottle of water and cans of sodas within reach to keep you well hydrated throughout.


  • Another factor to consider is entertainment. You are not going to enjoy a quiet dump hotboxing session. Getting your favorite playlist is essential in boosting the hotbox vibe. You can allow your friend to create a unique playlist that will get everyone entertained and excited throughout the session.  


Dangers Of Hotboxing A Blanket

Reaching climax during hotboxing sessions requires that you puff a hot joint while being tucked inside your blanket. No amount of oxygen is allowed in. The process involves the combustion of the whole joint and the production of a lot of smoke. Lack of oxygen and combustion of weed is a recipe for disaster. 

From the basic things, you learned in school about the hazards of lack of oxygen to severe and fatal burns. We have come up with some of the dangers associated with hotboxing with a blanket. You need to be aware of these before inviting your friend for a hotboxing session.

  1. Hypercarbia

Hotboxing requires that you seal off any air from getting inside the room created by the blanket. Oxygen circulation gets limited as you go on with your vaping experience. One of the reasons why hotboxing is dangerous to you is lack of ventilation and oxygen, which can cause carbon dioxide (CO2) levels to rise in your blood. 

High levels of CO2 in the blood are referred to as Hypercarbia or Hypercapnia. The condition is caused by lack of enough or no ventilation, which causes shallow breathing. That prevents you from breathing in enough oxygen. The fresh oxygenated air you breathe in eventually gets over because there is no circulation, leaving you only with carbon dioxide to breathe in. 

Lack of oxygen in your blood can cause dire consequences such as coma, convulsions, and asphyxia. When hotboxing a blanket, symptoms to watch out include dizziness, headaches, difficult breathing, increased heart rate, tiredness, sweating, and elevated blood pressure. Some people experience a tingling or needle feeling on their skin. These are the significant signs of increased levels of carbon dioxide in your blood circulation.

When you use marijuana for a long time, especially while hotboxing, it can lead to hypercapnia, also known as hypercarbia. Hypercapnia is a dangerous condition that can lead to other health conditions like lung disease and brain function. That can happen slowly or suddenly without you feeling it and usually results in fatalities.

To prevent Hypercarbia, you can minimize the number of times you hotbox in, say, a month. Minimizing the duration, you stay inside the blanket can help you to get more oxygen for your lungs. You can also opt for other ways of enjoying your weed, such as vaping with a bong or smoking in well-ventilated places.

    2. Severe Burns

During the hotboxing, you must burn your joint so that it can produce smoke. Burnt weed can disintegrate the rolling paper and drop it on your bed. Disintegration happens if the quality of the rolling paper is poor. The results of a disintegrated rolling paper can be devastating. You or your friends can incur severe burns on your skin or cause a fire in your home. When hotboxing, be sober and careful enough to avoid dropping burnt weed on your beddings.

   3. Addiction

Hot boxing a blanket can get you addicted to marijuana. Though there are believes that marijuana is a natural drug, the plant can get you hooked to it for life. That is especially if you hotbox frequently. Marijuana contains a chemical known as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is a mind-altering chemical. The chemical can cause addiction besides other intense, dangerous side effects. 

Hotboxers are more exposed to such side effects and other health conditions. Some of the side effects of hotboxing sessions include disorientation, dizziness, cognitive impairment, and delusions, among others. If you develop a dependency on marijuana, seek immediate treatment.

   4. Exposing Non-Smokers To Second-Hand Smoke

When you are done with hotboxing a blanket, there are traces of marijuana smoke left in the air. The smoke is mixed with the drug’s chemicals and carbon dioxide that you exhale. Second-hand smoke can expose your non-smoking friends to toxins like Ammonia Arsenic, Hydrogen Cyanide, Aromatic Amines, Acetaldehyde, Cadmium, Chromium, Quinoline, among others.

These are dangerous chemicals that can cause cancer and other adverse health conditions. Hotboxing puts you at that risk as well as your non-smoking friends and neighbors.

To minimize these effects, turn on your air purifier. An air purifier works by pulling air from the environment through a series of filters. It will remove harmful particles, odors, bacteria, and carbon dioxide from the air. 

To completely control odor, use a purifier with a carbon filter or charcoal-filled purifier. You can also open your windows and doors to allow the bad air to escape and allow fresh one into the room. When your roommate is home, they won’t notice any scent or odor. 

You can also consider placing a hot towel on the door to prevent any fumes from escaping out when hotboxing. Some smoke can get out of your blanket and find its way outside the room. Your neighbors will not like that, especially if they know the dangers of secondhand smoking. The wet towel will act as a defense to that and suck all the smoke as you enjoy inside your blanket.

These options and several others you can invent can make a noticeable difference in protecting your non-smoking community.

   5. Getting Yourself On The Other Side Of Law

If you are in the states that haven’t legalized medical and recreational marijuana use and possession, you could be stirring trouble by hotboxing. If you are caught up by the extended hand of the law, you will be picked for processing. 

The police will test you and your friends for THC in your blood. If you are found positive of the drug, you will be charged for joint possession of cannabis. Before you engage in hotboxing, check out your state and laws to avoid such instances of embarrassment.

Smoking under your covers traps enough smoke for you. It ensures that your valuable smoke isn’t wasted at all. Hotboxing a blanket will require you to plan by inviting your fellow stoners, getting enough buds to ensure enough smoke, getting pillows to mount your blanket well and shopping for enough snacks and drinks to keep you inside the hotbox. 

Ensure optimal weed use and always put your non-smoking community into consideration. Your safety is vital to allow you to enjoy exciting sessions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hotboxing in a car dangerous?

It can be dangerous hotboxing a car or from any other closed place because the lack of enough air in any enclosure increases marijuana effects. You can reduce hotboxing car effects by ensuring the car windows are open to allow fresh air flow in and out of the car.


Can you hotbox with a puff bar?

It will be a bit hazy if you try to hotbox with a puff bar because the vapor tends to dissipate too fast. It is possible to blow out extremely huge and dense clouds but they will soon disappear. Vaping indoors not only helps you get the most out of hotboxing but also doesn’t affect others.


Does hotboxing make you smell?

Hotboxing smell lasts some 30 minutes, after which, it tends to disappear. The first 10 minutes are the smelliest. It is easy to mistake hotbox smell with the smell of dirty clothes, smelly socks or even sweaty armpits. However, after about 40 minutes, the hotboxing smell will be gone completely.


Does hotboxing with a blanket work?

Hotboxing a blanket works and it is one of the most exciting ways of hotboxing. Besides getting you high in minutes, hotboxing a blanket is one of the discreet ways of enjoying your joint without your neighbors poking their noses your way. Hotboxing a blanket helps you ingest all THC contents in the joint into your lungs fast.


Does hotboxing in a car make it smell?

Hotboxing a car will definitely make it smell for a few minutes before the smell disappears. The first 10 minutes after hotboxing a car will be the smelliest but the smell will soon disappear. After about 40 minutes of fresh air flowing in and out of the car, the smell will vanish completely.


Can you hotbox with a weed pen?

The cannabis concentrate inside a weed pen does not create smoke, which is ideal for hotboxing. Instead, a weed pen vaporizes cannabis thus you cannot hotbox with weed pen. To work, the handheld device works when the battery powers the cartridge containing the weed to release the vapor.


Can you hotbox with ac on?

You cannot hotbox with ac on because air conditioners are built with filters that improve air quality, thus depriving you of the full benefits of hotboxing if the ac is on. Besides, the amount of pollutants a cigarette/weed emits coats your ac filter with substantive residue, making it difficult for the ac to do its work properly.


Does hotboxing get you more high?

Hotboxing in an enclosure such as a room with closed windows or a car, gets you more high. The effects are so intense to the point that even the nonsmokers in the room or car can feel some sort of high for the first few hours of hotboxing. The cognitive performance actually drops during that time.

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