Cannabis and creativity

Cannabis and creativity

cannabis and creativity
cannabis and creativity
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It is often suggested that the use cannabis stimulates creativity. Artists, designers, concept developers and creative people of all kinds use the herb to look at issues more freely and openly and to be able to come up with out of the box ideas. But is there a proven link between cannabis and creativity? And which cannabis strains ensure that you become more creative? In this article we provide answers to these questions and more. We have also compiled a list of cannabis strains that will fuel your creativity. So dive in, and discover everything about cannabis and creativity. 

Mind-expanding substances are fascinating. Although it will certainly not have the same positive effect for everyone, it is a fact that fantastic, creative ideas have arisen under the influence of drugs. Some of those ideas have even changed the world. But the question that also arises is: would these ideas have arisen even if the person concerned had been sober? In other words: do drugs fuel creativity? Or do we just think it was the drug which made us come up with such awesome ideas. Of course, it is never possible to find out whether an idea arises because of drugs. The person in question is likely to say so, but you never know for sure.

Mind-expanding effects of cannabis

Cannabis (marijuana, pot, ganja, weed, Marie Jane) is by far the most popular substance for many artists and creative thinkers because of its mind-expanding, relaxing effects which provoke creativity. It is well known that pot makes you relaxed. And it is precisely these kinds of relaxed situations, where you can be completely yourself, and feel free to express yourself creatively. 

Famous people who use cannabis to fuel creativity

lady gaga

Cannabis use is still illegal in many places around the world. And so, it has been in the past, too. However, there have always been creative thinkers who did not hide the use of cannabis to stimulate their creativity. They publicly showed their support of cannabis. 

Here is a list of famous folks who regularly and openly use or used cannabis:

  • Lady Gaga
  • Salvador Dali
  • Snoop Dogg
  • William Shakespeare
  • Bill Gates
  • Madonna
  • Elon Musk
  • Mike Tyson

Of course, this list is not complete. This is just a handful of people from the large group of marijuana supporters. But it does show that the herb is seen as useful by various creative people throughout history.

If people with authoritative influence openly support the use of cannabis, then the creative potential and possibilities have resonance within society and it paves the way for further legalization.

The relationship between cannabis and creativity

The fact that famous people share their positive experiences about marijuana use reflects on society. But it will certainly not remove all prejudices – certainly not for people who are skeptical about the use of cannabis, or have had a bad experience with the herb. Nowadays something is only true when it is researched and proven. On the one hand that is a frustrating process, on the other hand it forces researchers to look critically at all facets and to come up with an objective judgment. This is the only way to really erase all prejudices and provide clear answers. 

Studies on the correlation between cannabis and creativity

Several studies show the correlation between cannabis and creativity. But as always is the case with studies on the effects of marijuana, this research is also way too limited. Yes, it shows that cannabis could promote creativity. But the studies are not representative. In addition, it is never examined whether different cannabis strains have a different influence. And as you know, there are many different strains, all of which have a different effect. Moreover, it has nerver been studied whether a difference in the dosage of cannabis has an effect on the degree to which creativity is promoted. The study is therefore very unilateral, and on many aspects it raises more questions than it provides answers.

But a cautious assumption that cannabis affects creativity may be enough for most people. Not every user needs detailed scientific evidence. They just trust on what they feel and experience themselves. That’s how it often works with medical marijuana, too. The legalization process of medical marijuana is taking small steps forward, but many patients no longer wait, and take action themselves. Before studies confirm what we known for a long time, we can be years ahead. This is also the case, regarding cannabis and creativity. Users don’t wait until a scientific study gets published, but make up their own minds themselves. The first step towards scientific proof is enough for users to confirm their experiences.

Cannabis increases activity in frontal lobe

The use of cannabis ensures that more blood flows to the frontal brain lobe. This leads to the fact that the frontal lobe becomes more active. Neurotransmitters also show increased activity.

Creative processes and the influence of cannabis

human brain and cannabis

People who work in creative professions, show an increased activity in the frontal lobe. This part of the human brain plays a role in multiple functions including pleasure, addiction, laughter and rewarding. The frontal lobe has a direct influence on the creative drive of people.

It is assumed that “divergent thinking” is related to creative processes. The use of cannabis activates the frontal lobe and thus stimulates the creative drive. The use of cannabis also stimulates divergent thinking, in which freer thinking is associated.

The dopamine level and the influence of cannabis on creativity

If you use cannabis, then it temporarily increases the dopamine level in the body. This temporarily stimulates creative thinking. It actually works the other way around, because the latent inhibitions are decreasing. This then promotes the search for out of the box solutions. You start thinking and associating more freely and you see everything in a broader spectrum. This can then lead to solutions that you normally would not have thought of. An increased dopamine level ensures that you start looking for new solutions.

Without that upsurge in dopamine level, you tend to regard sensory stimuli as unimportant. In fact, things are being ignored that could be valuable.

The influence certain stimulation have on the mind diminishes. As a result, the brain needs to process and evaluate less data, and so abstract thinking increases. This process is very valuable for brainstorming and other processes where creative solutions are being sought.

Not all sensory stimuli are reduced. There are also stimuli that are reinforced. This changes the overall perception which can lead to more creativity.

Other parts of the brain are also activated by dopamine. For example, this chemical compound also influences the reward-enhancing system in the brain. This system can also influence creativity because it encourages you to explore new things.

When increasing creativity, being curious and hungry for new things is an important factor. Dopamine increases the desire to experience, see and develop new things, and that opens a gateway to creative solutions.

Cannabis strains that stimulate creativity

So,it is true that there is a connection between the use of cannabis and creativity. This scientifically proven link is also confirmed by many cannabis users.

There are many, many cannabis strains. They all belong to the same plant species, but the effects are often very different per species. Some strains provide a heavy, relaxed body stone, while others provide that typical uplifting high feeling. But which cannabis strain stimulates creativity?

There are cannabis strains for sale which are famous for their uplifting, creative effects. Many artists confirm they work more freely and creatively through it. In other words, those strains stimulate creativity.

The tricky thing about the effects of cannabis is that it is always subjective. The active substances in the herb react with receptors in the human body. And what effects this causes depends entirely on the user in question and his or hers biochemistry.

The combination of the unique biochemistry of the user and the active substances of the cannabis cause the high. And that high is therefore different for every user. This also relates to the entourage effect. The entourage effect implies that the receptors in the human body respond to cannabinoids. These cannabinoids can be produces by the body itself, but they can also come in from outside, such as when consuming cannabis.

But even though the effects of cannabis are different for every user and the high is subjective, there is agreement on which cannabis strains fuel creativity. The question now is how you react to it yourself. But many users worldwide indicate that the following strain works so mind-expanding that the creative thinking process gets wings.

Creative cannabis strain: New York Turbo Diesel

Who doesn’t know this classic cannabis strain: New York Turbo Diesel. A globally known strain that is praised for its powerful effects. The strain owes its name to the diesel-like aroma.

New York Turbo Diesel is a hybrid strain. It is Sativa-dominant, with an indica / sativa ratio of 25 versus 75. The high is described as stimulating, cheerful and happy. It causes a roller coaster of creative ideas and cheerful emotions. The happy thoughts caused by New York Turbo Diesel will result in many beautiful creative ideas. At least, it gets you in the right creative mood. Whatever comes out, we’ll have to wait and see. 

Growing your own creative cannabis strain

Are you ready to grow a creative cannabis strain yourself? Of course, you are ready for that. Growing cannabis yourself is incredibly fun to do and it gives a lot of satisfaction. New York Turbo Diesel has great grow characteristics and big yields. 

Buy New York Turbo Diesel seeds

New York turbo diesel seeds

You don’t buy the best New York Turbo Diesel seeds in the Big Apple itself, you order them directly online from Amsterdam. Amsterdam Marijuana Seedbank has been number 1 for years when it comes to delivering the very best New York Turbo Diesel seeds (and many other strains) worldwide. Their priority is to supply the highest quality and to provide excellent customer service. So, go check out their extensive collection of weed seeds or buy your New York Turbo Diesel seeds straigt away.

The Light of Jah is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain, often synonymous with the renowned Jack Herer, but it can also denote a hybrid between Jack Herer and Afghani. This particular hybrid variation leans more towards its sativa lineage, offering uplifting effects that stimulate creativity and foster positive moods. When consumed, users can expect a flavor profile that melds sweet tropical fruit notes with a hashy, peppery spice. The strain is known to produce feelings of energy, talkativeness, and focus. Light of Jah strain has been found effective in alleviating stress, anxiety, and depression by a significant number of users. In terms of its terpene composition, myrcene is the most abundant, followed by caryophyllene and limonene.

The cannabis plant is a great plant that has a lot more to offer than we know so far. Every day new things are added to the list of unique effects and properties. It’s a fact that the use of cannabis stimulates creativity. But as said, everyone reacts differently to the active substances of cannabis. So, there is really only 1 thing left to do: test what cannabis does to you and see if it fuels your creativity. Happy toking!

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