Make a delicious marijuana smoothie

marijuana smoothie
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Have you ever tried a marijuana smoothie? It is a very pleasant way to use marijuana in a different way than smoking it. And even if you are familiar with marijuana edibles, a smoothie is another fun new way to consume marijuana. In addition, you can add all sorts of healthy ingredients and fruits to the smoothie. So you also work on a healthy lifestyle and make a delicious marijuana smoothie. Are you ready for it? Grab your blender and get started!

How to make a marijuana smoothie

Stoners are not known for their healthy lifestyle. But you will change that from today! A regular smoothie is already very tasty, but adding cannabis makes it very special. You don’t even have to make such a super healthy green smoothie, but you can also use tropical fruit, strawberries or blueberries and add weed. A smoothie without THC or CBD is nice, but as a stoner you want to add your favorite plant to everything! Rightly so. Because adding marijuana to your food provides extra nutritional value. So you actually improve the smoothie. Only from a cannabis perspective!

Check this article and discover all sorts of fun, tasty and healthy smoothie ideas. So read on and make a delicious marijuana smoothie!

Marijuana in your smoothie


You don’t need much marijuana for a powerful smoothie. But how do you get the effective ingredients out of your marijuana and put it in your smoothie? This is possible by making cannabis milk. You dissolve the marijuana as it were in milk, which gives the milk the psychoactive properties. And then add this to your smoothie. You can also add a spoonful of cannabutter to your smoothie.

How do you make cannabis milk?

Grind a few grams of weed. Minimum 1 gram and maximum 4 gram. Heat a pan with milk to around 70 degrees (do not let it boil). Add a dash of whipped cream in the milk. Now add your crushed marijuana and heat everything at a low temperature for one hour. It is important that you do not let it get too hot, so do not let it boil, otherwise it will affect the THC content. After one hour the effective ingredients from the marijuana are absorbed into the milk. Sieve all the plant remains from the milk and let cool. When the milk has cooled completely you can add it to other dishes such as a delicious marijuana smoothie. Simple, right?

How do you make that delicious smoothie?

Making the smoothie is really very easy. The cannabis milk forms the basis. Put it in the blender. Add fruit to your own insight. You can add 1 type or a combination of different types of fruit. Use your creativity! Banana, blueberries and strawberries, for example, is a delicious combo. Do you like sweet? Then choose sweet fruit and add honey or a little vanilla sugar. And now: just blend! Put your device on the highest setting and blend everything for a minute or two. Pour your smoothie into a tall glass, garnish with some fruit and put a straw in it! Tadaa, that’s how you make your own delicious marijuana smoothie in no time. Enjoy!

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