Cannabis Trellising – The 411

Cannabis Trellising – The 411

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Growing cannabis is something that is now more popular than ever before and, because so many people are doing it, there are now tons of new, innovative ideas floating around all to do with how weed can be grown better, faster – and more plentiful than lots of individuals ever thought possible. Cannabis trellising is one of these innovations, and it could be just what you need to increase your yield and get a leg up in the industry:

Trellises: the 411

It’s pretty simple really. A trellis looks a little like a wire tomato cage, although instead of being used to support tomato plants, its used to grow weed. You can position your trellis either vertically or horizontally to get the most out of the space (and light) you have to work with. Trellising works because marijuana plants bend and grow with the structure, meaning that extra branches will sprout and weave through the gaps in the net, meaning bigger harvests. 

Who invented it?

Well, contrary to what I said earlier about new, innovative ideas – trellising isn’t exactly new. In fact, it actually dates back to Roman times. It’s just that people have adapted the process now and made it better. Even so, there is no one singular person written about in history books said to have come up with the idea. 

Can I do it at home?

Actually, yes. Trellising is, in fact, a very cost-effective way to grow cannabis. if you have an outdoor garden then I’d opt for wooden posts and frames so that they withstand the weather. For indoor grows, I recommend nylon and plastic. Honestly, a monkey could do it – at the end of the day, it’s just a mesh screen.

One thing I do want to say though is that you maybe shouldn’t try this growing method until you’ve gotten good at the basics of growing first, such as pruning and other training techniques – trust me, work your way up to it slowly so as not to waste time and money when things inevitably go wrong. 

Do you use trellising in your garden? Let us know in the comments!

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