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cheese weed
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Cheese weed is known all over the world. This strain originated in the 80s and now there are all kinds of Cheese varieties on the market. Cheese weed has a savory and spicy taste. There you have the connection with real cheese. The spicy and powerful scent comes from the varied package of terpenes in the plant. Read on and discover everything about Cheese weed. 

About Cheese weed and its taste

The taste, and the smell too, is not appreciated by everyone. It is on the eccentric side. But if you like the combination of aromas, then Cheese weed can become your all-time favorite. Compare it with real cheese, the smell of which is sometimes not that attractive. Sometimes it is very tasty, sometimes you find the smell terrible. But luckily there is always the umami effect in Cheese. Read on and learn more about Cheese weed.

About Cheese weed and its effects

Are you looking for a high that makes you laugh and giggle? Then you’re in the right place with Cheese. This cannabis strain gives a blissful and relaxed high, because most cheese strains contain a lot of THC. In general up to 20%. This helps against stress and pain. But Cheese also stimulates appetite.

Where does Cheese cannabis come from?

cheese cannabis

There are many cannabis strains that are associated with a certain sensation or taste. Haze gives an energetic buzz. Diesel strains really smell like diesel. The aroma of Cappuccino is reminiscent of coffee. And so on. Cheese is no exception. The savory taste evokes associations with cheese. And this specific scent is highly sought after by true cannabis connoisseurs.

Cheese weed originated somewhere in the 1980s. As with many strains, it is unclear how exactly it originated and where. In the case of Cheese, the story goes that a grower with the nickname “The Skunkman” introduced a Skunk variety that had a fast production time. But many users were complaining about the pungent smell. When cultivators crossed this strain with another, it resulted in a strain with a more pleasant, cheesy scent and an enormous yield. A legend was born. The species became really popular in the rave-dance scene, back in the 90s.

Growth properties of Cheese weed

Do you want to see what everyone is so enthusiastic about with your own eyes? Then order Cheese seeds today and grow your own! At Amsterdam Marijuana Seed bank you have a wide choice of the highest quality weed seeds, including the legendary Cheese weed seeds. This strain is a fairly easy plant to grow. The plant produces a big harvest and the buds have an average THC content of 18%. Under ideal growing conditions, a cheese plant easily grows up to 2 meters. Indoors, the plant probably grows a bit smaller, but you still need a lot of space for it. You can also opt for an autoflowering-feminized variety, which stays smaller and more bushy. Happy growing! 

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