How to Get the Most out of Your Weed

How to Get the Most out of Your Weed

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If you are a weed junkie, you will agree with me that the culture does not revolve around smoking alone. Cultivation, processing, and storage are vital roles that you should not overlook. First things first, how to get the most out of your weed. How does it happen? Let’s dive in to understand this better.

After several drills, we established 10 incredible ways that you can use to get value for your weed. These are:

1.    Dump paper joints

To say that most weed joints are made from paper is an understatement. It is the most affordable way that people under a shoestring budget use to roll their joints. The downside of smoking a paper joint is that they burn fast, leaving the smoke to go up in air. It is the first step to get the most out of your weed.

2.    Go the vapor way

Vaporization is gaining a lot of popularity, thanks to its numerous benefits. First, using vaporization to take in your weed is one of the surest ways to minimize wastage. Every puff count, since the temperatures are controlled, making the THC burn at a lower temperature.

Second, vaping is safer since you do not have to inhale smoke for the THC to dissolve into the system.

3.    Recycle the weed

Have you thought of where the weed resin, stems, and vaped weed goes? The exciting thing is that most people dispose of these parts, which is a grand mistake. You could recycle them for the even merrier experience. Let’s take a look at how you can actualize this.

Vaped bud: The vaped bud is a precious ingredient for cannabis edibles. You only need to diffuse the bud into your favorite meal. The good thing with using the vaped bud over other materials is that it does not need decarboxylation. 

Resin: After vaping, you can use the dry resin that is left behind to make a joint. Just scrap it off the vaping equipment, roll a joint, and create a chimney.

Stems: Although the stems form Ea minute percentage of weed, they are vital, especially in making tea-THC. Here is the secret formula to making potent tea-THC: Mix the stems with some butter then immerse them in hot water. 

4.    Grind the weed

We cannot overlook the importance of grinding weed. When you Sgrind the buds, the trichomes inside the buds come out full-throttle. The trichomes are the cannabinoids hub in grass and exposing them is the surest way to leave you high as a kite.

When grinding the buds, ensure that they obtain the right texture. Remember, you aim to obtain as many trichomes as possible.

5.    The mango has a secret ingredient

You might sometimes freak out thinking that you have taken too much weed than your body can accommodate. To squash these thoughts, we bring you a new method on how to smoke a small amount of weed while maintaining the high-effects; the mango. Mango fruits contain unique terpenes that bind to cannabinoids to increase the weed potency. A few puffs of marijuana-infused with mangoes will leave you high as a kite.

6.    Take one for the road

Gulping a few rounds of your favorite beer is a recipe for getting high and light faster. Alcohol increases THC levels in the body. Therefore, alcohol is a discreet solution of how to smoke a small amount of weed but maintain the “high” standards.

7.    Try out the gravity bong

Have you ever wondered how to get the most out of your weed apart from the methods mentioned above? Regardless of your answer, I’d advise that you try the gravity bong. It is one of the best ways to make weed last longer in your system.

The good thing with gravity is that you can inhale higher THC levels after a few puffs. Second, it is readily available in online headshops, and you can also make it at home.

8.    Try out endurance exercises

Fun fact: THC binds seamlessly with fat tissues. Run-on that treadmill, push the weights, hit the punching bag and hit the blunt. You will get the most out of your weed since almost all the THC will go into use. Besides, the increased blood flow rate also makes the THC to get into the brain faster.

9.    Experiment with the One-Hitter

If you abhor smoking and vaping is not your thing, the one-hitter can be a great companion. One-hitter is one of the overlooked methods on how to make the most out of your weed. With the one-hit, a single puff keeps you going for a long time instead of blowing a smoke chimney. 

10. Cornering your smoking bowl

If you love smoking, you should settle for a method that saves on the weed, and that is how using a cornered bowl chips in. After every puff session, you will need to light every corner to save on the weed. It might be labor-intensive, but very effective. With this bowl, you eliminate the risk of losing weed worth several puffs had you opted for a round bowl. 

A comprehensive guide on how to conserve your weed

As aforementioned, smoking weed is no enough. It would be best if you came up with new ways on how to conserve weed. There are tons of ideas on how to save a blunt for later use. However, we will settle for two significant ways. These are:

Smoking less

It is common knowledge that the more you smoke, the more tolerant the body becomes to THC. Sensitivity in the body cells gets low, creating a temptation to smoke more. Therefore, it is prudent to come up with a strategy that focuses on minimizing weed intake. You can create a schedule for smoking and also reduce the size of your joints.

Smoking fewer joints is an indirect way that can help you learn how to conserve weed.

Investing in quality

The quality of your weed is a determinant of how much you can use in a single session. Weed with high potency and terpene levels get you high after taking few puffs. It is the best way to conserve weed instead of smoking or vaping unnecessarily.

Note: Cut the frequency of smoking highly potent weed to suppress the tolerance that develops over time.

How to conserve your blunt

At some point, you might roll a blunt too big to smoke. But then the thought of the weed losing its potency could scare you away. How do you overcome this challenge and preserve the blunt in a way that it remains fresh throughout? The answer is simple; cut the oxygen supply. Therefore, the magic bullet to this problem uses a container that covers the joint, cutting the air supply completely. One of the best ways on how to save a blunt for later use is storing it in a glass jar.

Are you afraid that your weed could deplete after a few sessions?

Having several marijuana buds is temptation enough to smoke often. In such a case, it becomes hard, especially if your budget is exceptionally tight. You don’t have to worry too much about how to get the most out of your weed since you can infuse other herbs to increase the amount of weed at disposal. Damiana and mullein are the most common herbs that you can use to make weed last longer.

a)    Alternate your weed intake

Using a single method to consume weed can be downright disgusting, besides creating an addiction. It is, therefore, advisable to diversify on your method of weed intake to reduce addiction.

You can infuse the weed in meals instead of dabbing or smoking. This is one of the most useful tips on how to make weed last longer.

b)    Delay your smoking sessions

In some cases, addiction might push you to the corner, making it hard for you to minimize on weed intake. Therefore, taking a tolerance break is considered the best way to conserve weed by some enthusiasts.

Using this strategy is also an effective way on how to get the most out of weed since the excess can be used in the future. However, the process requires perseverance that is hard for most weed junkies. Instead of lighting blunts anytime the urge to smoke comes, why not learn the tips above on how to make weed last longer.

How much weed do you lose in a joint?

There is no baseline on how much weed is wasted in a joint since it depends on your method of rolling. To minimize the wastage, it is advisable to roll the joint over a collection surface. Second, crushing the flower buds reduces wastage since the trichomes are exposed to heat, releasing the cannabinoids and terpenes.

The materials used also determine how much weed you lose in a joint. To minimize this, it is advisable to avoid papers since they burn with ease, leaving some weed to waste.

From the above scenarios, it is now clear that weed is a gem that should not go into waste. Storing it for future use is, therefore, prudent. It is high time you stood for the course and applied one or several of the tips above.

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