How To Make Hashish

How To Make Hashish

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Do you already have some experience with growing cannabis? And do you want to take it to the next level? Why not make your own hashish? This allows you to use all your residual plant material. Often there is quite a bit of kief (weed dust) left in your grinder. It would be too bad not to use it. Later in this article we will explain how to make hashish from kief. It’s easier than you think. There are quite a few different methods for making hashish. The end product, the hashish, is always almost the same: a strong cannabis concentrate. But their strengths and appearances can differ. So read on and discover how to make hashish.

What is hash exactly and how can you make hashish?

Block of hashish

Before we start talking about producing hashish, it is good to know what hash actually is. Hash occurs when the trichomes are separated from the weed plant. Most trichomes can be found on the tops of mature weed plants. But they actually occur on the entire plant, in smaller concentrations. Therefore, keep all your plant remains. After all, it would be a shame to just throw away these valuable trichomes. You can do very wonderful things with it! If you would remove all the trichomes from the plants, you could make edibles, for example. Trichomes contain cannabinoids and terpenes, and these are the substances that produce the effects, taste and health benefits. But in addition to making edibles, you can also heat and press the trichomes through a certain process, so that you becomes hash. Trichomes are a kind of hairs, with a swirled-up crystal shape on top. That’s the kief. It looks like very small, hairy glands. You almost need a microscope to see it, it is almost impossible with the naked eye, or you need very good eyes. What you can also do is look through a magnifying glass. Through a magnifying glass you get a beautiful magnification and you can clearly see how such a flower top looks exactly. It is really beautiful to see.

Different ways to make hashish

There are different ways to make hashish. We describe them below. The final hash can always have a different cohesion (drier or stickier), a distinctive aroma, or a stronger or less strong high. The outcome depends on the method you use. If you are just starting to make hashish, it is nice to try out all the different ways. That way you can test and find out which way suits you best and find out what kind of end product you will get. So here are a few ways of extracting trichomes into hashish.

Make hashish by rolling by hand

Suppose you have a whole bunch of cut-off residues and flower tops after the harvest, you can roll this by hand. By rolling the plant material, the trichomes will stick to your hands. If you continue to roll, a dark, sticky layer of trichomes will stick to your hands. If you then rub your hands over each other, small, sticky balls of hash will form.

With this method you will have to roll a lot, and also need a considerable amount of plant material. The trichomes are very small, so it takes a while before you have collected a piece of compressed hash. Nevertheless, this is a very (authentic!) method to make hash yourself. Moreover, you do not need much for this method. Well, of course you need a lot of plant material. The more of the trichomes stick to your hands, and the more you roll, the more you can compress into a fresh piece of hash.

Of course we don’t have to tell you that before you start, you have to wash your hands thoroughly. Also because you need to scrape the layer of trichomes from your hands. This is a method where you have to work very neatly and hygienically.

How can you make hash from kief?

There are even more ways to make hashish. If you don’t feel like scraping the trichomes off your hands, then the following method might be for you. This is a mechanical method with which you don’t have to make your hands dirty! With this method you use kief, you know, the weed dust that remains at the bottom chamber of your grinder. Many people don’t know what to do with it, but we do! So read on and before you know you can make hash from kief yourself.

How do you make hash from kief? First you must collect as many kief as possible. You need quite a bit, because you have to compress it. There are special, small hand presses for this pressing method. They are for sale under the name pollen press. Such a press ensures that the Kief is compressed into a form. That way, all those little trichomes turn into concentrated hash.

To make a block of hash in this way, you will need a lot of kief. Put it in the press and tighten the handles. Turn as hard as you can and really use your muscles. If it really can’t be turned any further… turn even harder! Then loosen the screw on the other side. When the screw comes loose, the hash comes out. It is a kind of amber-colored roll that smells wonderful. Voila! There is your delicious, fresh, home-made hash. After all this hard work, it’s time to enjoy it … crumble a little of your hashish and smoke it in a joint, or smoke it in a bowl of pipe. Enjoy!

Have you ever made hash yourself? 

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