How to smoke marijuana resin (4 most used methods)

How to smoke marijuana resin (4 most used methods)

Smoking a bong creating resin
Smoking a bong creating resin
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Thinking of how the marijuana resin is smoked because your wallet doesn’t allow you? It’s normal and okay to admit, after all, we are all buddies in here, and in a lifetime, at some point, we’ve all experienced that urge.

In the effort to help you in getting the best of the experience in case you are not able to afford the fresh bud, here is a guideline to help you on how to smoke resin; at the end, I will be able to give you some key tips just to make your journey with resin more explosive. 

What is resin?

Commonly referred to as the pipe or weed resin, simply, it’s that junk containing tar, ash, tiny pieces of THC, not to forget carbon and other forms of cannabinoids that have actually been thrown in, adding up to the accumulated tiny pieces in your pipe as a result of frequent smoking without cleaning it. 

It is worth mentioning that resin in nature is of very low quality; thus, if you want to have a good start with it, you are advised to start with the most high-quality bud, which in itself will ensure that the leftovers will be of good quality. 

Think of it from this perspective, if you, for instance pack your pipe is gold – don’t do so – it’s an illustration though, the leftovers that you are going to get are simply and partly gold. On the contrary, assumingly, you pack your pipe with dirt – don’t dare do this either, the resin that will come out also is going to be dirt as well. 

In line with the above approach, the better you do your pack, the better your resulting resin is going to be good and vice versa. So, it’s not worth taking the risk with a poor quality pack. 

The THC quantity is quite too tiny or low; however, the residue is nasty, therefore, and it begs the question of why someone still strives to get to know how to smoke it, anyway, when life has gotten you down, and you’ve run out of the fresh pot, you can always keep the resin in your toolbox. 


Word of warning, though, in as much as you need to get high, you are highly advised against burning down on resin as it contains some particles that can be injurious and cause severe damage to your lungs. 

A noble distinction

A thin line of a difference does exist between the resin and live resin and which must not be overlooked in any way. 

These two terms below are core, and it is crucial that you keep them in your long term memory as well as ensuring the correct use of them in weed-related conversations:

  1. Resin

This is the residue that clocks in the pipe after you repeatedly smoke; it is simply resin dirt.

  1. Live resin 
Block of live resin
An example of live resin, the marijuana gold.

Imagine wax or shatter, a very high concentrate in terpenes that also contains a number of other cannabis materials. In other words, live resin is marijuana gold. 

It brings the advantage that its terpene profile is quite enhanced. This phenomenon is key in ensuring the capturing of those peripheral qualities that play a key role in bringing in the best of cannabis experience more enjoyable. 

The only drawback of live resin is that its prices are always at a high note compared to other concentrates. 

 Video: this guy explains what it is like to smoke resin

How to make resin

Professional resin makers have the expertise as well as the expensive equipment which are needed for the manufacture of the resin. They do this by simply freezing the fresh plant matter of the cannabis. 

During the process, they strip off the terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids using butane extractions.

The end product is simply a concentrated oil, which could be as high as two, three, or more times higher in cannabinoids than the concentrate in marijuana plant matter from which in itself is made. 

Best ways to smoke it

There are many ways in which resin can be used; some are good, others bad, and plainly stupid. Here, we are only going to focus our discussion on those best methods on how to go about smoking resin.

Dry pipe

This could be the simplest way on how to use a resin that’s in your pipe; in this case, you simply heat up the outer surface of the pipe until the resin does evaporate. Thereafter, toke it out. 

Be cautious, though, while employing this method, that the product coming out of the resin is hot; better use a potholder, tong, or even over mitt just to ensure that your fingers don’t get burned in the process. 

The same kind of caution need be adhered when you are bringing the pipe into contact with your lips.


In this method, you are required to remove the resin from the pipe by simply bonging it. To do this, you are going to find and use a bobby pin or paper clip and a small plate. 

On the surface of the pipe, you are going to run a lighter so as to warm up the resin; this is going to prevent the resin from sticking to the inside of the pipe; then, you are going to start scraping the pipe using the pin as you collect all the resin into the small plate.

Once you have collected all the resin into the small plate, you are going to roll it into a ball and pack it in the bowl of the bong, then simply apply some little heat and smoke it away.

It is highly recommended that in this case, you use a bong with water at its bottom; this is important in filtering out the foulness. 

Also be sure to read this guide on how to clean your bong.

Dab rig

Dab rig
Example of a dab rig.

Another method you can employ to smoke resin is the use of dag rig; here, you are supposed to clean the resin out of the pipe just as it has been illustrated in the previous way above, then roll it into lumps, then, there you go, dap yourself silly.

However, word of caution again, remember to put some water in the bottom of your rigs, this is the only sure way to attain pure taste and remove the harshness, and most importantly, the resin doesn’t overwhelm you. 

Hot knives 

Word of caution beforehand when employing this method, the hot knives are quite harsh and will definitely bring up a stinking smell in the area where you are smoking from. 

The procedure to rely upon when employing the hot knives is as follows:


  • Resin
  • Two metal knives having wider blades
  • Fire 
  • Potholders 
  • Funnel 


  1. Make sure you scrape the resin from the pipe 
  2. Make lumps which are small-sized 
  3. Bring the knives into the fire and heat them up, the best form of fire is from the stove or the burner; if this is not available, you can stick the knives to the campfire; alternatively, you can still heat both of the knives with a torch 
  4. Take one lump of the resin that you have made and place it on the blades of the hot knives, which are presuming hot at this point 
  5. Take the other hot knife and on top of the first blade and gently and tightly squeeze the blades into each other 
  6. You are supposed then to inhale the smoke that is coming from the lump through your nose or even the mouth; however, just a reminder, it is going to be harsh. 

While employing this methodology and to ensure that the smoke does go away into your lungs, you can use a funnel, simply hold it gently into your mouth; while holding it, you simply have to move it around the hot knives when they are tightly pressed against each other, and you can smoke from there. 

Just in case you have no funnel, you can always make one from any material just around your reach; for instance, simply cut the top of a plastic water bottle then use it as your funnel, commonly known as the hooter, toker just to mention but a few.

It is quite easy

Smoking resin is now easy for you. If you crave resin, use a dry pipe, bong, hot knives, or even the dab ring method.

However, you must know that the process makes it easier for you to inhale more butane and tar into your lungs. Because the inhaling is direct, the chances of inhaling more butane to your lungs are almost inevitable. Besides, you ought to remember that the taste isn’t what you actually expect. 

Overall it can be said that resins do bring a fuller and desirable experience compared with other possible alternatives. Terpenes in cannabis are what sets the distinctive aromatic qualities. In addition, the fact that it contains up to 5 times more terpenes compared to other smoking alternatives, many people who want to get high fast will always go for a traditional resin. No matter what you choose, be sure to enjoy your high responsibly, knowing that smoking a resin can make you inhale more terpenes than any other smoking alternatives.

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