6 Reasons Why Edibles Don’t Get You High

6 Reasons Why Edibles Don’t Get You High

Weed omelette
Weed omelette
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The popularity of edibles is ever-growing, with many of the foods being available over the counter and glossaries such as candies, coffee, chocolates, and beverages. Others such as oils, butter, creams can simply be made at home. They are always the best and healthy alternative to derive the benefits without the need to smoke or inhale them; however, the content amount of it is always regulated per serving. 

Many people argue that they don’t get high, that edibles do not make them feel or get them high. However, others dismiss this perception in one way or the other. Another group argues that it’s either you are consuming the wrong kind of edible. 

Still, another lot is of the opinion that the amount of THC consumption is minimal to trigger the desired effects; therefore, this begs for the question, what could be the reasons why some people don’t get high after, or do they work for everyone?  

The use of edibles varies widely depending on the kind of cannabis used. To a great extent, they do help a lot in bringing relaxation, easing of pain, not to forget boosting of your energy. 

Reasons why cannabis edibles don’t get people high 

Contrary to popular belief that cannabis will make you high, the truth is when it is converted into edibles, it will not make you high. 

Here are the main reasons why edibles don’t make users high:


One key reason why consumption of these edibles may not work for you is simply the amount of intake per serving; in other words, the amount in the dosage could be too minimal to affect you. Some people require a very high dosage before they can feel the effect on their bodies. 

Therefore, it is important that, if you are trying to achieve a certain amount of effect in your body, increasing the intake on a gradual process is going to help. 

The type of edible being used

In some cases, however, you might unknowingly find yourself using the wrong type of cannabis.  Edibles are not the same after all. 

Some edibles are very high in THC whilst others are high in CBD, and this means, therefore if you take the wrong ratio and type, the chances are that your experience with them may cause you not to feel the effect at all.


Body metabolism

Another key reason why you may not experience the effect of these edibles on your body after consumption is that; the body is able to metabolize the THC too quickly. 

Upon consumption of edibles, the body starts to process THC quite differently from other substances.  Cannabis can be smoked, inhaled, or even placed on the tinctures under the tongue, thus allowing the absorption quickly into the bloodstream.

Edibles, on the other hand, require digestion, thus taking much time because the metabolization process has to be complete. 

When you have consumed cannabis and ingested it, the THC is converted into 11 – hydroxyl – THC by the liver. The human liver has an enzyme that responds to the varied cannabinoids, which metabolizes the THC before absorption into the bloodstream. 

Health experts say this is the core reason why you have to keep a while for the edibles that you have consumed to “kick in” into your system; matter of fact, the process can take roughly 30 minutes to 2 hours, in some other cases, the THC may not get metabolized if the rate of the metabolism. 

Consumption of the edibles on an empty stomach 

Have you experienced this anxious feeling after consumption of some particular edibles? Some people feel something while others do not. The reason for this could is because; you may have taken them on an empty stomach. 

Unlike smoking and vaping, which get absorbed immediately, taking edibles on an empty stomach may take you a little longer to experience the effect or to hit your body system.  If you consume the edibles on an empty stomach, this may cause your THC levels to hit high compared to eating them when full. 

Before you consider eating any edibles, consider the following two things: 

Suitability issues 

Some edibles simply will not work for you, period, let’s take an example, the conventional medicines that we buy over the counter, there’s always no 100% guarantee that they shall meet the need, they just don’t work for everyone with the prescription, therefore, instead of this, you are forced to try a different kind of prescription one. 

The same mechanism is employed when it comes to edibles; you are advised to consider trying a variety of them and choose which one serves you the best. In as much as the cannabis edibles are effective and persons are able to enjoy without necessarily smoking or vaping, truth be, they are not entirely for everyone. 

It is therefore recommended, if you are not getting the kind of effect, you intend to achieve, having a dialogue with your pharmacist or dispensary is key to get tips and ideas on what to do to get as your best edible. 


Extensive research that has been conducted by medics also indicates that some people have an endocannabinoid deficiency. After the consumption of the THC, it does go interact with the endocannabinoid system; the end result of this is that the person begins to feel high, however, according to researchers, for instance, Dr. Ethan Russo, does argue that persons from certain health conditions and ailments such as migraines, 

IBS and fibromyalgia may possibly have the deficiency that potentially hinders the effects of the THC from taking effect. Other researchers have backed up this argument; in 2014, French researchers were able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the hormone pregnenolone has the potential to prohibit or block the effects of the cannabis from being felt. 

They did argue that excess production of these hormones triggers blockage, therefore, hindering someone from experiencing the effects of this.  

Final thoughts 

It is worth noting that, like any other cannabis, some are suitable and fit for some people, others are not, and this, therefore, does imply that it is important to bring on the table the individual wants as well as the needs, being able to examine what works for you best. 

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