Myths about weed

Myths about weed

myths about weed
myths about weed
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They popup everywhere, both in real life and online … myths about weed. Most are very persistent and some are very funny too. This is because weed is a polarizing topic to discuss. Users are often very passionate about their views, and this passion can lead to skewed facts. What is true and what is not?

So are you about to buy weed for the first time? Or are you going to grow weed for the first time? Then it is good to know in advance what is really true about marijuana and what is considered complete nonsense. So read on and discover all the ins and outs about common myths about weed. This way you will know in no time what growing marijuana is really all about.

Myth about weed: growing weed requires a lot of space

growing weed commercial operation

Not true! We understand perfectly where this myth comes from. If you have never grown cannabis before, and you browse the internet, you will come across many pictures of beautiful, huge plants. But there is a plant size for everyone! Do you live small and is your space limited? Then that’s no problem.

Autoflowering strains remain small

There are various weed strains that do not grow up to the ceiling, but remain small, wide and bushy. Do you want a small plant? Then choose an autoflowering cannabis strain. Autoflowering cannabis plants like Mangolicious auto-fem do not grow that big. They can be grown perfectly in a small room or even in a closet! If you do not even have that small space, simply place your autoflowering plant in the windowsill. Autoflowering varieties are small, but very beautiful! And what’s extra nice: they thrive almost everywhere. As long as they get enough light, water and nutrients.

But it is true that many other weed strains become quite large. You often need a pot of at least 20 liters. The roots develop quickly into an extensive root system. And that takes a lot of place. If the pot is too small, it causes the roots to grow against the edge of the pot and get strangled. Do you want a big harvest? From the moment you start your seeds, choose a large pot in which your plant can develop well and freely.

Ever heard of cannabis micro cultivation? If so, you know that growing weed doesn’t require a lot of space.

Although there are many strains that grow through the roof with ease, there are also many strains that remain small and manageable. Certainly if you are just starting to grow weed, it is recommended that you choose a strain that stays compact. Put them in a pot with a capacity of 10 liters. If your plant stays smaller, the total weight of the harvest is also smaller. Yet with a small weed plant you can also get a very good yield.

Moreover, there are numerous training techniques and pruning techniques to control the growth of your weed plant. This keeps your plant small and manageable, but you still work towards a maximum harvest. That sounds like a real win-win situation! Read on and discover more about debunked myths about weed that go around on the internet.

Myth about weed: your growing skills determine the quality of your weed

high quality weed

This statement is partially true. Why? Because you obviously have influence on how healthy and large your plant becomes. Suppose you grow indoors, then as a grower you are the one who determines how much and what nutrients the plant receives. You determine the amount and intensity of the light. Etcetera. All these factors influence the quality of the harvest. Where many newbies do not realize that the quality of the seed is just as important. No, in fact, the genetics of the seed is much more important. The first step to a successful garden is high-quality seed. So always buy it from a reliable seed bank and check if customers left good reviews. If you buy bad quality seed, you will get problems during the growth for sure. For example, your plant is weaker and the harvest is less potent. Good genetics is everything.

Good genetics ensure high quality

Only with good genetics you can grow good-quality flower tops. You can still have such a green thumb. But you can never overcome bad genetics (which is already contained in the seed). Another thing to keep in mind: many starting growers give their plants a lot of extra fertilizers, but they over-fertilize. You don’t need to. Nutrients are very important for a plant, and therefore also for a cannabis plant, that’s right. But certainly in the beginning, if the plant is still very small, too many fertilizers can do more harm than good. So keep that in mind, guys! Growing your own cannabis plant is a fantastic experience. And if you follow a few simple guidelines, it will certainly be a success.

There are more myths about weed circulating. Read on and find out what’s true and what’s not.

Myth about weed: the more fertilizers, the better the result

marijuana fertilizer

We already briefly discussed it at the end of the previous paragraph. Adding a lot of fertilizer to your plants is not always better. Yes, it is true that cannabis needs sufficient nutrients to thrive optimally. But too much has an adverse effect. Certainly with baby cannabis plants that are still in the vegetative phase, you should take it easy with fertilizers.

But what do cannabis plants need? There are a number of nutrients that cannabis definitely needs. These are the basic nutrients, or the so called macro nutrients. It are the minimum required nutrients the plant needs to survive and grow into a healthy, strong plant. There 3 are: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K).

If you buy fertilizers in the store, pay attention to the packaging. It states how much NPK is in it. The packaging also states what the ratio is between the substances it contains. Every growth phase, your weed plant needs nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. But the amount that your plant needs differs per growth phase. Do you find this complicated? Is not necessary! If you just stick to a feeding schedule, then you know for sure that your plant gets enough nutrients.

Add liquid fertilizer

The most nutrients are in the form of a dry solution. You add a quantity of water at home yourself. Give your plants this liquid fertilizer solution, and the nutrients are absorbed directly by the roots. If the plant receives too much nutrients, and the roots suck it up, the plant gets stressed and slows down growth. Your plant may even die from it. So don’t!

Hopefully you will not be distracted by all sorts of nonsensical myths about growing cannabis. Just go ahead. Immerse yourself in botanica a bit, and just use your common sense. If you do, not much can go wrong and your seed will grow into a beautiful, healthy plant with a fantastic harvest. 

What is really true about cannabis and what is considered complete nonsense? Read on and discover more bout common myths about weed.

Myth about weed: give your plants fruit juice for tastier buds

Wrong! Well, the idea is good and it could even work with other substances like esoteric oils. But to give your plant fruit juice in the hope that the buds will taste like it is pretty hopeless. You can obtain buds with more or a different taste. But that requires more than flushing your plant with fruit water or fruit juice.

The aroma of a weed plant comes from terpenes. These terpenes are located in the glandular hairs of the tops of female cannabis plants. Most terpenes are on the tops, but you can also find them on the leaves and on the stems. Terpenes do not only occur in cannabis plants, but in principle in all plants. They give the plant a certain aroma. In the cannabis plant you will find a lot of linalool and mycreen. But there are many more types of terpenes.

Do you want to give your plants a different or richer aroma? Then buy nutrient packs that contain a composition that ensures that your plants create a richer terpene profile. You can also give molasses to your plants in the period before harvest. And there are products that stimulate resin production. But if you think that you can change the terpene profile just by letting your weed plant drink fruit juice, then you will be disappointed.

More myths about weed are about to be debunked. Keep reading, because we will tackle even more.

Myth about weed: growing weed is expensive

Hey, there are hobbies and leisure activities that cost less! But growing a few weed plants does not have to be expensive. Believe us if we tell you that you are not going to get bankrupt from growing a few plants. You can of course make your growth set up as extensive and expensive as you want, with all kinds of fancy items and equipment. But you don’t have to. It’s fine to keep things simple. An expensive grow is in the first place caused by the size of your garden. If you grow several plants, you need more nutrients, light and space. That all adds up. In addition, control also costs money.

growing weed is expensive

More control is more expensive

If you want to have a lot of control over the growth of your plants, then there is a price tag to it. You will need to invest in professional and expensive equipment. Think of an extraction system, fans, watering systems, lighting systems, tools, and so on. But it is not necessary! You don’t need it all. You can also grow plants without all this equipment. And what’s more: once you have purchased the equipment, you can use it for years.

A lot of the above mentioned equipment is needed for growing cannabis indoors. If you grow outside, you basically only need a sunny spot. Nothing else? Well, a high-quality potting soil mix and fertilizers. Oh yes and a little patience! You do need good lighting for indoor cultivation, but there are also budget options for that. Indoor cultivation costs on average 1 time as much as outdoor cultivation. But it certainly won’t leave you completely broke!

Cannabis is a polarizing subject to discuss, and people are often very passionate about their views. This passion can often lead to skewed facts about weed- what is true and what isn’t? Which myths have you heard about growing weed? Tell us in the comments!

Marijuana myth: Inorganic fertilizer is always better

Organic vs. inorganic fertilizer to grow weed, which is better? Serious potheads tend to crack their minds in the quest to fathom which of the two rocks than the other. Better here is relative, and it depends on the cannabis strain getting cultivated.

For instance, we find it better when you plant the AMSB Cheese Auto-fem using coffee grounds instead of inorganic fertilizers. This is to say; it is a myth to think that inorganic marijuana fertilizers are better than the organic and vice versa.

Nonetheless, this isn’t to rubbish the functionality of inorganic fertilizers. They are also dependable and are even furthermore functional, depending on the specific plant getting cultivated.  

Marijuana myth: One can’t overdose on weed

Perhaps you understand that marijuana is a drug. As you know, each drug can get overdosed should anyone take more than the absorbable amounts by the body, and the same applies to ganja. We are sorry to let you know that it is utter bullshit for a dispensary owner to sweet-talk you by claiming that you can’t take more than the average amount of weed ideal for an individual.

According to the AAC (American Addiction Centers), those who overdose grass often take it along with another substance, and not weed alone. CCGuide published a report that for a pothead to meet cannabis fatality, they will need to take an estimated 15000 cannabis pounds within 15 minutes.

Even though you won’t die from taking skyrocketed amounts of weed within a short period, it may be harmful to your mental health, precisely when you feel bad about it after a couple of becoming sober. It is essential for you to go green in limited amounts, lest you fall prey on weed overdose.

So, is it possible to overdose on grass? Certainly. You will know one or yourself has overdosed the pot when they develop side effects such as fast heart rates and other chest complications such as chest pain, intense hallucinations, unresponsiveness to the regular cues such as recognizing when one refers to them by their name, and more.

Marijuana myth: You can’t fail a drug test

Loads of marijuana myths surround this topic. Some argue that one can cheat a urine test even if they are serious connoisseurs. The fact, though, is that it has never happened, and it never will. If you take weed before undergoing a drug test, it is factual and verified that there is no other way around – you’ll fail it.

Probably you have seen around some promoters with drugs purporting that they flush drugs from your excretory organs and excretory fluids such as urine. This is an undebatable myth. What these products do is that they dilute your urine in such a way that it is possible to “confuse” the testing equipment.

However, experts are already aware, and the chances are that if you go with diluted urine in the quest to pass the test, they will undeniably render that test invalid. The solution here is getting tested after this number of days, as mentioned by the Mayo Clinic, depending on how proactive you are in taking THC-rich pot.

Marijuana myth: Ganja is not addictive

Most of our customers often ask us, “will taking marijuana make me addicted to the green?” Surprisingly, we nod, and this sometimes seems like a put off to some of them. Understandably, some marijuana myths such as weed not being addictive get circulated to brainwash the user and lure them into developing some addictive behaviors. 

According to NIDA, 30% of those who take marijuana regularly develop some kind of addiction. This is all thanks to the amounts of the psychotropic cannabis chemical compound (Tetrahydrocannabinol), mostly abbreviated as THC. On the other hand, the second most prevalent cannabinoid of cannabis, which in this case refers to CBD, isn’t psychoactive.

Even though marijuana sometimes lacks symptoms of withdrawal, and that this is what makes people claim that this substance isn’t addictive, it is factual that they are wrong. Withdrawal symptoms sometimes manifest themselves, and this sometimes explains why users report instances of loss of appetite, restlessness, and insomnia.

Although, unlike opioids, cannabinoids such as THC and CBD rarely induce acute effects of addiction, which explains why some self-proclaimed scientists say that marijuana isn’t addictive. THC changes the regular functioning of the brain. This means that THC changes the functionality of cannabinoid receptors; thus, making it lead to dependency on the substance to realize the brain’s full potential.

Marijuana myth: synthetic is always better than natural weed

Arguably, most potheads think that going the synthetic way instead of natural grass. This is one of the claims; that synthetic marijuana gets manufactured in laboratories to up its functionality when it comes to alleviating different medical maladies. Mainly, most think that the GMP practices followed necessitate the proper functioning of this synthetic cannabis.

The truth, though, is that there are unscrupulous synthetic cannabis manufacturers who don’t follow the needful processes to come up with what the true definition of synthetic cannabis. Necessarily, note that these make synthetic marijuana NOT ALWAYS better than the regular weed.

In fact, some US bodies tested these so-called lab-manufactured cannabis products and the spoiler alert is that there were instances where the end product comprised feces, rat droppings, and toxic opioids.

The best thing with natural weed is that there is a balanced cannabinoid profile such as THC and CBD, which in the longest run, prompts the user to benefit from the recreational and medical properties of all the phytocannabinoids. If you can, please go the natural way.

Marijuana myth: Cannabis Edibles are the least psychotropic

There are different forms of cannabis edibles such as cannabis smoothies, candies, pancakes, chocolates, and loads more. There is the rampant cannabis myth that weed edibles harbor the least psychoactive properties. Assuredly, if you use cannabis oil in edibles, the highest chances are that you will come up with extremely potent goodies and the amounts of THC will undeniably be skyrocketed.

As such, we advise our readers to always ensure that their edibles have even amounts of THC and evade the adverse effects that can get caused by uneven THC distribution.

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