Cannabis Sativa seeds

Cannabis Sativa seeds

cannabis sativa
cannabis sativa
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If you have the plan to grow cannabis then the first step to a successful crop is to buy seeds. Not just any cannabis seeds, but seeds containing the best genetics. Many weed growers often opt for a Sativa Cannabis strain. Why? Because of the stable growing properties of the plant, and because of the cheerful high. Read on and learn how to get hold of the best cannabis sativa seeds. 

Why choose cannabis sativa seeds?

cannabis sativa seeds

A thoroughbred cannabis sativa strain takes a long time to fully bloom, compared to an Indica strain. But the long wait is rewarded with a large and excellent harvest. For instance, Haze is a legendary Sativa strain, of which the total growing cycle is quite long, usually up to 12 weeks. Sometimes even longer. This period applies to indoor cultivation. 

You need a lot of patience before you can harvest the beautiful, mature flower tops of a Sativa weed plant. Nevertheless, for instance Haze buds are very popular among cannabis connoisseurs worldwide due to their powerful and medical effects. 

Sativa strains are perfect for potheads who like to enjoy a toke of the herb several times a day. Sativa’s are known for providing a happy, ‘free’ high. And this makes it the perfect choice for people with a creative profession.

Benefits of growing cannabis sativa from seed

Are you on the search for high quality cannabis sativa seeds? Because you are planning to grow your own beautiful plant? Then you have come to the right place. We have an extensive list of cannabis sativa seeds for sale that are perfect for growing at home. For the cultivation of all those sativa strains we have seeds in stock which excel in qualitative growth characteristics.

If you start gardening, do not cut down on the seeds. The quality of your crop largely depends on the quality of the seeds. Are the genetics of the seed poor? Then you can prepare for a growth period that is full of problems. If you start with seeds with a strong DNA, you will encounter fewer growth obstacles during the life cycle of your plant. Your plant will be less likely to fall prey to mold and mites. Good genetics ensures a strong and healthy root system, so sufficient nutrients can be absorbed and your plants grows strong and healthy. 

Benefits of cannabis sativa seeds and strains

In this article we’ll explain all benefits of growing Sativa strains. What are the differences compared to indica strains, both in terms of growth qualities and effects? Note that pure sativa’s or indica’s hardly exist anymore. Most stains are perfected by crossing different stains. So, a sativa strain actually is a sativa-dominant strain (that also consists of other stains like indica or ruderlis). 

In addition, we also have an awesome bunch of must-grow sativa strains. They are all excellent cannabis strains that excel in powerful effects, and in their breeding qualities, too.

Of all cannabis strains, Sativa is probably the most common cannabis category known worldwide. Cannabis Sativa has many applications and within this ‘cannabis family’ there are many different strains to choose from. The choice for Sativa is therefore a very good one. But now that you know that you are going to grow a Sativa plant, you still have to make a choice in which specific Sativa strain that will be and which cannabis sativa seeds to buy

Pure sativa strains hardly exist anymore. All strains that you buy today are hybrids that exist for specific percentages from different parent strains. They are crosses that come from various other strains, in which characteristic features are united. A strain can either be sativa-dominant, or indica-dominant. 

The effect of the origin of Sativa stains on growth

The pure Sativa finds its origin in tropical areas. Because of this, it is packed in the DNA of the plant that this plant grows very tall. Length in days is usually the same in areas around the equator. This is why a sativa is able to withstand the photoperiod very stably and in a reasonably uniform manner. In this regard, sativa strains are very different from Ruderalis strains.

Which cannabis sativa seeds to buy?

If you are planning to grow your own cannabis sativa strain, there is a lot of choice. There are many different sativa strains to choose from. The high a sativa strain provokes is amazing. The high is very energetic, compared to Indica. If you use sativa weed, the best timing is during daytime. It gives delivers an uplifting feeling which can be enjoyed all day long.

The “Light of Jah” is a distinguished sativa-leaning varietal, often spoken of in the same breath as the legendary Jack Herer ineage. Yet, in certain circles, it’s recognized as a sophisticated cross between Jack Herer and the time-honored Afghani. This particular pression prominently showcases its sativa heritage, offering a cerebral elevation that sparks creativity and bathes the connoisseur in an aura of positivity. On the tasting front, one is treated to a symphony of sweet tropical undertones, elegantly layered with a hash-infused, peppery resonance. As for its experiential profile, this cultivar consistently ushers in a heightened state of vivacity, sociability, and acute focus. Therapeutically, a discerning segment of enthusiasts have lauded Light of Jah strain prowess in armonizing internal stressors, quelling anxiety, and elevating mood. Delving into its terroir-driven terpenoid matrix, myrcene stands out as the maestro, harmoniously accompanied by the spicy notes of caryophyllene and the citrusy zest of limonene.

Below you will find 2 cannabis strains that are perfect for growing at home. Both are high-quality strains, in terms of effects and in terms of growth qualities. Note that these strains are not pure sativas! The stains are selected because of their excellent growth properties, caused by crossing sativa with other strains. 

California Dream feminized

Ready for a little California dreaming? Then choose this sativa / indica hybrid. This strain gives you the pure feeling of sex, drugs and rock’n roll and takes you to the great 1970s in California. This strain contains all the goodness of sativa and indica and ensures a lasting smile on your face. 

AK47 auto fem

Crossing two strains has created the stable and powerful AK47 auto-fem. If you grow this strain from seed, you will witness all the beautiful growth phases that this plant is going through. It is a very stable cannabis plant that contains both sativa and indica. 

Because this strain is not pure sativa, but also has indica ancestors, it also makes it an ideal medicinal strain. The high that this strain produces is unprecedented: divine with a tingling touch. The icing on the cake: this strain not only excels in the beautiful THC content, but also in a superb CBD level. 

All in all, AK47 offers both excellent recreational effects and medical benefits.

Typical characteristics of a pure cannabis sativa strain:

  • The sativa is originally a tropical weed plant that grows in areas around the equator.
  • The fact that sativa finds its origin in tropical areas has led a sativa to grow and flower simultaneously. The plant tries to capture as much light as possible. In tropical areas the sun rises rapidly and also sets quickly. The total number of hours of sunlight is fairly constant throughout the year, around 12 hours a day.
  • Tropical areas are often overgrown. In the jungle areas, plants have to compete with each other for photosynthesis. Plants try to grow higher than their neighbors. This explains why a Sativa cannabis plant grows very tall, usually between 2 and 3 meters, but if the right growing conditions occur, a sativa plant can easily exceed 4 meters. In addition, this explains the fact that the leaves of a sativa are long, narrow and thin. As a result, they are still able to catch light in a dense jungle.
  • Sativa plants are easy to harvest. This is because the leaves of the plant are wider apart. The flower tops of the cannabis plant are large, airy and elongated. 
  • It takes a sativa a long time to mature, from 60 days up to 90 days. 
  • A cannabis sativa strain generally produces less yield than an indica plant. 
  • The typical weed smell of Sativa weed is remarkably less during drying, curing and growing than with an Indica. 
  • In general, sativa’s are sweet in taste. Many users think a sativa has a more intense taste palette. Sativas have a high percentage of THC
  • A sativa provokes uplifting effects. It is a social stain because and gives a happy high. This is also called a social high. Sativas mainly work on the mind and stimulate creativity.

The main difference between Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica

Cannabis sativa indica ruderalis leaves

There is a striking difference between the cannabis Sativa plant in terms of appearance, compared to other plants. The flower tops of the female plants start from the nodes. The knots are on the stem, and from there the leaves grow. On many other strains, the leaves form clusters. But with Sativas the spots of the knots extend over the branches and the stalk, where subsequently leaves arise.

A pure sativa strain needs a combined period of growth and flowering to reach maturity. This takes approximately 6 months to complete. A sativa easily grows to the roof, which is why sativa strains are more suitable for growing outside. Many hybrid strains are crossed with indicas, which means they grow less large and the flowering time is shortened. Nevertheless, the most sativa hybrids still have a longer flowering time than most indicas.

Industrial applications of Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis sativa is widely used as hemp in industrial applications. This is because sativa plants grow very large and produce many, long fibers.

Sativa strains and the munchies

Recreational smokers appreciate Sativa strains because of the inspiring, happy high. The buzz is often followed by the munchies, this is the effect whereby the user gets a huge appetite. The munchies cause a terrible appetite for sweet and fatty foods, such as sweets, chips and pizza.

The external differences between indica and sativa strains

sativa plant

Indica weed grows broad and compact. These plants produce heavy, thick buds that smell strongly. Suppose a sativa is grown under the same conditions, then it will grow taller than an indica. The buds of the sativa plant also become larger because they grow along with the stem. Nevertheless, the tops of a sativa weighs less than those of an indica, because they are less compact.

Any additions to this article on cannabis sativa seeds? Feel free to leave them in the comment box below, and let’s get the discussion going!

Cannabis Sativa Seeds

Buying feminized Sativa cannabis seeds will ensure that your plant grows as a female and produces buds. Experienced cannabis growers understand how useful these can be, especially if your goal is to harvest at the end of your cultivation. There are also auto flowered Sativa marijuana seeds that bloom regardless of whether there is a male plant or not.

Hybrid varieties are commonplace today, and many breeders choose plants that combine the most desirable properties of Sativa and Indica. Sativa cannabis grows large, but can also be grown in various shapes and sizes, with some cannabis plants growing twice as large. 

Origin of cannabis Sativa

Sativa is a tropical native. The warm weather and long summers in the region allowed the plant to flower a lot longer than Indica, due to the harsher weather conditions. It is present in locations below 30 degrees N, namely Thailand, Mexico, India, and Nigeria.

Sativa vs. Indica

Indica and Sativa’s main difference is that it takes more time to grow and harvest Sativa plants. They typically have a prolonged blooming period because it takes longer to mature buds. They can also develop fewer buds than Indica. Yet it’s worth the perks!

Sativa attributes

Sativa is a cannabis strain much more significant than Indica, up to 15 feet high. There are also slender leaves and buds, which grow around branches in a spiral. The seeds are soft, and there are no markings. Its leaves are usually light, green shade.

You will also notice that your yield is somewhat lighter than Indica varieties as the growth pattern is not that dense. Additionally, since these seeds are unusual, it’s unlikely that you will grow either pure Sativa or pure Indica. Instead, you’re likely to choose a combination of two, with better traits.

Effects of Sativa

Sativa strains and Sativa hybrids are higher and are more potent than Indica and more uplifting. The consumption of Sativa would less likely lead to a sense of being stoned but is more revitalizing. Many artists like to use Sativa to help them get into their art more deeply.

Sativa is less common than Indica because it is higher in THC. It may also be used in battling a few diseases like depression, exhaustion, and ADD. While many medical marijuana patients prefer to use high CBD or Indica strains, there may be relief from Sativa-heavy strain.

You probably love the giddy psychoactive experience, particularly in a social atmosphere, when you are using marijuana recreationally.

Cultivating Sativa

It is important to remember how long the plant can grow when you grow Sativa. You can cultivate the plants outdoors (if you live somewhere with a warm enough climate) or in a room with towering ceilings because they can be up to 40 percent bigger than Indica. Pick the right model for your room as you grow indoors – some of them are bigger than others. Their ability to grow so high means you will want to get them to their height during the third and fifth weeks of the vegging phase.

During the bloom, Sativas put most of its height on, so it’s probably about two feet high, so you’ll want to turn it around. If you do not, your canopy should be trimmed, or your plants may be too close to the roof’s lights. Be sure you leave plants with plenty of soil space to burst easily as more root space helps the plant expansion.

Keep in mind that Sativa has strong environmental sensitivity. It is not successful in the cold and is very difficult with pH root region, water quality, and poor nutrition. You’re probably going to choose hydroponic nutrients or organic soils if you want to succeed. It can grow hermaphroditic blooms if your Sativa is stressed or harmed.

Although Indica is generally easier to grow than Sativa, there are many advantages of Sativa. For instance, they wouldn’t stay the same long time in the vegetative state, when you provide heating and lighting the most. It means that indoor growth is more comfortable. They can also better handle moisture and heat, which is great if you grow indoors during the summer.

In high-light conditions, Sativa does well too. The more light the plant has, the better it reacts to some limits. Notice that the temperature should be below 85 degrees, and the moisture ranges between 55% and 65%.

During the maturing stage, your Sativa produces most of its essential oils. If you want the species to mature faster, you can do so by shortening the “day” (light period) duration to 8 hours in the weeks immediately before harvest.

Buying Sativa seeds

Since distinguishing between Sativa, Indica, and the other varieties from just seeing the seeds is challenging. You need to ensure that you purchase your seeds from a trusted brand. Thankfully, you can check the AMS website so you can be sure of the highest quality Sativa seeds. We also advise on the cultivation of the best quality plants.

Consuming Sativa

You can be confident that you will get the best possible quality when cultivating your cannabis. By planting, you get to test every aspect of the production process, including hydration, the consistency of the soil, fertilizer, and the final preparation, instead of buying processed marijuana from a pharmacy.

Cannabis enthusiasts can get the strain of their choice, particularly when they buy the right seeds. Many marijuana users prefer to grow their own both for the massive cost savings and for the higher level of control that each step entails.

You’ll want to dry it after you’ve harvested your Sativa properly, so it’s ready for use. Many people smoke and vaporize Sativa, but Sativa can be ingested in any other way.

Our community is ready to assist if you have questions about how to grow, prepare, or consume

your Sativa correctly for the best results. Check out various growing guides to learn about the different techniques of cannabis cultivation. You’ll never want to go back once you start to cultivate your cannabis Sativa. Think of the AMS when potheads talk of the best Sativa seeds for sale.

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