Fruit Basket Feminized Combo Pack Marijuana Seeds

Getting a feminized fruit basket on a lowly day will undeniably get you happy. Fortunately, we at AMSB have this realization and would be so glad to see you happy. In this combination package, you will be expecting 10 seeds from the most excellent strains of all times, and of course, with a fruity flavour, hence the name. 

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3 Feminized Pineapple Express Seeds

A pineapple flavour is fantastic, be it during the daytime or nighttime. The Pineapple Express feminized strain gives rise to all-female seeds having a delicious pineapple taste, with medium growing difficulty, and with high-Indica dominance.

This makes it favourable for that grower with an intermediate or expert experience to grow the strain either indoors or outdoors.

4 Feminized Strawberry Ice Seeds

Under most circumstances, our customers give identical feedback about the Strawberry Ice feminized weed seeds – they are incredibly potent and give rise to sturdy plants. The flowering time is mostly short (ranging from 8 and 10 weeks) in an indoor cultivation setting, and the harvesting time mostly happens between September and October. 

The THC levels fall within the 20% and 30% range; thus, sending a warning to the beginner pot users to be extremely careful lest they become couch-locked.

3 Feminized Mangolicious Seeds

Mangolicious strain, as the name implies, mostly produces a mango flavour. The Mangolicious feminized seeds give rise to sturdy plants that tend to do well across different climatic conditions and resistant to moulds and diseases. 

The best fruity combination only believes you wouldn’t choose regular fruity strains over feminized fruity combo. That said, you are aware that you will only expect female cannabis plants in your pot farm after you sprout the seeds in this fruit basket fem combo pack.

Nonetheless, we also have an auto flower fruit basket combo pack if you would like to go the auto-flowering way. 

You can exclusively get any of the packages on, where they can also clarify any issues you might deem unclear. Simply, click the contact us page and they will be happy to clear the air on these seeds or any of our more than 100 grass strains.