Habiba ® autoflower Cannabis Seeds

By definition, Habiba refers to, beloved. So, the Habiba autoflower strain is one of the most lovable strains by most potheads. The buds are mostly heavy and sturdy, which means adverse weather conditions don’t have lots of negative impact on her cultivation. She is extremely potent, and gives a potent soft high, while are heights are mostly manageable.

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Important information about this strain

Habiba ® autoflower Cannabis Seeds is one of the few weed strains that originate from the Mazar strain. 

Her THC levels range between 16 and 20%, and this means that intermediate pot consumer shouldn’t hesitate to try out the soft high of Habiba autoflower. The heights grow up to 70cm in the case of an indoor growing and up to 90cm when cultivated outdoors. 

The flowering time ranges between 8 and 9 weeks, which is pretty short. Also, Habiba autoflower is a pure Indica-dominant strain, with 100% Indica and 0% Sativa. The plant is sturdy with most of her characteristics getting adorable by the fact that pests and diseases seldom affect her growth nor yields. The size of her leaves is also enormous. 

Does this strain make you relaxed?

Being a typical Indica strain, Habiba autoflower is best when consumed during the night time. The effects are mostly deeply relaxing and are the best for that pothead who wants to remain energized after having a tedious day at work while dealing with multiple stressors. 

Can I grow this strain outdoors?

The auto-flowering version of Habiba has medium growing difficulty. So, if you have ever cultivated pot and seen that you can be good at it or you are already an expert, then be sure to challenge yourself with this more of a medical cannabis strain than recreational. She does well when cultivated indoors and outdoors, too.  

How much yield can I expect?

When cultivated indoors, the Habiba autoflower strain yields up to 400 gms per square meter. In contrast, when cultivated indoors, you can expect to reap up to 550 gms per square meter with the feminized auto-flowering Habiba. 

Taste and Scent

The Habiba autoflower has a soft fruity taste while the aroma is more of oranges and sweet berries.